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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Thunder_Gr

    Thunder_Gr Emperor

    Dec 8, 2008
    Event triggers only if said city has equal Happy-Ungry faces

    There is some discontent among the populace, what should we do?

    1. Nothing.(5% for a 2 turn revolt)
    2. Secure the streets, make sure everything stays in order.(-20 g)
    3. Have the troops make random arrests and make sure we execute some.(Req Evil.-10 g, +1 Unhappiness for x turns)
    4. Good, expoit the situation to gain some profit.(Req CoE in city. +40 g, +1 Unhappiness for x turns)
    5. Time for a feast!(Req Evil, Calabim, Vampire in City. the Vampire gets the effects of a Feast + 2 XP. Population - 1)
    6. Have our vicars reveal the hidden causes.(Req Empyrean in city, -30 g, +1 Happiness for x turns)
    7. This is unexpectable. Restore order at once.(Req Order in city, -30g, +1 Happiness for x turns)
    8. Lets have a party!(Req Carnival. -60gp. +2 Happiness in city for x turns)
    9. Have the troops get some practice!(Req Military unit in city, Evil. A random military unit gets +5 xp, Population -1, Unhappiness +2 for x turns)
    10. Time for a sacrifice!(Req Ashen Veil in city. Population -1, Unhappiness +2 for x turns, get a random 200 to 500 progress towards current research)
  2. BugReportage

    BugReportage Warlord

    Oct 10, 2008
    The Debate

    There is a division among our sages between two philosophies that seem equally right. They require the wisdom of our great leader to settle the matter once and for all.

    1) I have no time to listen old windbags and their petty squabbling. (-20 test tubes)
    2) I will listen to both sides and decide. (50% chance of -x test tubes and +x test tubes)
    3) Lugus teaches us that all paths to the truth must be illuminated for the truth to be understood. Let both sides put down their arguments and continue on both paths of knowledge. (+x test tubes)
    4) Esus teaches us that all truths are irrelevant when it is known by all. The one truth that we can rely on is the dagger at our sides. Have them all executed for their lack of faith. -Nothing happens-

    -Bored as I wait to go shopping-
  3. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    I like the idea of final retribution events, but they ought to happen 10% of the time only. Perhaps there could be a ritual to increase the chance / effectiveness of any revenge.

    A Ljosfar (almost certainly spelt wrong) might cause all enemy units in Forests to get the Hamstrung promotion (from FfH:Age of Ice), getting tangled up in plants, nettles, trees, etc.
  4. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I don't think Grey Fox's suggestion was retribution/revenge events. He can speak for himself, of course, but as I understood it, the idea underlying his suggestion was that the collapse of a civilization should be a consequential occurrence, resulting in population movements (refugees?), leaderless soldiers wandering around, etc.
  5. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    A strange type of plant has been found growing near <city name>. The fruit of this plant when eaten, causes happiness and strange visions in people. It killls some people who eat it, though, and is therefore quite dangerous.


    -If the people want to eat strange plants, who are we to stop them. Let them do as they please. (+2 happiness, high chance of losing a few population. 2 or 3)

    -Warn the people of the risk, and allow them to continue if they still wish. (+1 happiness, lower chance of population drop)

    -We're missing out on an opportunity for profit here. Have this plant grown and sold to the people. (+1 gold per turn, +1 happiness, highest chance of larger population drop)

    -These strange plants are too dangerous. We must keep them away from the people, for their own safety. (+1 unhappiness for 10 turns)
  6. Marnok

    Marnok Marnok

    Mar 24, 2008
    I like these ideas of "dead civ" events - I was sketching some up anyway, after the Lanun died and the message was along the lines of "Cities? who needs em? See you on the seas!" and I thought, oooh, what if more pirate/privateers spawned as refugees from the civ took to the seas?

    So I started sketching up:
    • refugee events : where former members of a civ are still in the world
    • absence events : where the loss of a civ has an effect on the balance of the world
    • return events : the possibility that remnants of a civ will return, under a different (possibly minor) leader.

