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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    This event below is to give some more variety in the early game, so you have something more than Signs of the Gods. The worst that can happen is to lose the use of a plot until you kill the wolves added there. The name is a reference to the "Wolf and Sheepdog" series of cartoons by Looney Tunes, of course it has no effect in game.

    Ralph and Sam

    Requirement: Plot with sheep, not yet researched Hunting or Calendar (gives Agrarianism).

    Packs of wolves near the city of X have fed well on the local sheep flocks and grown very large and aggressive.

    A) Those who cried wolf were telling the truth this time, I see. (One barb wolf pack (meaning Str 3) appears on sheep resource, zero movement).

    B) Kill the pack leaders - then they shall be our pack of wolves. (Doviello only, gain 1 wolf pack.)
  2. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK

    Requirement: Kuriotates Settlement on the coast, Sailing Technology.

    Some of our citizens have organised a fishing fleet.

    o That's excellent news. (Receive one Work Boat)

    (The idea behind this event is that as the Kuriotates, you may not have any Cities on the coast. This event gives the Kurios the opportunity to harvest the bounty of the sea, which they would not otherwise be able to do)
  3. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    this is great!
  4. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007

    I agree with Gekko, very good idea.
  5. Bob the Barbari

    Bob the Barbari Warlord

    Aug 21, 2008
    One-tile island
    Back from the depth
    Requirements: Living unit with OO religion (not World Unit), with 2 or more XP in city with OO Temple.

    A commander of one of your units threw himself off the cliff near [city name] upon finding out that his wife has been unfaithful to him. A messenger from the local Temple of the Overlords whom the man worshipped arrives at your palace with a request from its priest. They are asking for your permission to perform a ritual that would allow the late commander to return to your ranks.

    His tragedy should not be used as an opportunity for such experiments. They shall not receive my permission.
    Unit loses 2 XP

    Why should I allow a personal tragedy to diminish the strength of our army? They shall receive my permission.
    Requirements: not Good
    Unit loses 2 XP, gain Drown with 2 XP, +1 :) in city for 10 turns, AC+3

    For too long we have remained indifferent to the foul teachings of the Overlords. Now they not only poison the minds of the living but also attempt to deny the dead their peace. The time has come to drive their priests from the city.
    Requirements: Good, not Elohim
    Unit loses 2 XP, remove OO and temple of the OO from [city name] +2 :( in all cities with OO for 20 turns, AC-2

    True calling
    Requirements: Vicar with 20 or more XP in city with Temple of the Empyrean

    A priest of the Empyrean ask you to allow him to abandon the ranks of your army. He says that he discovered his true calling as a priest at the temple in [city name].

    His service is needed in the field of battle.

    I see no need to deny him my allowance. Let him stay at the temple.
    Lose Vicar, gain 1 settled priest in [city name]


    Requirements: State religion other than Order, Good or Neutral, owns Order Holy City, Fanaticism, the Infernals exist, at peace with the Infernals, at least 3 cities with Order, not Sheaim, not Grigori

    A group of people asks you for audience. They say they are the followers of Junil. They say that you that a great evil that is Hyborem should not be discussed with but rather wiped out of the face of Erebus before it is too late to stop his corruption. Shall you decide to listen to their advice they are willing to aid you in your fight in the name of Junil.

    It is not up to the followers of Order to decide the policy of the state. Send them away.

    Though they follow different religion than we their cause is right and their concern justified. We shall ensure that the demon threat is meet with appropriate measures and we shall gladly welcome their aid.
    Declare war on the Infernals, gain 3 Crusaders with 10 XP in Order Holy City, +1 :) for 20 turns in cities with Order, all units with Order religion + 1 XP, AC-3

    It is our duty as the people of Erebus to defend our land from the omen of destruction that is the demonic realm. We shall go to war against the Infernals and we shall do so under the banner of Junil. Let us pray that he gives us strength to defeat the enemy of all that is good and just.
    Declare war on the Infernals, gain 5 Crusaders and 3 Confessors with 10 XP in Order Holy City, +2 :) for 30 turns in cities with Order, state religion changes to Order, all units with Order religion + 2 XP, AC-6

    Law and Order
    Requirements: Temple of the Order, Crime rate of less than 10, Good or Neutral

    The city of [city name] has become the symbol of law and order in our realm. People say that this is thanks to the blessing of Junil.

