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1. Get the world map posted by the last person
2. Open your image editor of choice and change the map as you wish
3. Post the altered map and write a story to go with it, can be as short (~1 sentence) or long (Fallout: Equestria) as you want


Theocracy the God of IOT (me) can introduce new rules or break existing rules at any time

Cooldown if no one else has posted after you, you cannot post again for 24 hours

First come first served anyone can post at any time (except for your Cooldown)

Time machine everyone gets ONE (1) use of the Time Machine, this allows you to grab any previously posted map and post that one instead, and all events which have happened in between rendered null and void.

Split timelines eg. if A posts a map, B alters the map that A posted, then C also posts using A's map, the timeline has split, and one series of events must take precedence over the other. The next person to post decides which timeline shall be followed.

Ghost mode the God of IOT (me) may decide if a player is being terrible and make them a ghost. They can still post but every other player must ignore everything they post including their maps.

Of course, all forum rules apply

The game runs until people get bored

I'll start.
In a world where borders are subnational and the oceans have turned a shade of steel blue, a gay furry has seized control of a chunk of southeastern Australia, coloured it green and declared the Republic of Nermia, defended by Giant Death Robots. The citizens of Nermia are shocked to find themselves suddenly citizens of Nermia, but their new leader has assured them by listing all of the horrifying inhumane things he could have done to them so maybe simply changing countries overnight is getting off lightly. The rest of the planet wonders what terrifying monstrous fates await them.


map stolen from here with minor adjustments
Are there any guidelines on how much the map may be altered?
Are there any guidelines on how much the map may be altered?

no, too much work for me, and limits creativity

I expect everyone to participate in a spirit of good sportsmanship ( :lol: ) but no seriously though if there's a player who's consistently like "okay imma remove all of [another player]'s work over and over just to be a [expletive deleted]" I'm gonna simply ghost-moded them
Colorado Confederation

After forging a blood pact with a pagan deity, another gay furry proceeded to use a series of bargainings, beatings, and betrayals to establish control of the bulk of the Colorado River and its watershed with its capital at Las Vegas. Despite the enormous power of the "Clark County Coyote" and his "Bark Lord," the decision was made to grant most counties and peoples considerable autonomy, with the state largely requesting only troops, taxes, and a commitment to legalized hedonism. This was an extension of a mandate from the Ancient Drum himself to grant indigenous people sovereignty (followed by generous funding for projects of their choosing); in his great wisdom, he recommended replicating a political and economic model instituted by his homeland.

The Confederation is known for a conservationist stance, favoring sustainable development with nature to correct the avarice and arrogance of the old settler regime. Most notably, there is a nationwide compost program in nearly all counties and municipalities. The elites of the previous regime discovered how efficient this composting was first hand, and with the resultant demise of NIMBY, progress is finally being made on homelessness in California.

Those most dedicated to the community are often blessed with the ability to change their shape; it is unclear if this is a physical transformation, hypnotism, or the result of how freely hallucinogens circulate in the new empire.

Viva Paws Vegas.


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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ever since achieving liberation from the despised pied-noirs and the French occupation forces, the history of Algeria has been one of ups and downs. How can one fix a hundred and thirty years of exploitation? It has not been easy, and struggles against underdevelopment were just as equally existent as struggles between each other. But, today, we emerge victorious and united.

In the meantime, our former colonizers have fallen into deep disrepute. As Africa threw off the chains of neocolonialism, France no longer managed to sustain itself off the exploitation of labour and resources, creating a steep crisis, necessitating a humanitarian intervention in Southern France so that a more equitable and sustainable status quo can be created. Furthermore, to preserve the Breton language, parts of Brittany have been also taken. Temporarily, of course, until the language recovers.

Our society lives by the code of Islam and decolonial communism.


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(following from post #5 by Aleks I'll edit in my map and story, hang in there kitties)

Republic of the River Plate

‘Argentina’ is a poetic way of calling the lands on the basin of the Silver River. In recent years so many people, prominent and otherwise, have fled Argentina's decaying society for Uruguay that they have now become a voting majority in Uruguay, technically The Republic of the Eastern Bank of the Uruguay River. Curiously enough, the massive amount of Uruguayan expatriates in Argentine territory has meant a large number of Argentinians now have inherited Uruguayan citizenship. In a confusing episode, simultaneous referenda have resulted in each country voting to surrender to the other.
With the entire Brazilian military distracted from its former Cisplatine province by the upcoming Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the results of the state-wide football championships, the new peacefully-reunited Argentina has suddenly roused outrage among Brazilians: Argentina and Uruguay, combined, have more Football World Cup titles than they do. Only Mexico is more outraged by this situation.
Of course, the material situation on either bank of the Uruguay has not really improved much, but since the place has been an economic crisis since time immemorial there's not much of a difference. For now, euphoria trumps everything.

Outrage is expected, too, from the English, who are expected to resume their claim to sovereignty over the French now that the latter are weakened by the Saracen invasion, and who were the creators of the Uruguayan buffer state in the 1830s. After the mysterious disappearance of president Javier Gerardo Milei on the eve of Unification day, Argentina's former vice-president Victoria Villaroel and the hitherto little-known Uruguayan artiguista politician Nelson Bergkamp Washington are sharing power, and the most important question of the day is how to unify the football leagues on either side of the River Plate.

