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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I can't claim credit for this one, I just thought it was great.

    Izmir Stinger posted a hilarious event here in response to someone's necro-ing a 3-1/2-year-old thread.

    I don't know if it will get into either the main mod or a modmod, but it's hilarious. :lol:
  2. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    I've already decided to add it. Just need to get the time. :lol:

    Would have done it today, but I've added an xml-based leash mechanic... Can have a promotion set a leash range to a unit, and it will be unable to move further than that distance from the plot it was on when it received the promotion. ;)
  3. Imuratep

    Imuratep Cultist of the Old Ones

    Sep 4, 2008
    And what's up with my burger? Won't I get my burger?
  4. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I saw this article today.

    Could serve as the basis for a number of events related to the different full moons, unless people think they would be too similar to the constellation events.

    EDIT: Okay, I decided to take a shot at this myself.

    Spoiler :
    Full Wolf Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Wolf Moon." [Additional wolves appear on the map.]

    Full Snow Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Snow Moon." [Random blizzards appear on the map for a limited duration, e.g., 5 turns.]

    Full Worm Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Worm Moon." [Some snow tiles become tundra.]

    Full Pink Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Pink Moon." [Some tundra tiles become plains.]

    Full Flower Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Flower Moon." [Some plains tiles become grasslands.]

    Full Strawberry Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Strawberry Moon." [Some random forest tiles yield +1 :food:.]

    Full Buck Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Buck Moon." [Additional deer resources appear on the map.]

    Full Sturgeon Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Sturgeon Moon." [Some fish tiles yield +1 :food:.]

    Full Harvest Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Harvest Moon." [Gain +1 :food: from corn, wheat, and rice.]

    Full Hunters' Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Hunters' Moon." [Deer yield +1 :food:.]

    Full Beaver Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Beaver Moon." [Gain +1 :commerce: from furs.]

    Full Cold Moon

    "Astrologers report that the current full moon is a Full Cold Moon." [Some plains tiles become tundra, some tundra tiles become snow.]

    These might be too much like the constellation events, but it was fun coming up with them. And to make them less powerful, the effects could be limited in duration, such as 5 or 10 turns.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  5. Err0l

    Err0l Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2007
    Reqs: Forge, at least 200 g

    Sire, an artificer of <CAPITAL_CITY> has offered to construct a giant organ in your throne room. For a nice fee, of course.

    - We do not have time for this foolery. (nothing happens)
    - That sounds interesting. Pay the man. (-200g, palace +5 culture/turn)
    - This sounds interesting, but if I may give you a bit of advice... (reqs Luch/Khazad, -100g, palace +10 culture/turn)
    - This looks like an interesting way to add an extra... spike to diplomacy. (reqs Evil, -200g, +1 relations with all leaders)
    - Did you incorporate an earthquake pipe? We NEED an earthquake pipe! (reqs Balseraph, -200g, palace +15 culture/turn, +1 happy)
  6. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Inspired by this story. I just laughed when I saw the headline.

    "A stalker pheasant is terrorizing the population of [City Name]. What should we do?"

    a) Pay some adventurers to deal with it. (Subtract X :gold: from treasury.)

    b) There is nothing we can do. (+1 :mad: in [City Name].)
  7. FireBlaze

    FireBlaze King

    Oct 6, 2008
    We obviously need a "Let the army do it" option, where a giant mutant Pheasant goes on a rampage :lol:
  8. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I figure a unit disappearing through a glowing portal doesn't always die. Like the time travel events I proposed a few months ago, here's another possibility of where they might go.

    Parallel World(s)

    “A strange person has appeared through a glowing portal near [City Name]. He appears to be a(n) [unit name], but says he comes from the [Civ Name] civilization. His knowledge of Erebus’'s history is completely wrong, and he appears confused by the current state of affairs.

    "After thorough research, our sages theorize that he comes from a parallel world, an alternate version of Erebus that exists on a parallel Prime Material Plane. Unfortunately the portal has now closed, making further investigation impossible, but since the [unit name] cannot return home, he is willing to offer us his services.” [Gain the unit.]