    May his grace last forever.
    Temple of the Order +1:), crime rate -10, AC-2

    Temple Garden
    Requirements: Temple of Leaves
    The local Temple of Leaves in [city name] has truly been blessed by Cernunnos. Its garden is of such beauty that even the followers of other gods come to the temple to lay their eyes on it.

    Perhaps I too shall come to see it.
    Temple of Leaves +2:culture:

    Defile temple
    Requirements: state religion Ashen Veil, Temple of Leaves, Empyrean, Kilmorph or Order, no Temple of the Veil, Ashen Veil is in the city.
    The loyal servants of Ashen Veil in [city name] are complaining about the lack of a temple of our faith. While we could contribute resources to the construction of one there is already a suitable building in place. All we need to do is to persuade the followers of Cernunnos/Lugos/Kilmorph/Junil to contribute their temple to the greater “good”.

    I’d rather just built a new temple.
    + 1 :mad:for 10 turns

    A very good idea, indeed. Make them leave the temple of the true faith.
    Lose Temple of Leaves/Empyrean/Kilmorph/Order gain Temple of the Veil, + 1 :mad:for 10 turns, AC+4

    Common enemy
    Requirements: the Infernals exist, at war with the Infernals, Temple of Kilmorph, Fanaticism, state religion Order or Empyrean
    While there are many differences between the followers of Kilmorph and those of the true faith, her servants are no friends of the demons. A few of more skilled in the art of war among those loyal to Kilmorph have offered you their aid in a war against the Infernals.

    We do not need their help.

    We shall welcome them among our ranks.
    Gain 2 Paramenders with 2 XP

    Requirements: Currency, at war, 600 or more :gold:

    A man named Christian requests an audience with you. He claims to be a mercenary and offers you the service of himself and his two companions.

    Our army needs no swords for hire. Send him away.

    If only there were more people like him. Pay him his price.
    Lose 600 :gold: gain elven Mercenary with Woodsman I and 5 XP, dwarven Mercenary with Guerilla I and 5 XP and human Mounted Mercenary named Christian with Hero and 10 XP.

    Military Drill
    Requirements: unit with Order religion not World Unit, Hawk, Settler or Worker, not the Infernals
    With the blessing of Junil one of our commanders have made his unit a model of proper military drill.

    That should prove helpful on the field of battle.
    Unit gains 2 XP

    Paragon knight
    Requirements: alignment Good, melee, mounted or archery unit with Order religion and 20 or more XP
    One of our commanders have achieved a reputation of a true paragon knight. It is said that wherever he goes peace and order follow.

    He should make a good example for our people.
    Unit gains Spirit II, AC-1

    An offer you can refuse
    Requirements: Infernals exist, at peace with the Infernals, Evil, has Order Holy City with population of 4 or more, not the Infernals
    A messenger from the Infernals arrives at your palace. The Lord of Balors has an offer for you: shall you decide to strike down at the followers of Order whose Holy City lays within your realm, he is willing to share with you the secrets of demonic magic.

    However wrong the beliefs of the worshippers of Junil may be they are still my people and I shall not trade their lives for the dark secrets of the demons.
    Relations with the Infernals -5

    The followers of the Order shall see the error of their ways. Tell Hyborem that I accept his offer.
    Removes Order and all Order Buildings from the city, gain 1 Entropy Mana in the city, +3 :mad: in all Order cities for 30 turn +2 :) in all Veil cities for 20 turn, city loses 2 population, relations with the Infernals +5, AC+10

    A god or not a god
    Requirements: God King, state religion other than No State Religion
    The people of your realm have recently started to express their concern about the sanity of their liege. Currently there seems to be two official state religions in our land, as you proclaimed yourself a god while at the same time our people are encouraged to worship another religion of a little less earth-bound deity.

    Now that you mentioned it that is indeed a little strange. Fortunately we can easily correct it.
    Religion changed to No State Religion

    I don’t understand what seems to be the problem, can they not comprehend the idea of polytheism? Perhaps in time they will understand that there can be many gods they are obliged to mindlessly obey.
    50% chance of + 1 :mad: in all cities for 10 turns, 10% chance of +2 :mad: in all cities and 1 turn of anarchy

    Monument of Terror
    Requirements: Liberty, Pillar of Chains
    The people of [city name] are growing concerned about the Pillar of Chains that overlooks their city from the central plaza. While it is understandable that common people should know their place in the society our current policy is that of freedom rather than serfdom but that monument of terror makes them think that it is not the intent of our government to remain faithful to the idea of liberty.

