Kill all spies


Nov 9, 2006
I am playing a game where I have a substantial tech lead and I am worried about other CIvs pinching my secrets

How can I stop that ?

What are the best buildings fo defence and where should I put them

do spies and/or spy specialists in cities help

how paranoid should I be

[Shh..... I think they're listening]
Don't have Tech trading or brokering?

I tried having spies in all my cities and Security Bureaus in all of them... didn't really work well, I'd find spies, but they'd poison things and one time sabotaged a spaceship thruster (although it wasn't a big biggie. I hadn't researched Fusion, so there was no rush).

Counterespionage worked wonders in the enemy cities with that, the spies were found like clicking a finger
tell me about counterespionage

is that where you choose an option for making their missions more expensive

hush hush though
If you're that worried you can increase your own espionage spending. That helps your defenses and increases the cost of your enemies' missions.
There is also a building that makes spy missions against that city more likely to fail, more expensive, and gives EP boost. Security Bureau comes with Democracy.

In perusing the Civilopedia, the benefits are as follows:
* Enemy espionage missions become more expensive in cities which have built the Security Bureau (I believe this is what is meant by "+50% Defense" -- that means +50% espionage points required by an opponent to target that city. I could be wrong though -- need to test this out in World Builder.)
* More likely to thwart enemy spies
* Gives +8 EPs

I am listening!
To protect your techs from me I'd just keep your espinoge above mine. Of course I already know you're gonna do this.
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