    NOTE: the unit gained should come from a civ that does not normally have access to that unit type, and thus have a racial or civ-specific promotion not normally available to units of that type: e.g., a Khazad or Luchuirp Nyxkin with the Dwarven promotion; a Doviello or Illian Firebow with the Winterborn promotion; a Malakim Fyrdwell with the Nomad promotion, etc.

    I don’t know how easy this would be to program. Maybe start with a UU, remove its racial or civ-specific promotion, and then give it a racial or civ-specific promotion it doesn'’t normally have?
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  9. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    I was thinking that too few events take the possibilities of the different mana effects into account, and then thought it might be cool to see how some basic Civ resources would fare in Erebus. So naturally I combined the two....

    Miners near the city of X have found a strange new mineral all over the mine. They call it "uranium", and it glows slightly in the dark. Unfortunately it is slowly poisoning them and their tools. What shall we do?

    A) Our Earth adepts should be able to find a way to use this "uranium" safely. (Req Earth Mana, mine +1 hammer)

    B) Station a Life adept at the mine to keep the miners healthy. (Life Mana, no change)

    C) Safety first - take precautions to protect our miners. (Not Evil, mine -1 hammer)

    D) Keep it quiet, but KEEP them working. (Not Good, city -1 unhealthy)

    (Perhaps call it "Arawnium"? The hammer effects would actually be for the plot to stop a player from just destroying then rebuilding the mine. The unhealth comes from the miners and then their families themselves, so it's in the city.)

    A desert area floodplain near X city has a thick, black, stinking liquid welling up from the ground in many places. It is reducing available farmland.

    A) We'll never find a use for this worthless "oil". (-1 food for the floodplain plot)

    B) I wonder if this "oil" burns? (Req Fire Mana -1 food, +1 hammer)

    C) Hmmm, this "oil" may help us lubricate our machinery better. (Req Luchuirp or Khazad, -1 food, +1 hammer)

    These two events should probably only trigger when a civ has had a chance to research these mana types.
  10. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    Some other events that take Mana into account and that also threaten improvements I think no other events do directly:

    Winds from Hell (Requires AC 20+)

    Massive storms are slowly destroying our windmills near X city. Eyewitnesses say the winds sound like they come from the very Vaults of Hell. What can we do?

    A) Our Air adepts can redirect the winds until the storms subside. (Req Air Mana, no change)

    B) Sacrifice a soul to appease these winds. (Req Ashen Veil state religion, no change)

    C) What can we do? Let the storms run their course. (Lose windmill)

    Treant Rage (Requires lumbermill in forest)

    The logging operations in the forest near X city are in danger. Treants are enraged at tree cuttings and their attacks have caught us by surprise. Loggers are fleeing and buildings being destroyed.

    A) Quick, our Nature adepts should be able to calm them down. (Req Nature Mana, no change)

    B) Rush our priests there to convince the treants we replant as well as cut. (Req state religion FoL, no change)

    C) Our troops cannot reach there in time. We shall just have to rebuild our lumbermills. (Lumbermill destroyed, perhaps barbarian treant spawns there)
  11. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    A couple more that combine espionage with Mana effects.

    Poisoned Water Supplies

    The water supplies for X city have somehow became tainted - possibly they were poisoned by one of our enemies. Water shortages are widespread.

    A) Have our Water adepts purify our water sources. (Req Water Mana, no change)

    B) Begin cleansing operations immediately, and ration our water supplies. (-25 gold, city -2 unhealthy for 10 turns)

    C) Begin rationing our water supplies until nature herself finally cleans them. (city -3 unhealthy for 15 turns)


    The (X Civilization) has had a scandal break out that somehow it looks like we caused to happen through our diplomats there. Our relations with them will suffer unless we can prove we're innocent. We are, right?