    That construct is far too useful to us to tear it down just because some people don’t like it. They will have to live with it.
    + 2 :mad: in all cities for 50 turns, + 1 :mad: in city with Pillar of Chains permanently

    This is indeed an important matter. Our citizens shall not live in constant fear of their liberties. The Pillar shall be destroyed.
    Pillar of Chains is destroyed, + 1 :) in all cities permanently, AC-5

    Requirements: Fellowship of Leaves Religion, unimproved forest (any)
    With the blessing of Cernunnos the people of [city name] have managed to turn a nearby forest into an orchard of delicious fruits.

    That is truly an excellent news.
    Tile gains Farm (does not destroy forest)

    Captain Roger at your service
    Requirements: Optics, coastal city, 400 :gold:

    Captain Roger and his merry band of pirates offer you their service as privateers for a symbolic sum of gold.

    We are always glad to welcome new recruits.
    Loose 400 :gold:, gain Pirate and Boarding Party

    I am not interested in his service

    Hang him and seize his ship.
    Requirements: a warship in the city
    Ship is damaged 0-50%, 50%chance of getting a privateer and +1:) in [city name] for 10 turns, 50% chance of Barbarian privateer appearing outside [city name]

    Light of wisdom
    Requirements: Mage or Archmage with Empyrean religion without Sun II
    One of our mages, a loyal servant of Lugus has had his prayers answered by the God. He has been blessed with the wisdom and knowledge of the sun magic.

    A worthy addition to our arcane arsenal.
    Unit gains Sun II
  6. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    I plan on releasing a modmod of 24 new events in the next day or so. Some of these are from this thread, so I thought I'd post a basic list of them:

    Kuriotates Fish; Kuriotates Clam; Kuriotates Crab
    	- These three (seperate) events create Fishing Boats improvements (not a workboat) for the Kuriotates BUT only 
    a) for settlements with those unimproved resources, 
    b) if they have no cities on the coast, 
    c) if the Sailing Tech is known. 
    This way the Kuriotates can still use water resources if they have no cities to build workboats. 
    However, each of them only occurs once per game - no building a string of coastal settlements just to get free improvements. 
    Demonic Tower
    	- A weakened barbarian demon is trapped on an ancient tower.
    Lanun Pirates
    	- Only if the Lanun are not a civ, some barbarian "Lanun" privateers appear. Requires a civ with Optics.
    	- Not a new resource, but modifies an existing mine for good or ill.
    	- Also not a new resource, but modifies a desert flood plain for good or ill.
    Winds From Hell
    	- Requires Armageddon Counter 20 and windmill improvement.
    Sea Serpent
    	- A barbarian sea serpent takes over an ocean food resource.
    Treant Rage
    	- Threatens a lumbermill improvement.
    Perfect Storm
    	- Threatens a coastal improvement.
    Peat			(idea by Jabie)
    	- Discover peat (+ 1 hammer) in a swamp.
    Bread			(idea by Jabie)
    	- Windmill +1 food.
    Sutters Mill	        (idea by Jabie)
    	- Discover silver (not a real resource), workshop +1 commerce.
    Frog Legs		(idea by Jabie)
    	- Gain 1 Toad resource in a swamp (only for one player a game).
    Thread Necromancy	(idea by Izmir Stinger, expanded by me)
    	- Citizens argue an issue, for good or ill.
    Poisoned Water
    	- Espionage vs. your water supply.
    	- A scandal with another civ, for good or ill.
    Ancient Tower Lore
    	- Discover pre-Age of Ice books.
    Stormy Seas
    	- Lose 1 naval unit.
    Ralph and Sam
    	- Wolves threaten your sheep.
    Centaur Tribe
    	- Centaurs claim a horse resource as their own, for good or ill.
    Monkey See
    	- A gorilla threatens your banana resource.
    Haunted Castle	(idea by Neomega, expanded by me)
    	- Your workers in the dungeon disturb an ancient battlefield mass grave and 
            some undead possibly take over your castle, for good or ill.
  7. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Here's one inspired by this news story.

    Grape-loving baboons

    Requires a winery.

    "Thieving baboons are attacking the winery near [City Name]. What should we do?"

    1) "Pay some adventurers to deal with them." (Subtract X :gold: from treasury.)

    2) "There is nothing we can do." (Lose the winery.)

    EDIT: Here's another version of the same story.
  8. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    An idea from this thread expanded on:

    Haunted Castle

    Requires a Fort or Castle (not a citadel, too big and/or little if any underground expansion by then). Also Knowledge of the Ether tech.

