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Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
I don't recall having this issue before, but when I reinstalled CivIII and run it with keepres=1 (my monitor has a 1920X1080 resolution), the game screen got moved massively to the right, and now I can't see/access anything from the UI at the bottom right edge...
Anyone know how to fix this? I had run CivIII before with this monitor and keepres=1 setting, but don't recall this issue.
Are you running dual monitors?
Possibly it had to do with saving the game in a desktop folder - not sure if that's it, or how it could happen, but when I saved it in the program files the issue disappeared.
This sounds strange, but interesting to know.
Not sure if this is related but I wanted to share.

There was a Windows update (I have a WIN10 machine) that caused Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to forget the windows size save state. Meaning, I used to be able to size an Excel window to fit my screen perfectly. Then upon exiting and re-opening Excel the screen size would open up exactly the way I left it. Now it does not do that anymore. I always have to re-size the window before I begin my work.

I wonder if this also affected your Civ re-install into a desktop folder vs. putting Civ in the 'Programs' folder?
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