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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    Dungeon event: The Old Mine

    You clear the dungeon of it's inhabitants without much issue and discover that the dungeon is built on an old mineshaft.

    Replace the Dungeon Improvement with a Mine improvement. (Similar events could replace the Dungeon Improvement with a Fort improvement or any other number of improvements or resources)
  2. Algeroth

    Algeroth 8 and 1/2

    Sep 10, 2006

    Req. city with a fresh water lake or river in it's cross.

    Sire, the waters near (city) was infected by enormous leeches. They are not dangerous, but their bite is painful and leaves nasty scars. The people starts avoiding that place. What should we do?

    What we can do? If they don't want to enter the place, we can't force them.
    ( -1 :commerce: on that plot)

    Leeches you say? I'm curious if our healers can turn this trouble into advantage. (Req. herbalist in the city)
    (Herbalist gives +2 :health:)

    Nasty scars you say? Introduce new rite of passage for our warriors. (Req. Barbarian and barracks in the city)
    (The barracks gives +1 XP)

    Life feeds on life. So it is, so it's always been ... (Req. FoL)
    (Nothing happens)

    They are not dangerous yet. Summon our magi! (Req. Sheaim)
    (+2 AC)
  3. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK

    Requires: FoL Temple

    A priest from <<City>> requires some assistance in setting up an apiary.

    * Certainly, honey will supplement the diet of our citizens. (-50 Gold, Temple of FoL in City produces +1 Health)
    * We cannot afford to help at this time.


    Requires: OO Temple

    Priests from the Temple of the Overlords in <<City>> have found a nutritious new food supply. Dissidents claim their meat is toxic.

    * We need all the food we can get. Encourage the priests to keep feeding the poor. (Temple of OO in <<City>> produces +1 Food, but -2 Health)
    * We cannot afford to take risks. Discourage the priests from this practice.
    * Seek out the heathens are forced feed them calamari. Show them exactly how it stengthens their lungs and deadens any sensations of pain. (Requires OO State Religion. -1 Happiness in <<City> for 10 turns. Gain 2 Drown Units)

    I'm a lumberjack

    Requires: A Lumbermill

    A number of new recruits used to work as lumberjacks and are particularly proficient with axes.

    * Excellent. See that they receive training that will make good use of these talents. (Pay 30 Gold, 80% to receive an Axeman with Woodsman I promotion)
    * Do not deviate from the normal training regime.


    Requires: AC 25+, A Farm

    Plague of locusts swarm the land. Some naysayers say that this a sign of the end of days.

    * There is nothing that we can do. (Lose the Farm)
    * Have a specialist take the matter into their own hands. (Pay 10 Gold. Requires FoL Priest or Nature Adept)

    Corrupt Judge

    Requires: Courthouse, high crime rate.

    A new judge has been very effective at keeping the streets safe in <<City>>, but we have found evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is corrupt.

    * As long as the populace sleep safely at night, I do not care if he creams a little off the top. (-20 to Crime Rate, Maintenance reduction effect of Courthouse is halved)
    * Close the courthouse and see that it that he is brought to account for his crimes. (Lose the Courthouse. Increase Crime Rate by 5)
    * I will not stand for this. Make a full example of him and send a priest of Order to serve in his place. (Requires Order; Pay 20 Gold, Reduce Crime Rate by 10)
    * He is obvious not being subtle enough. Show him how to hide his tracks... and see to it that we receive our cut. (Requires Undercouncil. Gain 50 Gold)

    Training Accident

    Requires: Training Yard or Stable or Archery Range or Adventurers Guild

    One of our soldiers in <<City>> has had a nasty accident whilst training.

    * These things happen. (Random Unit is reduced to half strength)

    Drill Sergeant

    Requires: Training Yard or Stable or Archery Range

    A particular impressive sergeant has inspired some of our men in <<City>> to perform exceptionally well as a unit.

    * Excellent News. (Random Unit gains Drill I)

    Young Pup

    Requires: Adventurers Guild and a non-adventurer Unit of Level 6 or greater

    The guildmaster in <<City>> believes he has found an exceptionally talented individual and requests funds to train him personally.