    "Workers expanding the dungeons of a %s8_improvement near the city of %s2_city have disturbed the mass grave of a pre-Age of Ice battleground. They have fled in terror, saying the vengeful dead are rising."

    A) If the dead are rising then they can rise into our armies. (Req Death Mana, gain 1 Spectre, +1 AC)

    B) Send some well-guarded Spirit adepts there and have them calm the restless spirits for good. (Req Spirit Mana, -1 AC)

    C) Send some well-guarded Life adepts there and have them Sanctify the ancient mass grave. (Req Life Mana, -1 AC)

    D) Keep everyone out of there until we destroy those risen spirits. (+1 AC, held Spectre appears)
  9. black_imperator

    black_imperator Emperor

    Dec 4, 2005
    ostar, if you waznt you can take my modmod event as a base to have more contents. i intend to make more events but i won't have time to do so soon. yet, i'm still looking at every posts of this thread to find good ideas ( and there are more than a few ^^)
  10. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    Thanks - that is a good idea. Your mod is what inspired me to do another, so I may do that then.
  11. Bob the Barbari

    Bob the Barbari Warlord

    Aug 21, 2008
    One-tile island
    Hostile act
    Requirements: Female leader, at peace with civ X, not in one team with civ X, cautious or better relations with civ X

    Recent meeting with an ambassador from civ X has turn out quite awkward as the man has made obvious attempts to seduce you. As one of your maids, who happened to witness the situation, remarks you this could be taken as an attempt to undermine your position in the country.

    I shall not press the issue lest it becomes a problem in our relations with civ X.

    Such an obviously hostile act should not be left unpunished. We shall consider this an ct of war.
    Civ X declares war on you

    Notification for Civ X:
    The foolish actions of our ambassador to civ Y has resulted in a war. We will see to it that he does not cause more problems.

    Exceptional ale

    Requirements: Deruptus brewing house

    The brewing house is happy to inform you that this year’s ale has managed to outclass any one ever made in it in quality and taste.

    That’s very nice, I’m sure that our citizens will enjoy it.
    +1:) for 10 turns in [city name]

    It would be a shame not to let anyone taste it. Let us organize a festival to celebrate this.
    Requirements: male leader, 50 gold
    - 50 :gold: +1:) for 10 turns all cities

    Requirements: Male leader, not Sabathiel, Einion Logos, Cassiel, Hyborem, Cardith Lorda, Basium, second option in Exceptional Ale

    An unexpected news reach you today. It seems that somewhere during a festival of ale, which you can barely remember, you had an intimate meeting with one of palace maids. You now have to decide how to deal with the outcome of that event.

    Requirements: Dain the Caswallan
    Isn’t that a part of my job description? Providing a steady supply of new wizards.

    Requirements: Jonas Endain, Charadon
    I hope the kid grows strong and fit. I have a reputation to maintain.
    50% chance of +1:) in capital for 10 turns, 50% chance of +1:mad: in capital for 10 turns

    Requirements: God King
    What is the deal? She should be proud to carry the son of god.
    +1:) in capital for 10 turns

    Requirements: 50 :gold:
    Perhaps we could find someone who would acknowledge the kid as his.
    90% chance of -50 :gold:, 10% chance of +1:mad: for 10 turns in the capital

    I do not care what people think. I shall acknowledge the child as my own.
    +1:mad: for 10 turns in the capital

    Fellow of Leaves
    Requirements: Unit with FoL religion, 10 XP in city with over 50% Svartalfar/Ljosalfar culture

    The teachings of the Fellowship of Leaves have gained a lot of followers among the elven population of [city name] thanks to the soldiers stationed there.

    Good to know.
    FoL spreads to [city name]

    Requirements: Unit with RoK religion, 10 XP in city with over 50% Luchuirp/Khazad culture

    The teachings of the Runes of Kilmorph have gained a lot of followers among the dwarven population of [city name] thanks to the soldiers stationed there.

    Good to know.
    RoK spreads in [city name]

    Palace robbed
    Requirements: Capital, 30 or more rime rate, 50 :gold:

    Our negligence regarding the increase in criminal activity in [city name] has resulted in royal palace itself being robbed.

    We need to make sure that whoever is responsible for this is brought to justice.
    -0 to 50 :gold:

    Perhaps the Council could help us regain some of the lost property. Perpetrators should die, of course.
    Requirements: CoE state religion
    -0 to 30 :gold:

    Requirements: Guild of Hammers, does not have Mercantilism civic

    A representation of apprentice smiths visits your palace. They complain that the Guild of Hammers holds complete monopoly on metalsmithing in the realm making it very hard for new smiths to enter the market.

