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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Bringa, those were hilarious (and pretty good ideas too).
  2. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    More ideas which require that there are NO tooltips announcing the result of your decision. Or alternatively, each is a single event with 3 possible outcomes from each decision (33% chance of each), and the player is allowed to see a tooltip stating what the possible outcomes are & the percent chances.

  3. Ur_Vile_Wedge

    Ur_Vile_Wedge Prince

    Jan 22, 2008
    How about........

    Heavy rains in (city) wash out some of the defenses. -20 culture defense for say 5 turns.

    Requires mage guild in city

    Idiot apprentice summons demon he cannot control and the monster goes on a rampage before the city guard brings it down. -1 happiness in city for ten turns, 10% chance of a building in the city being destroyed.

    Requires town in a cities radius.

    A significant portion of a suburbs (maybe change term?) population decides they wish to volunteer for military service.

    A. We always welcome new recruits. Preferably this would give a semi-obsolete unit type. Say, if you can get champions, you would get an axeman/swordsman. No upgrades. The Town gets downgraded to a village.

    B. We are better off with them tilling the fields.

    I would like the idea for some sort of plague event, not as bad as pestilence, but some infectous disease, but I can't think of one that would be both "realistic in a medieval fantasy setting" and "not strategically decisive" at the same time.

    Only applicable before Bronze working, and I have no idea if this is feasible or not.

    A talented mage who works in the crafting of superb obsidian weapons has offered his services to upgrade the weaponry of our units in (city)

    A. Decline his services, no effect.

    B. Hire him for a limited contract. Lose 25 gold, top unit in stack gains bronze weapon for one battle.

    C. Have him upgrade everyone's weapons. lose 25 gold per unit, everyone gains bronze weapon for one battle.

    A group of travelling monks (or other recognized goody goody types) gets stuck on a narrow, dangerous trail and requests your help.

    A. Help them extricate themselves. +1 relation with all good civs, -1 relation with all evil civs.

    B. Not my problem. No effect

    C. Kill them all quickly so they don't disparage teh quality of our roads. -1 relation with all good civs, +1 relation with all evil civs.

    Requires a unit of level 6 or higher.

    Unit wishes to take a Vow to eternally serve your cause, despite pain, fear, threat, or death.

    A. Publicly announce this benificience to all the people to inspire them +1 happiness in all cities for 10 turns.

    B.Hold them up as an example to their comrades-in-arms. All units in their stack gain a loyalty promotion that has a 20% chance of wearing off each turn.

    Annoying parasite (I don't know what sort of annoying parasites are exclusive to Erebus, but rats are an easy choice) breeds out of control in (city).

    A. Endure. In enduring, grow strong. -1 health and -1 happiness in city for ten turns. Reasonable chance of reaccurance in city. maybe 40% or so.

    B. make a limited effort to get rid of them. -1 health for ten turns, lose 40 or so gold. smaller chance, like 25% of reaccuring.

    C. I hate these things! Go to any length to eradicate them! lose 80 gold. 5% chance of reaccurance.

    One more I thought of.

    Traitorous noble arrested!

    A nobleman of (city) has been uncovered in a plot against us. Although he plotted treason, his efforts have been laughable, and there is much popular sentiment for showing him some sort of leniency.

    A. Hang him and confiscate his estates. +100 gold, -3 unhappiness in city for 20 turns.

    B. Show leniency, impose a fine and exile him. +40 gold -1 unhappiness in city for 10 turns.

    C. Bah, he's just a young fool. Let him go with a warning. - 1 diplo penalty with evil and neutral civs who think you are a weakling.

    D. Have him publicly pardoned, but arrange for his murder next week. -1 diplo penalty with good civs who disapprove of your methods of handling internal affairs.
  4. SwordofStriker

    SwordofStriker Prince

    Dec 11, 2006
    Those Filthy Vermin

    The rat population is out of control! Shall we.....

    A) Hire some citizens to exterminate the vermin. -5gp

    B) Let's pay them back for all those times they got into our granary! Catch them and cook them! -10gp, + add food to city

    C) Ignore the problem. loss of food as per rats in the granary

    D) The hunters have nothing to do. Send them with hawks to clean our streets of these troublesome creatures. +1 experience to your hunter unit, and it's unable to do anything for 2 turns.

