Increase the rate of border spread?


Aug 12, 2001
Hey everyone, I was just curious if someone could help me out with a quick question. When playing on long Marathon type games, it seems like borders take bloody forever to fill in.

I was curious if there was a modifier somewhere I could play with to decrease the amount of culture needed to claim a hex? I'd rather do that than just up culture and mess with State Policies.
In the Assets\Gameplay\XML\GameInfo directory, open up Civ5GameSpeeds.xml

You want to change the line labelled Culture Percent under your gamespeed. Lower is faster, so 300 is default, 270 would be 10% faster, 240 for 20% etc.

Strongly recommend you backup your original .xml file before editing it, so you can put it back and do this as a mod once the tools are released.
Awesome, thanks fellow early join date and yet low post count Calgarian.
If you open up GlobalDefines.xml, there's a section called "Cost of acquiring new Plots" that may interest you as well. I'm not sure if CulturePercent affects policy costs or not, so this will either be helpful or mildly interesting, respectively.
Thought I borrow this thread since it's similar to what I was thinking.

Wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to add additional factors in how fast border spread, I was thinking on having the current system but adding the size of the city as a bonus to border expanding speed.
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