    The Guild’s monopoly is crucial to preventing foreigners from competing with our smiths.
    +1:mad: all cities permanently, civic changed to Mercantilism

    The market shall be free for anyone to enter provided they can find buyers for their products. The Guild shall be dismantled.
    gain 5 forges in random cities, gain Great Engineer, +1:) all cities, Guild of Hammers is destroyed

    Perhaps if they can not serve the glory of Kilmorph as smiths they should become priests.
    Requirements RoK state religion
    +1:mad: all cities permanently

    Requirements: Tile with pearls, fishing boats, does not have Seafaring

    Our fishermen have came across abandoned Lanun fishing boats. Upon closer inspection they discovered that they were used for pearl hunting.

    An important discovery and potentially profitable.
    Reveals Pearls on tile

    Ancient fortifications
    Requirements: unit on tile with Ancient Tower

    One of our units came across large ruins in the wild. Thought to be just a sole tower it turned out to be a large and still quite usable fort.

    This is an important strategic news.
    Tile gains Fort, Ancient Tower is destroyed

    Requirements: unit on tile with Ancient Tower, not a civilian

    Upon exploring an Ancient Tower one of our soldiers came upon a long metal tube that lets you see objects that are far away as if they were much closer.

    The magical devices of the past are truly amazing.
    Unit gains Sentry I

    Requirements: unit on tile with Ancient Tower

    While exploring an Ancient Tower one of our soldiers discovered a complex underground that may or may not be populated with monsters.

    They better watch out. You never know what lurks in those ancient dungeons.
    Tile gains Dungeon

    Choosing Sides
    Requirements: Mercurians exist, Infernals exist, not Mercurians, not Infernals, not in one team with Mercurians, Evil or Neutral, not Grigori, at peace with Mercurians, Infernals, AC of 30 or more

    As the conflict between the angels and demons escalates people of our realm turn to you to decide which side we should side with in this war.

    The angels are few and the demons are many. Our loyalty lies with the Lord of Balors.
    Requirements: state religion other than RoK, Empyrean
    All Temples of the Veil +2:hammers: , alignment changed to Evil, relations with Infernals +10, relations with Mercurians -10

    This conflict is not just between angels and demons, but between demons and all of Erebus. We shall side with the Mercurians.
    Requirements: not Ilians, state religion other than Ashen Veil
    All Temples of the Veil -2:science: , alignment changed to Neutral, relations with Infernals -10, relations with Mercurians +10

    This is not our conflict. They both mean nothing good to Erebus and we shall take no part in their strife.
    Relations with Infernals -5, relations with Mercurians -5

    The growing struggle for Erebus’ survival means that our time is running short. If we are to succeed in our goal we must hurry.
    Requirements: Illians
    Rituals production +10%, relations with all civs -2

    Assassins’ Guild
    Requirements: CoE state religion, 500 :gold:, not Elohim

    Some of our professional assassins have suggested the creation of a guild that would associate all practitioners of their craft from our country.

    I like the idea. It would make it easier to access skilled professionals whenever they are needed.
    -500 :gold:, all Assassins gain Combat I, Mobility I, alignment changed to Evil

    While the idea sounds good I do not think we can afford the creation of such organisation.

    To rule the world
    Requirements: Good, at war with 2 or more Good civs, over 30% of world territory

    As our influence in the world increases people are beginning to question whether our nation is going in the right direction. There are rumors that you are a power-hungry madman bent on world domination.

    Who are the to question my goals? If I say hat we shall rule the world then so shall it be.
    Requirements: state religion other than Order
    Alignment changed to Neutral, +10% military production, cities with over 50% of one’s culture +1:) for 20 turns, cities with less than 50% of one’s culture +1:mad:, less than 40% +2:mad:, less than 30% +3:mad:, less than 20% +4:mad: for 40 turns

    I guess I have let my personal desires cloud my judgment. We shall seek peace not war.
    Peace with all civs, -10% military production

    Bringing order to the world requires purging it from those who defy it. Then perhaps we shall not wage war on those who already embrace Junil.
    Requirements: Order state religion
    Peace with all Order civs, Temple of the Order +1:), all other temples +1:mad:

    Requirements: Blasting Powder, Siege Workshop, gunpowder, 400 :gold:

    A dwarven blacksmith requests an audience with you. He seeks someone who would finance his project of constructing the greatest cannon ever build. It would naturally join your arsenal with its creator content with the position of its gunner.