The capital of the new Amphiplatine Republic has been moved to the closest city in Uruguay to Buenos Aires, namely, Colonia del Sacramento, formerly the capital of the erstwhile Portuguese province.

Rumours of Argentina having prepared some sort of superweapon are completely unsubstantiated as of the time of writing.


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Democratic People's Republic of the Pacific

Flag_of_the_People28Proposal 29.png

After many victories in battle, the Left Tendency of the Social Democratic New-Practice Revised Republican Party of Hokkaido, led by the iron-fisted chairman and infamous vtuber Youjo Kuzezutsusu, successfully united the Japanese islands. They have now laid claim to "the whole of the west Pacific." Looting throughout Japan has been intense and the new government has moved into Tokyo, where it is recapitulating its interests and assembling armies of bureaucrats and technicians to administer the conquered territories. Large amounts of prisoners of war have been sentenced to hard labor for their counterrevolutionary actions and increasing numbers of raids by military police have been reported in every town and city. Even so protests are limited as the new government has opened "rice markets" where rations of rice are handed to all-comers. The province of Owari has been designated as a camp training ground and military barracks-city in preparation for the coming "campaign against the bourgeois pigs of the commercial Pacific sphere." Japanese business owners who have fled to Taiwan and Singapore described the new government as "atrociously evil" and lamented the downfall of peaceful commercial federalism with limited central government authority in Japan.

The Amphiplatine Republic is engaged in mind games, it seems. With Ingerland too stunned by the Algerians' contestation of their ancient claim to the French throne, the Argentinians have finally surrendered to the British invasion beach-head in the Falkland Islands. 191 years after the fact.

To keep things equanimous, the new united government has officially moved its administrative centre to Martín García island.

To ensure that no foul strike by nefarious foreign actors can succeed, the administrative centres of the grand new nation-state are as follows:
Montevideo (Uruguay province) - Legislative: unified Senate and Congress
Martín García island (federal territory): Executive: presidency and ministries
La Plata (Buenos Aires province) - Judiciary: unified Supreme Court
Port Stanley/Puerto Argentino (Provincia Falkland/Malvinas Province) - Lieutenant Governor, Sir John Verone, representative of HM King Charles III.

It is to be noted that Uruguay again has a governor and that the city of Buenos Aires is once again the capital of Buenos Aires Province. The latter's southern half has been split into the Salado province, with its new capital in Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast.

This yields the new administrative divisions:
  • Provinces (25): Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Falklands/Malvinas, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Salado, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego, Tucumán, Uruguay
  • Federal Territories (1): Martín García island

unified argentina 2.png
DPRP congratulates the Falkland Islands and the Republic of the River Plate on driving the remains of the British colonial interlopers out of their lofty seats of administration on yon Falkland Islands. A good day.
International recognition is one of the essential requirements for any state. The Amphiplatine State recognises the territorial claims of the DPRP to the Nipponese archipelago. Prime Minister Villaroel's command of the Japanese ranguage and culture could ensure international relations's smoothness.

In the name of repossessing the dispossessed, the temporary crown colony of Argentina has decided not to wait for formal recognition as Dominion status and agreed (with itself) to secede under one Harry Windsor, henceforth to be known as King Enrique of Argentina. Antagonism between him and his brother might be expected, especially since as Prince of Wales, William might've had a tenuous claim to Argentina's southern region by virtue of its 19th-century Welsh settlements, but that is for later. As of now, while no territorial changes have been made, the acquisition of de iure independence from its Ingerlish overlords has had the happy coincidence of Argentina having had its debts assumed by the metropolis, or at least those parts of it owed to British institutions.

unified argentina 3 king harry.png

The rumours of Argentina funding some sort of superweapon continue to be utterly 100% unsubstantiated.
Having a British monarch has also coincided (or is it more than just that?) resulted in the years-long drought finally ending with great rain.

unified argentina 3.png

Colorado has, after due consideration, accepted petitions from Sinaloa and Nayarit to become states of the Confederation. Given the increased naval presence in the Mar Bermejo ("Vermillion Sea," known previously as the Sea of Cortez *spits* or Gulf of California) and the rough geography of the Sierra Madre Occidental to the east, the Confederation is confident it can provide adequate protection to these agricultural states. The Ministry of Agriculture is already in talks with the local governments on how to best provide any fertilizer, tools, etc. they may need, resources which have presumably stagnated under the period of anarchy arising from the lack of anything resembling a coherent Mexican state.

By the same metrics, Colorado has respectfully declined similar requests from leaders across the Rio Grande Valley and Chihuahuan Desert, as the Colorado Army is not logistically prepared to defend such vast territory despite its sympathies with the peoples there. The Confederation is also wary of creating a class of "Colorado Caudillos" by extending security and aid but not ensuring the infrastructure is in place for liberal government.