    The Joke's On You

    Your highness, a local poet has created a poem jesting at your rule! Shall you....

    A) Ignore it.

    B) Laugh at his good sense of humor and help him to gain recognition for the excellent poetry contained in his writings. -10gp, +50 culture, +1 happiness for 10 turns

    C) Let's make an example of him. Send soldiers to his home and I should not ever hear of this poet again. +1 angry citizen for 20 turns, -5% to the crime rate
  5. KillerClowns

    KillerClowns Emperor

    Oct 6, 2007
    Love it. #3 in particular gives me this image of Perpentach slouching in his throne, waving a dismissive hand and saying, in his rhyming way, something like "you really should know better."
    EDIT: Although, since this is clearly a judgment event, could #2 be an Empyrean-only option? And perhaps an option to just take the kid and give him to some 3rd party.

    EDIT 2:
    I feel like this one needs a Balseraph-only response. Something like:
    D) Challenge him to a merry battle of wits! Oh, and if he loses, inform him he shall be executed.
    35% chance of +100 culture and +2 happiness for 10 turns (he comes and you win the battle of wits, amusing your people and dealing with the poet in one fell swoop).
    5% chance of temporarily increased maintenance costs (he comes and humiliates you publicly, undermining your rule).
    60% chance of +50 culture (he realizes a potentially lethal battle of wits with the Jack of Tears is a fundamentally stupid idea and flees).
    (Of course, if you use this, it would work best if you translated D into a rhyming couplet. I'm not good enough to do that.)
  6. khanjackal

    khanjackal Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2006
    I enjoy events a great deal, and would like to see common events every couple of turns. I also enjoy events with multiple choices, even when you are out of cash.

    My idea is a family of events, all with the theme of being very minor, except for a specific civ.

    So, say...

    Giant Cow!

    Requires a Cow Resource.

    "The elders of (city name) have reported a sterile bovine of unusually large proportions."

    Option A. "Order a great feast, this cow is a sign of prosperity!" Gain +10 food in that city.

    Option B. "A cow of such size would serve our industry well." Gain +5 production.

    Balseraph Option C. "Sterile? Pah! Find a mage to breed the cow, and we'll bombard our enemies with extra-large ammunition!" Gain a Catapult with Barrage I and II.

    Crying Wolf!

    "A wolf has been spotted close to (city name)."

    Option A. "Let it leave the city on it's own." Spawns a barb wolf next to the city.

    Option B. "Kill it!" A unit defending the city is immobile for a turn, and gains 1 xp.

    Doviello Option C. "Who's a good boy, you are, you are!" Gain a wolf unit under your control.


    Requires a mine.

    "A strange rock formation has been found near (city name)."

    Option A. "It will fetch a fine price on the open market." Gain +10 gold.

    Option B. "It makes a find exhibit at city hall." Gain +10 culture in city with mine.

    Khazad Option C. "This isn't a gem, it's a fossilized sea serpent's egg!" Gain +50 gold and 50 culture in the city with the mine.


    "A prominent man in (city name) is openly denouncing foreigners."

    Option A. "Encourage him, no harm in a little pride." Lose a trade route for 10 turns and gain +2 culture a turn in the city for 10 turns.

    Option B. "Discourage him, we don't want to make unneccesary enemies." Gain a trade route for 10 turns and lose 2 culture a turn in the city for 10 turns.

    Bannor Option C. "Sounds like somebody we could put to work." Gain a Demagogue under your control.

    I could go on, but I want to actually go back to playing the game. If this would fit, I would love to do one for all the other civs. Low-powered seems to be the name of the game here.
  7. Helsturm

    Helsturm Chieftain

    Mar 31, 2007
    These aren't necessarily "common", but I've always thought it would be cool to have some internal strife within a Civ.