    * Give him what he needs. (Costs 250 Gold, Level 6 Unit is held for 2 turns, after which it gains the Hero Promotion)
    * Give him some funds to help with the costs of training (Costs 50 Gold, Level 6 Unit gains 5 XP)
    * We have more pressing issues at present and cannot afford to fund this venture.
  4. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    A couple of events to give a slight boost to some undervalued items in FfH.


    Requires: A swamp

    A marsh near <<City>> conatins an excellent supply of Peat.

    * That's good news. (Marsh gain +1 Hammer)


    Requires: Grain and a Windmill

    The miller near <<City>> has discovered a new technique for baking bread.

    * That's good news. (Windmill supplies +1 Food)


    The workers at the watermill near <<City>> have reported spotting trails of silver in the river.

    * Send an expert prospector to see if there is a silver vein nearby. (Pay 30 Gold, 60% chance plot contains silver, granting +1 Gold)
    * Praise be to Kilmorph. (Requires: RoK Religion. +1 Gold in plot. +1 Happiness in nearest city)
    * Tell them to stop wasting time and get back to work. (No effect)
  5. StormbringerGT

    StormbringerGT Chieftain

    Jul 9, 2007
    Local Adventurers return after clearing out some small dungeon. +1 Happiness for a short while.
  6. PhoenixMuse

    PhoenixMuse Mage

    Dec 6, 2007
    Walnut Creek, CA
    Ideas I've seen posted that I'd like to see added to Fall From Heaven. (I figured this might

    be more helpful than just adding more ideas.)

    [Page 24]

    +2 Kudos for "Suckers" idea by Algeroth

    +1 Kudo for "Corrupt Judge" and "Young Pup" by Jabie

    +3 Kudos for "Peat" and "Silver" and "Bread" by Jabie

    [Page 23]

    +3 Kudos for "It's too crowded!" by JustinianVII

    +2 Kudos for "Military Wedding" and "Child Starts Fire" by Reignier

    +1 Kudo for "Soldier" by JustinianVII

    +1 Kudo for "Ivory Event Idea" by Etc

    +1 Kudo for "Farm to Mana" by Warkirby

    +3 Kudos for "Frog's Legs" by Jabie

    +2 Kudos for "Gambling" by Err0l

    +2 Kudos for "Concerned Citizens" by Etc

    [Page 22]

    +2 Kudos for "Strange Plant" by WarKirby

    +4 Kudos for "Dead Civ Events" by Marnok

    +3 Kudos for "Sprawling Village" and "Basic Geology" and "We are not Amused" by Err0l

    +1 Kudo for "Princess Rule" by Switchblock

    +2 Kudos for "Eleven+" by Switchblock

    +1 Kudo for "One City" by Switchblock

    +4 Kudos for "Orphaned Goblin" and "Old Hermit" by far_wanderer

    +2 Kudos for "That kind of day" and "Northern Lights" by far_wanderer

    My own personal suggestion: I would love to see an event happen EVERY turn if an event is possible that didn't happen already in the last three turns. I think this would make the game much more adventurous and make players learn to be more adaptable and ready for the bizarre.
  7. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    If events were to happen every turn we would need alot more events and a few more event chains, I think it wouldn't be that hard if someone outside of the team decided to put a bunch of new events in themselves, then the team could continue concentrating on perfecting the mod while more events are being added, I only say this because events are some of the easiest things to add to the game.

    I think there should be some events that only happen in certain situations, so you can try to force an event into happening for a bonus, or end up wasting your time. Also some things to spice up games that risk becoming dead.

    Req. Two civs left in the game, neither the Doviello or the Calabim

    Your advisors burst into your throne room, fleeing a figure that looks like a bloodthirsty beast in the body of a man. As it charges into the throne room it spots you and seems to come out of it's berserker rage.
    "What is the meaning of this?" You demand as the creature calms down.
    "I am very hungry my Lord, I have been chaced by a pack of werewolves across borders, and have not feasted in a long time, please, allow me to live here and I will serve you."
    "But if I help you then the werewolves will join my greatest rival to kill you."
    "Yes, but that is a chance I pray that you take."