    A) Our Mind adepts will prove we are innocent. (Req Mind Mana, no change)

    B) We shall prove another civilization caused this. (Req state rel. Council of Esus, no change)

    C) We are innocent, but no one believes us for some reason. (Req trait Sinister, -2 relations)

    D) We are innocent, but have no proof. (Not trait Sinister, -1 relations)

    E) Yes, we're innocent. But tell them we did it - and that they deserved it. (Not Good, -3 relations)
  12. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    A couple - admittedly not terribly creative - but that fill gaps in what events currently cover:


    One of our airships near X city has crashed while trying to land and was destroyed. There were few survivors. (Lose airship)

    A) Oh the humanity!

    (Only triggers once, for any civ that has airships. Based on the actual 1937 crash of the transatlantic German airship.)

    Perfect Storm

    An unexpectedly fierce storm has struck the coasts near X city, devastating our fishing fleets. (Lose one fishing, clam, crab, or pearl improvement.)

    A) A disaster. We shall have to repair or rebuild almost everything there.

    (Only if have the Fishing tech, of course.)
  13. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Here's a simple one from LOTR (the books, not the movies).

    Will Whitfoot (Old Flourdumpling)

    "The roof of the Town Hall in [City Name] has collapsed. Fortunately no one was hurt, and the roof has been quickly repaired, but the Mayor came out of the rubble covered in chalk. The townspeople have nicknamed him 'Flourdumpling' and have gotten a good laugh out of the incident." (+1 :) in [City Name])
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  14. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    Demonic Tower

    A group of cultists in an Ancient Tower near X city have summoned a Demon from Hell. Fortunately a band of adventurers disrupted the ritual, killed the cultists, and trapped the demon in the Tower - unfortunately they died in the process.

    A) Let it remain there until we can banish it.

    Requires Mysticism, state religion not Ashen Veil, civ not Infernal or Sheaim. Barb Demon created and held on square.
  15. 1234567890

    1234567890 Warlord

    Dec 27, 2006
    Wandering merchants
    A group of merchants has been spotted near <City>. They say they come from far away in <Civ> lands. They have exotic goods to trade.
    - Let them integrate in the city +1 trade route in City, +1 :commerce:
    - Seize them. Reqs Evil, +50 :gold:, +1 :mad: in City for 5 turns, -3 relations with <Civ>
    - Let them found a trade post. -25 :gold:, +1 trade route, +2 :commerce: in city, recieve 1 Random Ressource.


    A strange man wants to talk to you. He knows we are broken and offers us to make counterfeit money in order to replace the real money that has gone...
    - Well, the more money we have, the richer we are. True? +100 :gold:, +5% inflation.
    - Send him away.Nothing
    - Horror! Have him arrested and eradicate his network! -25 :gold:, +1 :) in all cities, -5% inflation.
    - Eat him. Reqs Calabim, +5 :food: in Capital.
  16. Pohlmann

    Pohlmann Warlord

    Feb 24, 2009
    i have a question: is there a xml tag for specialist slots? i want to do some events and wanted to start with this one:

    (from RiFE:)

    Well (Grants +1 health):
    It is said that throwing a coin or two into the town's well brings great fortune. So the townfolk does as told and now the number of coins grows steadily.

    Option 1: Reqs Evil - Money for free? Just take it! Well +1 :gold: per turn

    Option 2: A priest could make this well a well-known pilgrimage site. +1 priest slot for the well (here i dont know the tag)

    Option 3: Dont interfere with local superstition. Nothing happens.

    Event 2:
    The well's water seems to be poisoned nowadays. (of course only if option 1 hasnt been chosen :D)

    Option 1: Some people think the coins might be behind it.Take out the rusted coins. There will be no profit from them. New coins have to be collected from time to time. -50 :gold: +1 :gold: per turn
    Option 2: A wandering priest is coming by. Let him take the priest's spot and give him something to eat. - 1 priest slot for the well, -1 :food:, +1 free priest
    Option 3: The poisoning seems to come from below the city. Dig up whatever is down there. Epic lair scouting
  17. black_imperator

    black_imperator Emperor

    Dec 4, 2005
    there is only this tag related to specialists in event :

    but i think it adds a specialist to the city directly , not to the building.
  18. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Just for fun, here are three based on the lyrics from a single song.