    Religious Challenge

    Event: A man has appeared in <largest non-capital city> and is challenging the religious leadership. (Would apply to God-King, and Religion)

    1) Ignore it (-50 culture, city revolts for 8 turns)
    2) Suppress the heresy! ( -25 culture, -25 gold, city revolts for 4 turns)
    3) Buy his loyalty (-100 gold)
    4) We need such passion! (whichever of the three above that triggered the event is auto-switched to something else)

    Religious Challenge #2

    Event: Same as above, but it is a group rather than an individual. (applies to Theocracy)

    1) Ignore it (city flips to barbarian)
    2) Suppress the heresy! (-100 culture, lose 1d3 units stationed in city)
    3) Conscript them! (requires military state, crusade, or conquest...receive 5 disciples, -250 gold)
    4) Let my people go! (civic that caused the revolt is auto-switched)

    The two above could also apply to cities that are outside of the contiguous borders of the empire...like a city on a different continent. It would just be about autonomy rather than religious ideals.
  8. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    The Birthday
    [Other Leader] has remembered your Birthday! You send him a Thank-You card for the gift.
    +1 relations with [Other Leader] ("You appreciated my Gift!"), and him with you ("You remembered my Birthday!").
    (I just REALLY want to see this one between Basium and Hyborem)

    A tree fell in the woods, but nobody was around to hear it. Do you care?
    -Yes. (+10 :culture:)
    -No. (+15 :hammers:)
  9. cephalo

    cephalo Deity

    Jul 26, 2007
    Missouri, USA
    Love these! :lol:
  10. Silverkiss

    Silverkiss NekoChan

    May 19, 2006
    Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
    This thread is gold. Pure gold. Good job everyone, hope your events get into the main game ;]
  11. Inkling

    Inkling Warlord

    Oct 17, 2007
    forgive the layout, typos. cat in lap, barely reach keyboard to type, much less read the small type on the monitor(pretty sure they were original, or nearly original when i started)

    religeous unrest event. the unrepresented are growing upset
    requires a city with atleast 2 religeons(including paganism) , 1 without a temple
    -build a temple to the unrepresented reliegeon(could be pagan temple) cost gold, boost hapiness)
    -hold a festival to that god(loss of gold)
    -kill the non believes(purge the religeon, unrest for several turns, diplo penalty to civs of that religeon
    -ignore them(extra unhappiness for many turns)
    -something else(took me a long time to comeup with this option)

    imbalance with nature
    city with an undeveloped forest tile
    druid of the wood warns against overexpansion of your city
    -heed him(establish a preserve)
    -ignore him at your own risk(possibility of barbarian animals or treeents exacting retribution)

    kinda lame i know, i just like the idea of barbarian tree ents.

    forgotten gods
    city without a pagan temple.
    whispers of the old pagan gods are spreading through the city
    -build a pagan temple(loss of gold)
    -make a sacrifice
    *food(loss of some food from graneries)
    *population(causes unrest)
    -ignore the old ones(possibility of undead, demons, spawning around city, maybe just some barbarian pagan units, or just some unhappiness)

    be nice if sacrificing a pop when you had like 27(as opposed to 5-6) or a unit with good skills/exp, could result in some gift like a weapon, or undead/demonic unit, promotion, or something

    just throwing em out there, maybe someone can make something decent out of them.
  12. feydras

    feydras Prince

    Apr 10, 2006
    Not as good as most of these but...

    A circle of druids has established a sacred grove (forest tile) near city X. They are considerably more wild than their usual brethren and have been known to take the form of dangerous animals.
    1. Root them out and burn the grove. (Loose Forest enhancement on tile )
    2. Leave them to their rites. (Forest tile becomes an Ancient Forest, 25% nothing happens, 25% spawn barbarian wolf, 25% spawn barbarian tiger, 25% spawn barbarian ravenous werewolf)
    3. (Requires FoL state religion) send our religious leaders to learn from them. Recieve a...
    30% Disciple of Leaves with Enraged promotion
    30% Disciple of Leaves with Burning Blood promotion
    10% Disciple of Leaves with Poisoned Blade (claws) promotion
    10% Disciple of Leaves with Woodsmen I promotion
    10% Disciple of Leaves with March promotion
    5% Disciple of Leaves with Body I promotion (think about the spells it works thematically)
    5% Ravenous Werewolf

    If that is too many variables for the Disciples just pick one or two.