    -Of course I will take the chance, vampires do not come around all that often (gain one vampire, other civ gains two blooded werewolves)
    -Fool, you lyconthropy enemies are stronger, send him away for the werewolves to join us (gain two blooded werewolves, other civ gains one vampire)
    -You both are two risky, send him away (Barbarian vampire and two barb werewolves spawn across the map)

    I know that previous vampire Vrs. Werewolf events have been shot down, but since there's only two civs I figured if you give one to each it wouldn't be giving one side too much more power than the other.
  8. Thunder_Gr

    Thunder_Gr Emperor

    Dec 8, 2008
    Except that, If I recall correctly, only Calabim owned vampires can use feast since 0.40...
  9. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    Then i guess you could make it Brujah or some higher unit and limit if to one blooded werewolf
  10. Neomega

    Neomega Deity

    Feb 9, 2002
    I remember in master of magic, there would be constellations, that would increase the power of a realm of magic.

    Perhaps a comet could bring something, or constellations could influence spells of a certain mana type to be more powerful.
  11. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    Like a +1 mana affinity to all units type thing?
  12. Neomega

    Neomega Deity

    Feb 9, 2002

    something like: the green triad has risen, all nature affinity creatures/summon gain +1 affinity the next 12 turns, and all nature spells become +5% power and resistance to them -5%. Maybe elemental magics can have planets rise, and divination be openings in planes or something like that... a spirit rift or enchantment moon.
  13. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    A not entirely serious event that riffs on the Princess Rule and The Last of the Dodos event in Beyond the Sword...

    Last of the Unicorns

    Sire, we have recently learnt that the last unicorn in Erebus has been slain.

    * Have the poets write an epic poem dedicated to these majestic creatures. (Requires Library in Capital, Cost: 20 Gold, +25 Culture in Capital)
    * That's sad, but this is not a world for so graceful a creature as a unicorn. (Requires Neutral or Good)
    * Good Riddance. (Requires Evil)
  14. Luckmann

    Luckmann Esusian Epicure

    Sep 21, 2007
    The Towers of Amur.
    "The little recon unit that could" (any recon unit).
    A <recon unit> have stumbled across a collection of stones that appear to exhibit strange, if possibly dangerous, properties. What do you want them to do?
    1) "Examine it as close as possible" (Gives the recon unit a chance to mutate and gain Channeling 1 (80%), Channelling 2 (10%) or Channelling 3(1%). Reveals a mana node. 10% chance to spawn a random elemental).
    2) "Examine it, but be careful" (Recon unit gets 4xp & a free promotion. Reveals a mana node. 5% chance to spawn a random elemental).
    3) "Ignore it. Better safe than sorry." (Nothing happens, sucker).
    (Results are not revealed in advance, if at all possible)

    "The Wayward Elves" (any (recently discovered) forest tile).
    We have come across an isolated village of elves that have managed to survive during the harsh Age of Ice. What do you want us to do with them?
    1) "What do I care? Leave them to their fate" (A elven hamlet is revealed on the tile).
    2) "Welcome them home!" (Req: Ljos- or Svartalfar. +1 :) and +1 Pop in nearest city).
    3) "Who cares? Wipe them out." (Req: Evil, +50 :gold:, burns the forest tile).
    4) "Wonderful! More petlings!" (Req: Calabim or Balseraphs or Slavery Civic and Evil or Neutral. Gives 1-3 Elven Slaves (random).
    5) "Offer them refuge in our nearest town." (Req: Good. -40 :gold:, free Archery Range & (Elven) Marksman w/ Commando promotion in nearest city, even if the proper research haven't been done).
  15. Emptiness

    Emptiness []

    Jan 7, 2009
    A unit in an unimproved tile is selected, and a random improvement (from among the possible valid improvements) appears in the tile. This could result in an improvement which the civ can't yet build because they lack the required tech. Should not result in any improvement which would remove a jungle or forest from the tile. Should only occur in the civ's own territory or in uncontrolled territory.
  16. JustinianVII

    JustinianVII Prince

    Nov 5, 2007
    Hell's Refugees
    (requires: Good alignment, presence of Infernal civilization)

    A band of haggard refugees has shown up outside (city). The leader of the group says that they had stumbled upon the true nature of the Veil religion, much to the chagrin of the higher-ups in their nation. Not wanting to live in Hell, assist it in any way, or become the next demonic sacrifice for what they know, they had no choice but to flee. They seek refuge in a land where they can live free of Hell's taint, and if possible, fight back.