    Crash Test Dummies 1

    "There was this kid in [City Name] who
    Got into an accident and couldn't come to school,
    But when he finally came back
    His hair had turned from black into bright white.
    He said that it was from when
    The carriages had smashed so hard."

    a) "A kid with white hair? He must be wise, employ him as a sage." (City gains +1 Sage specialist.)
    b) "A kid with white hair? Sounds like some kind of freak." (Gain a Freak.)

    Crash Test Dummies 2

    "There was this girl in [City Name] who
    Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room,
    But when they finally made her
    They saw birthmarks all over her body.
    She couldn't quite explain it,
    They'd always just been there."

    a) "That's disgusting. Lock her away." (+1 :) in [City Name].)
    b) "Birthmarks all over her body? Sounds like a freak." (Gain a Freak, +1 :mad: in [City Name].)

    Crash Test Dummies 3

    Requires a Temple of any kind in the city

    "There was this boy in [City Name] whose
    Parents made him come directly home right after school,
    And when they went to their temple
    They shook and lurched all over the temple floor.
    He couldn't quite explain it,
    They'd always just gone there."

    "Um, okay." (The Temple provides +1 :) (50% chance) or +1 :mad: (50% chance) in [City Name].)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  19. ostar

    ostar Warlord

    Nov 13, 2005
    There are too few events that actually focus on the actual resources a civ has, at least in my view. So I thought of a set of them. Only of these below should trigger per game, because they are similar in concept and result. That just adds more variety, though.

    Inferior Brews

    The major Brewing Houses have recently been caught secretly collaborating to reduce the cost and quality of their Ale and embezzling the extra money. They have been arrested, and the breweries will return to their normal standards for next years brews. But what shall we do with all this substandard Ale this year?

    A) Sell it anyway. Our unwashed masses just want to get drunk, and shouldn't care about taste. (-2 unhappy for 5 turns - enough do care)

    B) A reputation takes a lifetime to build and a day to destroy. Sell only the Ale that meets normal standards, even if it means less available for trade this year.
    (Lose 1 Ale resource for 5 turns - one that is being traded chosen first)

    C) Sell it at a loss and state why. Let people decide themselves if they want lower quality Ale.
    (-50 GP)

    Inferior Vintage

    About the same as the event above, but for wine instead. First choice would be worded:
    A) Sell it anyway. Our nobles and wine connoisseurs only fool themselves into thinking they can tell any difference in wine vintages.

    Inferior Fashion

    Our most productive tailors have recently been caught secretly collaborating to reduce the cost and quality of their Fine Clothes by using inferior Wool and cutting corners, then embezzling the extra money. They have been arrested and next years clothing production shall return to normal standards. But what shall we do with this years inferior inventory?

    A) Sell it as usual. Fashion is a fool's trick against the gullible in the first place. No one will be able to tell the difference.
    (-2 unhappy 5 turns - yes they will)

    B) A reputation takes a lifetime to build and a day to destroy. Gift the inferior clothes to the poor.
    (Req Not Evil. Lose 1 Fine Clothes resource in trade for 5 turns, but gain +1 happy 5 turns, possibly + 1 relations with all Good civs)

    C) Sell the inventory at a loss and state why. Let people decide themselves if they want lower quality clothing.
    (-50 GP)

    Again, one of these triggering will stop the other two from triggering the same game, since they are so similar.
  20. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Woolsorter’'s Disease

    Requirement: A city with access to sheep or cows.

    “An outbreak of woolsorter’'s disease has been reported in [City Name]. What should we do?”

    a) “Send an adept proficient in life magic to combat the disease.” [Requires Life Mana]
    b) “There is nothing we can do.” (-1 population in [City Name] or, if that’s too much, +1 :yuck: in [City Name])
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016

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