    What i'd really love to see are events that affect alignment. Ideally this would work much better if the alignment had many more gradations but for a couple rare choices it could still work nicely. Say most of the outcome choices do not change alignment but 1 of the choices does in one direction. This would be far more satisfying to roleplay than not having an option due to alignment. Especially if the choices are hard ones, say a nice benefit for sliding one step towards evil or a sacrifice for sliding towards good.

    It would also make alignment feel more like it mattered. Right now sometimes it is difficult to get a feel for why civ X is evil other than they follow an 'evil' religion.

    As always please keep up the absolutely incredible work!

    - feydras
  13. feydras

    feydras Prince

    Apr 10, 2006
    I didn't mean to steal one of your ideas Inkling! I was typing up mine while you were typing yours.

    - feydras
  14. El_Duderino

    El_Duderino Warlord

    Jan 19, 2008
    1)You hear of a cave near [non-capital city] that holds a precious treasure but is guarded by a terrible beast with sharp pointy teeth.
    A) Send in a Warrior to slay the beast
    50% it was just rumors - warrior gains nothing
    40% the stories were greatly exagerated - warrior gains 2 exp
    5% the terrible beast killed your warrior - lose warrior and spawns barbarian bunny with strength 5 movement 2 +50% against melee
    5% your warrior has found the holy hand grenade of antioch - Warrior gains fire 2 and sorcery
    (i would rather the holy hand grenade be equipment that give +2 fire damage but i have no idea how to program or how hard it would be for yall that can)

    b) ignore the rumors - nothing

    2)crime spree - Crime in the city is out of control the people are demanding action
    A) ignore it - crime rate increases 5% and 1 unhappy for 10 turns
    B) impose draconian laws - costs 10 gold crime decreases 10% 1 unhappy for 10 turns
    C) train more guards - lose 50 gold gain 1 archer unit with city garrison
    D) requires Calabim and vampire unit available - send personal bodyguard on the hunt - lose 200 gold gain vampire unit with sentry and mobility 1
    E) requires Belsaraphs - make everyone in city wear ridiculous clown costumes - gain 1 happy for 10 turns and +100 culture
    F) requires emperium and no courthouse - bring the criminals to the judges - costs 150 gold build courthouse
  15. Inkling

    Inkling Warlord

    Oct 17, 2007
    i'd hardly call that stealing anyway, besides, yours is good. although it needs barbarian tree ents.

    i had that stupid window open for well over an hour before i remembered to post,lol.
  16. CypherKnight

    CypherKnight Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2008
    Personally, I think we should add more disaster related events and options related to what mana is available.


    Description: A large thunderstorm has started a wildfire in your lands.
    Requirement: City
    Sound: Thunder (If possible of course).
    Effect: Blaze is cast on one random city tile.
    Forest is destroyed​

    Option 1: The weather is a harsh mistress.
    Effect: Blaze is cast on one random city tile.
    Improvement is destroyed.
    Forest is destroyed.
    City gains (1 + era (and/or level of difficulty)) :mad: for 10 turns).​

    Option 2: This Fire is no match for our Glorious (insert government type here)!
    Requires: Water mana and a unit with spring.
    Exclude: Fellowship of Leaves state religion.
    Effect:Spring is cast on tile
    Unit is unable to move for two turns.
    Unit gains (2 + difficulty) XP.
    City gains (1 + era) :lol: for 10 turns.​

    Option 3: Task the mage guild to investigate and contain the blaze
    Requires:Mage Guild and a unit with channeling I
    Exclude: Fellowship of Leaves state religion.
    Effect: (5 + level of difficulty) XP
    Improvement is destroyed.
    Unit gains (5 + difficulty) XP.
    Unit gains fire one​

    Cost:10% of the city's gold production * level of difficulty)
    Exclude: Fellowship of Leaves state religion.
    Effect: Spring is cast on tile
    Improvement is destroyed.​

    Fire notes: It's my opinion that the fellowship of leaves should be excluded from any real options in this because it's essentially a forest religion. My argument is that fire should be a real problem for them. Option three gives more XP because it requires you to actually move the unit to the location which might expose your magic users.