    -If they come from a Veil civilization, they already have Hell's taint upon them. Close our borders to them.

    -Any enemy of evil is a friend of ours. Welcome them with open arms and set up housing. (-50 :gold:, +1 pop, +1 permanent :) in city)

    -If they can escape a Veil nation, they must be very blessed and hardy! Enable them to enlist. (-100 :gold:, receive 2 Champions with Blessed and Demon Slaying)

    -Hell's reach is strong, and they know the worst of it. Give their leadership a high religious position, that they may spread their words of truth and give direction. (requires 50+ AC: -150 :gold:, receive 1 Prior)

    -We do not need the eyes of Hell upon us. Sell them back to their Veil masters at the highest price so that we may avoid confrontation. (receive 100-150 :gold:, +1 permanent :mad: in all cities, creates 10 turn peace treaty and cancels wars with all Veil civs)
  17. the_fish

    the_fish Warlord

    Apr 7, 2007
    Venom (requires a recon unit in a jungle tile)
    A scouting party has stumbled across a species of unusually venomous snake. They seem reluctant to attack creatures so much bigger than themselves, preferring to prey on the smaller inhabitants of the jungle, often killing them within a few agonising seconds. One of your scouts suggests capturing some of the snakes and milking the venom to coat the group's weaponry.

    a) Sure, it's your funeral. (50% chance of unit getting "Poisoned Blade", 50% chance of unit getting "Poisoned")
    b) This venom sounds powerful. Why not try and derive an antidote? (needs "Poisons". 25% chance of unit getting "Resist Poison", 25% chance of unit getting "Poisoned", 50% no effect)
    c) That's far too dangerous. Leave sleeping snakes lie. (no effect)

    Hood (requires a unit outside your territory, without Hidden Nationality)
    Some of your men feel they could aid you better if they were a little more...lax about displaying who they worked for.

    a) Have you no honour!? Consider yourself reprimanded! (no effect)
    b) Good idea. You're "fired" (*wink*) (unit gains "Hidden Nationality", and has 25% chance of defecting to the barbarians.)*
    c) Good idea. Here's a retainer. (costs 25 gold. unit gains "Hidden Nationality".)*

    (*display to all civs: "(leader's) (unit) has gone rogue!")

    Blade (requires a melee unit without "Enchanted Blade")
    One of your warriors stumbles upon an unusual sword, buried in the undergrowth. The markings on the hilt suggest it is centuries old, but the blade looks as sharp and bright as if it were made yesterday. Further searching reveals the skeleton of a man lying nearby, picked clean by scavengers.

    a) Take the sword. Its magic will aid us! (unit gains "Enchanted Blade". 20% chance of becoming "Withered")
    b) Leave the sword. Something's not right... (no effect)
  18. Err0l

    Err0l Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2007
    The Watery Menace

    Can trigger at an improved riverside tile.

    There are reports of your people getting harassed by vicious carp.

    - Carp? Don't make me laugh! (-1 population in nearest city, 75% of retriggering)
    - Send in the military to dispatch them. (50% that your unit wins and receives 1 xp, 50% that your unit is lost and the event retriggers)
    - Evacuate the area! No one shall even dare to go near it! (lose improvement, -1 commerce on tile, +1 unhappy for 30 turns in nearest city)
    - Carp? I've got an idea what to do with these... (reqs Khazad, -75 gold, +1 pernament happiness in nearest city (these obsidian ornaments are astounding!))
  19. Izmir Stinger

    Izmir Stinger Deity

    Sep 4, 2008
    I've a couple ideas for a few early game events. Should probably put a requirement on them that they cannot occur in the classical age or later:

  20. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    This should be a fairly common one...

    The Vengeful Dead

    Requires: One or more City Ruins within Line of Sight.

    "Sire, dead men have been seen walking amongst the ruins of old cities"

    * Send an Adept to pacify them. (Requires Sanctify spell)
    * This plays into our hands. Claim them for our own. (Requires Tower of Necromancy, receive 3 random Undead Units)
    * Alert the guard. Prepare for an assault. (Places 3 undead units on each City Ruins tile within line of sight.)

    The strength of the undead unit should be detremined by the Armageddon Clock. At 30 or less, use a Skeleton, at 70 or less, use a Spectre, at higher ranges use a Wraith.

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