    For refugee events, I had the Lanun ships appearing; Hippus mercenaries offering themselves for hire; rogue feral vampires from Calabim; and a few others. I also had a generic "last of the ..." event which would spawn a suitable "hero" barbarian who represented the best and last of the civ.

    Didn't get very far with the absence events, except to note that perhaps these are thing which could happen if a civ was never on the map in the first place as well as when they are eliminated. I though perhaps if the Elohim are wiped, due to their role as guardians of holy places, all the Special Features gain a chance to start spawning big bad monsters.

    The Return events would depend on a leader being available for the civ, then they may return by:
    • converting a city ruins into a city
    • a minister-koun type event
    • just a new city popping up at an available space
    These style of events could also be used to create a civ anyway, which was never in game to start with.

    I want to get these sorts of things going, if my modmod causes a couple of civs to die it would be great to think that well actually, they could be back later, or still have some impact on the world from having existed once.
  7. TheJopa

    TheJopa Šumar

    Dec 29, 2005
    @ Marnok - Fall further's member Jean worked on Revolutions mod for FfH and is now working on adding it to FF. So it would be extremely possible that former civilizations attempt rebellion in their national cities many turns after you conquered them. :D
  8. Err0l

    Err0l Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2007
    Sprawling village (reqs village, town or enclave on the plot)

    A <town/enclave> near <city name> has grown too large.

    - Do I look like I care? (-1 food in the plot)
    - KEEEEEEEEEEEL 'EM! (replaces the improvement with a village, reqs evil)
    - Encourage them to go to the nearest city. (-50 gold, nearest city gains 1 pop, replaces the improvement with a village)
    - Encourage them to go out and found a new city. (-125 gold, replaces the improvement with a village, gain a settler)
    - Conscript them! No one be spared! (reqs Crusade or Military State, gain three melee military units according to your tech level, replace the improvement with a village)

    Basic geology (reqs mine, Mining tech)

    Our geologers believe that a mine near <city name> holds vital metals. They demand funding.

    - No way.
    - Give them limited funding. (-50 gold, 10% chance of discovering a metal, 5% chance of losing the mine)
    - Give them as much as they want. (-200 gold, 40% chance of discovering a metal, 50% chance of losing the mine)
    - Send in the slaves, instead (reqs slave unit, lose slave unit, 25% chance of discovering a metal, 10% chance of losing the mine)
    - Give them fundings and send a priest for guidance. (reqs Runes state religion, -100 gold, 66% chance of discovering a metal, 5% chance of losing the mine)

    We are not amused (can trigger turn after defeating barbarian unit with orcish promo)

    Some orcs have gone to your capital to demonstrate against the slaughtering of their comrades. They appear to be peaceful so far...

    - Send in the military! They are orcs, after all. (-1 relation with non-evil leaders - you were brutal against helpless demonstrants)
    - Point out that they should stop their assaults first. (20% chance of 20 turns peace with barbarians, 80% chance of -2 with evil leaders - you are naive)
    - Try to work out a peace and offer them to settle in your cities. (reqs Kuriotate, 20 turns peace with barbs, +1 pop in capital city, -1 happy for 10 turns in all cities)
    - Try to solve the problem with cash. (-150 gold, 80% gain 1 orc warrior, 20% spawn 1 enraged orc warrior near your capital)
  9. BugReportage

    BugReportage Warlord

    Oct 10, 2008
    One of our sages claims that we are made of smaller living organic matter.

    1) I do not care what we're made of. -Nothing happens-
    2) Have him silenced at once, these ideas will only anger the gods. (+1 happiness for 20 turns.)
    3) Have him admit his lies to the confessors so that our sages can continue to focus on less heretical subjects. (Reqs Order. +x test tubes)
    4) Then chop him up and see if this "small living organic matter" is useful. (Reqs Ashen Veil. Receive a Tar Demon.)