    Description: Your ship has been caught in a sudden squall.
    Requirement: Ship in coastal waters

    Option 1: Trim the sails! Weigh anchor! Secure cargo and passengers, you scurvy dogs!
    Effect: Ship is unable to move for three turns.
    +3 XP​

    Option 2: The sea is our blood! We fear no storm! (Sail through it)
    Requirement: Seafearing
    Effect: Ship gains mobility one.
    Ship gains 5 XP​

    Option 3: The ship's guild mage, Nonamé, will disperse the storm.
    Requirement: Air Mana and Knowledge of the Ether
    Effect: Ship gains 5 XP​

    Squall Notes: I'm not really sure how many of you personally go around with mages in boats but I thought it would be too restrictive to have a mage with air mana for option three but it makes sense to me that in a society that has access to air mana that there would be commercial weather mages probably part of every crew to help smooth out the trips.

    Nonamé is just a name I give to any generic NPC who is convenient and you will never hear from him ever again because he/she will probably die in the next scene.


    I'm not sure what how exact the requirements can be (can we detect promotions on units) so I added the mana requirements instead of just the spells required. I suggest keeping them in any case if possible to avoid mage swapping for mana in multiplayer unless that's something you'd care to promote.

    Me and my brother can't stop playing even though we still can't save multiplayer games. You mod is great!
  17. mtagge

    mtagge Clueless Tweaker

    Dec 29, 2007
    If you don't want events to be overpowered (or hose the player) you could always give them the option to change a building's bonuses. Like remove the +10% culture from a pagan temple to add +1 gold. Could be easy to tie in options for the different civs to specialize the temple (even specific temples for the different religions) or the obelisk. You don't always need the +2 culture forever. Depending on how in depth it could have a laundry list of options, or tailor different events for the different civs/religions.

    I am not very creative, but it could be used to add flavor for civs, maybe give the Grigori the option to change the monument to give a bonus to happiness.

    Also not way overpowered for events would be if it were possible to add another slot for a specialist in a city, maybe at a cost of some gold.

    I think the way to go with common event (mine collapse is a very lame event especially if it hits 5x on one mine) is to have a tradeoff, like remove the natural bonus and add a flavor bonus. Not every tradeoff has to be about gold.

    I don't know much about the programming, but it is possible to tag a building to not be hit by the same event twice?
  18. Chip56

    Chip56 King

    Jan 19, 2006
    I would prefer something like this( but maybe this one shouldn't trigger to often):

    Soon there will be [Other Leader]s birthday. What shall we do?
    a) Send him our best wishes
    50% chance to get +1 relations

    b) Send him our best wishes and a nice gift
    -25 gold
    50% chance to get +1 relations
    50% chance to get +2 relations

    c) Send him our best wishes and a very valuable gift
    -50 gold
    get +2 relations

    d) Send him some black, deadhead roses and a card: "Since its your birthday, I will not kill you today"
    -5 gold
    -3 relations,
    if not already at war: declaration of war
    +1 happy in every city and/or maybe +100 culture
  19. Chip56

    Chip56 King

    Jan 19, 2006
    Some other ideas:

    1) Training
    requires: at least one unit
    Finally the long hour of training our troops pays of!
    +1 exp for a random unit (maybe +2 for archers)

    2) Balance of powers
    requires: having a low score in relation to other players
    Today a hooded man appeared in your palace. It is unknown how he managed to sneak past your guards, but fotunatly he wasn't hostile. He only said four words:" to even out chances" and left you a box.
    20% chance to gain a technolgy already researched by someone
    50% for gold
    30% for a minor artefact

    3) Rich yields
    requires: at least one farm
    This years yields were incredible! We could either sell the surplus or fill our storages.
    a) +10 food
    b) +5 gold

    4) Mother lode
    requires: at least one mine
    The miners struck a rich mother lode! We could either sell the ore or use it to speed up our constructions in [city name].
    a) +10 hammers
    b) +5 gold
  20. Squirm

    Squirm Chieftain

    Feb 18, 2007
    Orc Slayers!

    Requirement: A percentage chance of this occurring when a single unit kills two or more units with the Orc promotion in a single turn (so it'll usually crop up as a result of defending, until Blitz)

    One of your units has proven singularly adept in the slaughter of greenskins.
    Unit is granted the recently excised Orc Slayer promotion (40% bonus versus Orcs, I think)

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