Instead, the Confederation has begun offering aid packages to neighboring county-states for economic and security development, with a notable packaged part of the deal being democracy aid such as funding for independent radio stations. Unsurprisingly, this makes some politicos a bit less receptive.
The new monarchy of Argentina, headed by a thoroughly English and purely ceremonial king, has finally announced the results of its long-unconfirmed genetic experiments in Patagonia. Recently, a Welsh Dragon statue was unveiled in Chubut province in Patagonia.

It turns out that this was modelled upon the real thing. Argentina's national research agency, CONICET, engaged in bioengineering secret actual dragon fossils found deep in Patagonian caves and produced them at the right moment!

The pope being an Argentine, the old arbitration has been set aside and all territories in Patagonia south of those historically held by the Captain-Generals of Chile have suddenly been seized. Draconic might convinced the local Mapuche resistors to capitulate, finally ending a centuries-old enmity, and then destroyed their traditional enemies in the Chilean Army. A weakened Chile has sued for peace.

unified argentina 4.png

(OOC: I edited Uruguay and Chile's internal borders to reflect how they're now subnational entities, they can be added back in easily if needed)
Representatives have gathered in Tokyo to inaugurate the First Japanese Proprietors & Professionals Congress. Also known as the Koshokakuni, the Congress has been convened by representatives from the Twenty Companies. The Congress has demanded, in no uncertain terms, a sharing of political power between the New Practice Party and the Congress. This is a demand that comes with no irrelevant amount of concern from the Volunteer Divisions, Rogue & Stealth Soldier Brigades that fought during the Great Revolution, many of which are associated with if not directly exponents of those same interests in the Congress. As these interests which constitute this Koshokakuni have been so crucial to the formation of this enterprise, by the order of Shoujo Youjo, a new Constitutional Congress has been formed in the city of Osaka to determine the future of the nation with the full accord of the First Japanese Proprietors & Professionals Congress and the revolutionary prerogative of the New Practice Party.

In addition, by order of Shoujo Youjo, the Koshokakuni (古商家国) has been renamed the Koshokakushi (革祥隠志).

The increase in dragon magic has resulted in another volcanic ash eruption in the Patagonia region. While hindering the expansion of the new Kingdom of the River Plate, this seems to augur future increments in agricultural production (it's a great fertiliser, nearly as good as the -for now- scarcer dragon dung).
King Harry has been visiting the affected areas.

No territorial changes.
Argentina's problem with Paraguayan immigration and the old Paraguayan claim that ‘the Falklands are Paraguayan’ is now fully realised and acted upon.

unified argentina 5 malvinas paraguayas.jpg

Increased fertility in the country's Patagonian regions has led to a settler-like movement: previously worthless lands, in theory held by the state but apparently sold by it at 3 dollars a hectare to local politicians in secret, are now highly shought after by hordes of dispossessed city folk. More than a million people have left the urban centres of Buenos Aires and Rosario for the Patagonian regions.

The shifts in power resulting from Paraguay being taken over by the new kingdom are, to say the least, problematic. The drug-growing regions in the north-west of the country and in the newly-former Paraguay are one of the main sources of money for organised crime as well as for politicians of various alliances, so there are rumours of martial law being imposed either to counteract or to prevent a Mexico-style uprising by drug-funded guerillas.

unified argentina 5.png

After investigating reports that the people of Seattle had overthrown the liberal capitalist yoke and had been dunking most of their CEOs in steaming hot lattes with Austrian goat milk, the Confederation dispatched naval vessels to the area to evacuate any Colorado citizens who felt their safety was threatened in the orgy of revolutionary violence.

The crew were pleased to discover violence was largely contained despite the grisly executions of the old elite, who honestly were not much of a loss given their decision to not solve the homelessness plaguing the affluent city-state. News of the Colorado fleet's arrival also prompted representatives from various Pacific Northwest communities to petition for joining the Confederation, which offers both security and a high degree of home rule. The vote to admit these county-states passed with initial 85% support; dissenters largely came from delegations with heavy shipbuilding industries, due to a fear the new states would create competition. This rose to 95% after the proposal was raised (with all Californians present) to instead admit Texas.

The Confederation welcomes its new citizens, promising a future for the Pacific Coast that is both rich and sustainable.
The Argentine Kingdom has finally seen the looming confrontation become reality!

Harry I, king of the Argentines, has officially converted to Catholicism.

King Harry's reign is marred by coca-growers financing private armies of their own. The rebels have taken over the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Salta, Chaco, Santa Fe and central Paraguay. No stone can be left unturned while hunting down these drug-fuelled rebels. Prime Minister Villaroel has entrusted the command of the offensive, along with expanded powers, to Security Minister Bullrich. All rebellious provinces have been declared to be in a state of siege and the armed forces are moving in even as this chronicler reports.

unified argentina 6.jpg
The Democratic People’s Republic of the Pacific congratulates the people of the Colorado Confederation for peacefully and democratically incorporating the territories of the Seattlites, and sends to the attention of the Confederation government a gift basket of delicious seaweed snacks, in addition to fifteen thousand bricks of 4 nanometer semiconductors - also a gift. We hope you share our understanding that reasonable and friendly governments can be of great use to one another.
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