Isolated Peter - asking about preffered tech path

Nov 11, 2009
I've just rolled a nice map with Peter, or at least I think it's a nice map, I definitely like my continent, but I would like to ask you what the best tech path is from the point I've gotten to and how much to delay settling next cities. (I've already settled too many cities, considering that I captured two cities from Suleiman, who's now off the map, thus rendering me isolated)

I have just bulbed alphabet (it would have taken too much to tech it and I wanted philosophy), philosophy and aesthetics. I am aiming for Parthenon in a prod city + Great Library in the GP farm, after which I have the following choice:

A. Metal Casting, Iron Working, Compass, Machinery, Optics and meet the other people on the map
B. Civil Service for Bureaucracy, Paper for Sankore, Education, Liberalism, and then backtrack

I've managed to build the Pyramids in Istanbul, currently running Representation and Slavery (kind of silly that they can go hand in hand, but... oh well :)), Sully had previously built Stonehenge there, so I'll have better GP chances.

I've founded the CoL and the Phi religions (playing with "choose religions").

Also, I am considering building GL in Istanbul, then National Epic, then, if I get a GP different from GProph (shrine) or GE (fast wonder), I'm planning on getting a golden age, switching to caste and pacifism. But the problem is that GL + NE are very far away, and without caste system, my GP rate has started to go down.

I've added a save file just in case, but you need BTS 3.19 and BUG 4.3 to open it. I've also used Blue Marble, but I'm assuming it doesn't affect savegame files. :)

View attachment Peter BC-0480.CivBeyondSwordSave


If A implies B...
Jan 26, 2008
Switch caste/pacifism, tech math + alpha, then use great scientists to bulb optics and astronomy. Do whatever after that, but probably civil service ---->lib.
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