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KoS6 - Miss World Pageant: "And World Peace"


Dec 4, 2008
Welcome to my 6th hosted SG!

The 5th edition apparently in the bag, I decided to fire up a new one.

Settings remain to be decided, but I'm looking for something more challenging than the last few SGs, so probably Immortal. Normal speed as usual.

You are a Miss World Pageant (one of the Ladies, Suryavarman excluded!) and want World Peace. What's the only way to achieve Peace you say? Have everyone lov...

Ok, enough with that &^%&^$. Kill everyone and rule everyone! Peace through war!

(these are slightly flexible, haven't fully decided yet)
-Can only win by conquest (domination disabled)
-must found Civ Jewelers corporation and spread to every city (after all, this should be glamorous) before you are elected Miss World (i.e. finish spreading after conquest if necessary... tedious but whatever :D)
-can't raze cities (where's the peace there :p) (barbarians cities are fine)
-not mandatory, but it is encouraged to stop wars between the other contestants

AIs/Leader will be from:

So that means 1 less leader in the game.


6~7 players including myself.

Further details to be posted/decided.

Link to starting screenshots and Autosave.
I'm only Prince/Monarch. Otherwise, I'd love to play. Looks like a fun variant!
Doesn't really matter, but I guess it could as well be no city-razing.

If you get any ideas variant-wise, feel free to throw them in.

Given that the difficulty will be at least Immortal (maybe Deity?), it could be a little rough for your usual difficulty. You're welcome to lurk and throw in ideas though :D
Good question.

I'd say vassals off but that could become tedious and since we're already covered in the tedious department I'd leave vassals on.
Deity with one less AI on the map would be... difficult. Then again, it'll be a pretty easy ride on immortal unless we have some horrific starting location.
I'd vote for Deity. If we fail, we fail... :p Why not just do a small map?

We should play Cathy: city spam >>>>> Cossack spam. Though we did that in SQ already, so I'm open to anything. Haven't actually played Liz or Hattie in a while, as they usually seem too powerful.

Edit: with vassals on, do we need to disable domination? Are you worried about Civilized Jewelers culture?
Leaving Domination on is possible sure but I'd just leave it out for the variant. Not that it changes much really... Ideally though I'd like to have Civ Jewelers fully spread to all cities before we win so it could make it harder to get Conquest.

Leaderess: Cathy/Hatty/Lizzy are all fine choices. The funnier choice would be Victoria (who expects Victoria to be Miss World after all...). I'd say Lizzy as I haven't played a proper game with her in a long time (my last one got gangbanged by Shaka and Gandhi).
Let's go with Liz then. She's my Miss World anyway. :D

Edit: And, if we lose, it'll most likely be to Cathy - so fair result either way.
Leaving domination on would mean we need to engage in significant city razing. It's one or the other really, since we're not playing at a level where you can chariot rush the world. Or is that the point of the variant?

I always prefer spiritual leaders for SG's since the no-penalty civic change lets players do what they want.

I have no strong preference for level.
Quick capitulations and city-gifting to vassals is needed. Let's leave domination off then. I'd rather do this with NCR.

SPI is awesome in SGs, but not that necessary, IMHO. We just discuss civic switches beforehand. I'm perfectly ok with Hattie, though.
Victoria was old for so long, people forgot she was a pretty girl when she first took the throne.

Spoiler :
Alright so...

Hatty or Lizzy
Immortal/Deity (bbp for Deity)
Normal size (small would be cramped)
No City Razing
No Domination

I'll leave a bit more time to make up our minds.
On second thought, Immortal's probably hard enough, given the CJ variant - so, let's call that one.

Can we maybe play some non-standard map? Been all fractal and continents for me in recent months.
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