    -I get bored often-
  10. Micky Onimusha

    Micky Onimusha Prince

    Apr 26, 2004
    Can I suggest a change to the currently existing Goblin Waste Dump event? It really punishes those Civs that don't start with Nature mana, shows up too early for them to have obtained Nature Mana and can't be fixed with time (unlike the Disease-Body Mana event, where that lost pop can be recovered). My feeling is it should wear off after 20-40 turns or there should be an additional option to hire an adept:

    1. "There is nothing we can do about it" (-1 :food: for 20-40 turns on that tile)
    2. "Send an adept who is proficient in nature magic to heal the damage" (Reqs. Nature Mana - Nothing happens)
    3. "Hire an adept who is proficient in nature magic to heal the damage" (-50 :gold: - Nothing happens)
  11. Marnok

    Marnok Marnok

    Mar 24, 2008
    Or play MarnokMod and chase the Muris goblins away!
  12. FireBlaze

    FireBlaze King

    Oct 6, 2008
    I had an idea for a slight change to an existing event.

    Ok there's one event were a unit encounters a flare of chaos mana, which goes as

    Your unit has encountered a flare of chaos mana. What should he do?

    A- Go into the flare, It will make him stronger (get mutated promo)

    B- Don't go in. (nothing happens)

    I think we should add a 3rd option, which is amurite only (or Amurite & Shieam)

    C- Let us channel this power to strengthen our unit (Gives one free promotion)
  13. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    This one is just for kicks:

    Princess Rule

    Your units have spotted a unicorn outside of (cityname).

    -Kill it, it's blood can give our units special powers! (give unit in city Immortal)
    -Kill it, it's horn can purify water (+1 health)
    -Kill it, it'll be good meat! (+30 food)
    -Don't kill it! Oh wait... (Req. Kuriotates and Sheim Palace in city)
  14. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    As stated earlier, events should reflect the stage in the civilazations growth, therefore, I think there should be some limits on the amount of cities a civ has for events to happen, here's a list of an example for each level:

    One City
    Your people have decided that they wish to have a monthly festival outside of the palace, but need your permission to carry on.
    -Of course they can! Just make sure things don't get to rowdy! (+1 happy, +2 to crime rate (not too rowdy, just a little))
    -Why not, deploy a special guard for the occasion. (+1 happy, -25 gold)
    -Make sure to supply them with food, drink, and crowd control! (+2 happy, -100 gold)
    -Silly people, my presence should be enough! (no effect)

    Two Cities
    Sire people in (non-capital city) are getting restless because they feel they are not recieveing enough of your attention.
    -Well they should, they aren't in the capital! (-1 happy in city)
    -Make the travel arrangements, I'll just have to travel between the two cities equally (-25 gold)
    -I like them better anyways, let's move the capital (move palace to second city, -1 happy in old capital)

    Three to Ten cities
    Most events involving cities are geared towards this level.

    Sire, the people in (cityname) request a visit, it has been a while since you have been there.
    -We live in an empire, get used to it! (-1 happy)
    -Make travel arrangements (-25 gold, +1 happy in city)
    -Why only them, begin the empire tour! (+2 culture per turn in all cities, +1 happy in all cities, -150 gold)
  15. Psychic_Llamas

    Psychic_Llamas Wizard in the Making

    Nov 25, 2005
    Western Australia
    how on earth does that work...?
  16. Chip56

    Chip56 King

    Jan 19, 2006
    It doesn't. And thats means it will always get killed-> no princess rule.
  17. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    I second this. Or failing that, at least add a posion feature to the tile, so that you can heal when you do get Nature Mana.
  18. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001
    Maybe add an option for barbarian leaders to hire the Muris clan? Possibly letting them make the dump and getting a free unit for a low cost, or maybe avoiding the dump all together and getting a unit at a cost.
  19. Micky Onimusha