    I never refuse an offer to increase my arsenal.
    -400 :gold:, gain Dwarven Cannon with Fire II, Accuracy

    We let far too many maniacs into the palace. Find the people responsible and punish them accordingly.
  12. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    This is really eight events, of course: two possible outcomes for each of the four holidays in question.

    Midsummer, Winter Solstice, Walpurgisnacht, Witches'’ Sabbath

    “This year’s [Midsummer/Winter Solstice/Walpurgisnacht/Witches'’ Sabbath] celebrations in [City Name] have been particularly [successful/unsuccessful].” (+1 :)/:mad: in [City Name])

    Anyone who can come up with something more creative for a Witches'’ Sabbath event, be my guest, maybe a particular effect for the Sheaim?

    Actually, anyone who’'s got better ideas for any of these, feel free to suggest.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  13. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    As per Black_imperators request, I have added my additional events to his FFH More Events modmod and updated his to patch M, fixing a few bugs also.
    The new mod name is FFH More Events Expanded, and the release thread is here.
  14. Bob the Barbari

    Bob the Barbari Warlord

    Aug 21, 2008
    One-tile island
    Misunderstood servant of the people
    Requirements: is Basium, Hyborem (unit) is alive

    Lord Basium, we have attained knowledge of a ritual that would allow us to destroy the Lord of Balors himself. To do so would require of You to personally kill ten thousand newborn babies.

    I would rather watch Erebus become consumed by the demonic hordes, see it turned into another level of hell, walk the ruins of the once proud kingdoms of men consumed by the unholy fire, the souls of their denizens claimed by Agares and his foul servants, stripped of all hope of salvation, than take from an innocent this fleeting moment known by mortals as life.

    So be it.
    Hyborem dies, + 3 :( in all cities for 30 turns
  15. Skitters

    Skitters Prince

    Aug 14, 2006
    Birmingham, UK
    Beastly Intentions
    Giant Scorpion and a Giant Spider in a city

    Sire, what are your intentions for bringing these beasts to our Great City?

    "The people will pay a handsome fee to watch these beasts fight to the death!" +5 happy for 5-10 turns +100 gold

    "Harness the poisons of these beasts, so that our troops may gain an edge in battle!" Requires hunting lodge. Recon units built in city gain +1 poison (stacks with poison blade)

    "We must examine these beasts further"
    > Results in "Sire, our apothecaries have discovered that the poisons of the Great Beasts can - in small doses - be used to heal!" Gain + 2 health in the city. 5% chance of units built in the city start with Medic 1
  16. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Thread bump (mini-necro, actually).

    We know Kael won't be adding more events to the base mod at this point, but there are modmodders who are adding events or creating events-related modmods, so I thought we should get this thread back onto the first page.

    I'm not the most creative at this, but thinking up events is fun, even if they don't make it into any of the mods (or modmods). Here are a couple of new ones. If a modmodder accepts either or both, feel free to modify as you see fit.

    The Spectre's Bride

    "A man in [City Name] has returned from the dead and wishes to take his widow with him into the afterlife. She does not want to go and is asking for your protection. What should we do?"

    a) "The woman is a citizen of our empire and we will protect her." (+1 :) in [city name], a barbarian Spectre appears outside the city)
    b) "Invite the dead man to remain here with his wife." (Gain a Spectre)
    c) "It is none of our affair; let the dead man take his widow with him if that's what he wants."(No effect.)

    The Ravenmaster

    Maybe some of our British friends can come up with something better for this one, but I decided to give it a go.

    Requirement: The event has not already occurred for the civ in question, i.e., it can occur only once for any civ.

    "The Ravenmaster is concerned that the ravens of the Palace will leave unless better fed. He is requesting additional resources for better provisions. Legends say that if the ravens ever leave, the Palace will be destroyed and our realm will end."

    a) "Give the Ravenmaster what he needs, we can't take any chances." (Subtract X :gold: from treasury.)
    b) "We can't waste our time with idle legends. Request denied." (+1 :mad: in capital. In addition, 50% chance that the capital experiences an additional minor negative effect, e.g., -X :culture:, -X% :food:, +1 :yuck:, etc.)
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  17. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Bumping this to the first page just so it doesn't get lost. Even though Kael's not revising the main mod, modmodders are considering adding more events, so I thought it would be helpful to have this thread more easily accessible on the first page of the forum.

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