JFD and Janboruta's Sponsors


Oct 19, 2010
The Kingdom of New Zealand

Welcome to the CivFanatics Imperial Embassy!

Here, you will find links to keep up-to-date with JFD and Janboruta's Sponsors.
These can be downloaded on Steam Workshop or directly through my Google Drive.

For detailed information, see the JFDModding Wiki.


Direct Installation
  • Download from Google Drive.
  • Unzip the contents of this into My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\MODS
  • Enable in Mods and click Next.
For more detailed instructions, see Discord.


If you encounter issues, it is important that you communicate this clearly so that someone can help you. You will need the following things:
  1. Mod Version.
  2. Mod List (other mods you have active).
  3. Database and/or Lua log files. See here for instructions.*
For more detailed instructions, see Discord.
*These instructions are still valid for Beyond Earth, just follow the relevant BE paths instead.

User Settings

Some features can be disabled using the included JFD_UserSettings.sql file. This is located at Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\MODS\{Mod Name}

For more detailed instructions, see Discord.
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It's good to see such a solid mod team getting into BE so quickly.

This could just be the Holy See, or it could be more. But for now this can serve as a place for any custom sponsors that I create.

The Holy See - John XXXIII Download Subscribe

Supreme Expeditionary Pontiff John XXXIII - The Holy See

New Cargo

New Colonist

Spoiler :

Currently, any 2D leaderscenes will only show up if you set your Leader Quality to Low. Nothing I can do about this until Firaxis patches it as they did for Civ V, or some other way around this issue becomes apparent.

Great! JFD's modded empire has grown so much, it sponsoring trips beyond earth!
Wow! This is just an awesome mod, JFD!
I will definetly stay tuned for more your stuff:)
2 free virtues is fun, but a little too good. Maybe 1 free Virtue?
Hmm...the Catholic Church IN SPAAAAAAAACE. Reminds me of the Hyperion Cantos. Among other things.
This is not OP: In an average game the UA for FI can give you 2-3 or more free techs, so what are two free virtues by comparison?
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