    Micky Onimusha Prince

    Apr 26, 2004
    Come on Immortal is too much (and tbh, I think +1 :health: is a bit much too), but we should definitely have a Princess Rule Event :lol:

    Also, couldn't help re-write the food bit, the story's full of wonderful quotes :)
  20. far_wanderer

    far_wanderer Prince

    Dec 20, 2008
    Apologies if anything similar to these has been done before, I didn’t have time to read the entire thread.
    Very Early game events:
    Orphaned Goblin – Requires a Warrior that defeated a Goblin since the beginning of the last turn.
    “After our troops defeated the goblin horde, a soldier discovered an orphaned Goblin child. Seeing that it posed no threat, he took pity on it and has been taking care of it.
    >Punish this weakness by having the soldier kill his new friend, see if the trauma teaches him a lesson – Unit gains Orc Slaying and Crazed (requires Evil)
    >Such compassion is noble, allow him to raise the child to follow in his footsteps – Unit gains Orcish promotion
    >His actions were noble, but we cannot risk barbarians in our army. Abandon the child – Goblin with Weak promotion spawns nearby, 50% chance yours, 50% chance barbarian
    >The army is no place to raise a child! Allow the soldier to return home to raise his new child – Unit loses 1xp, Goblin spawns in capital city (requires Good)

    That kind of day – Requires only one city, undefended with barbarian unit adjacent. This event is designed to counteract those really unfortunate starts where a strong barbarian gets spawned right away.
    “The barbarian hordes are at our gates! Our armies have failed us! We’re doomed!”
    >Conscript the populace. Even there are massive casualties, our empire must survive – the barbarian unit is removed, population reduced to 1.
    >Announce our surrender, give them whatever they want – the barbarian unit is removed, lose all food and production in the city, and all your gold
    >”Sir? Where are you Sir? Our leader has abandoned us in our time of need! We are undone!” – take control of the lowest ranked AI civilization (requires Evil)
    >Get me my sword, I will challenge their leader to single combat – the barbarian unit is removed (Requires Aggressive)
    >Send emissaries to regale them with tales of our glorious empire, and offer them citizenship – the barbarian unit is removed, gain 1 population (requires Kuriotates or Elohim)

    Old hermit – Requires a Scout on an ancient tower
    “While taking shelter in an abandoned tower, our explorers discovered an ancient man living in the higher levels, he appears to be wise man of some sort, living in isolation. He is overjoyed to encounter civilization again.”
    >Invite him to the palace and bring me my Somnium deck, I shall entertain him personally – future diplomatic bonuses from Somnium are doubled (requires Charismatic)
    >Kill him and ransack the tower, he must have resources of great value to have survived for so long – 80% chance to receive a Supplies (requires Evil)
    >We are honored to discover a survivor from the endless winter, he is welcome to join my court as a respected elder – Palace gains +2 commerce
    >To have lived for so long, he must be hiding extensive magical knowledge. Instruct our Scout to remain with him throughout the season and learn from his wisdom – Unit unavailable for 5 turns, 50% chance to be replaced by Adept (requires Amurites)

    Northern lights – requires a recon unit on a tundra or ice tile
    “During the night, our explorers witnessed a beautiful cascade of light in the sky, inspiring one of them to compose a poem”
    >To have been moved so deeply, it must have been a truly enlightening experience – the unit is promoted to Winterborn
    >Distribute this poem to our bards, let all our citizens be inspired by the wonders of the world – 5 culture in all cities, 20% chance to receive a free Scout
    >It is a fading wisp of the glory of Mulcarn, inform our priests so that they may perform the appropriate rituals – 50% chance to receive a Frostling (requires Illians)
    >What cubs are these men that they have not yet witnessed the northern lights? Reprimand their inexperience and send a runner with a proper ballad from our elders to put this poem to shame. Tell them to keep their eyes open wider in the future – Unit is promoted to Sentry 1 (requires Doveillo)

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