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Lambda Shuttle - 9/8/2007

Nice unit! I remember those things from the movies and the X-Wing series of games... If you weren't careful, a pack of those shuttles could rip your flight group to shreds with their multi-laser turrets....
You are on fire man. I love the victory animation. Another great unit. Keep 'em coming!!!! I am actually motivated to get my homework done early so that I can work on my clone wars scenario!!!

Sweet flip btw. I have an image of the Emperor taking pilot lessons and asking "Whats this button do?" right before the flip.:lol:
Excellent! :clap:

Even has a deploy anim... I'll be sure to exploit this versatility!

I think that you do a really good job on these units. I look forward to seeing what you will come out with next. If you like star wars, you just have to go to the adult swim website and watch the robot chicken wars clips. They are the funniest spoofs of star wars that I have ever seen, and I've see a lot of them. The best way to get to them is to type in robot chicken in google, go to the second choice on the list, should say robot chicken wars, when the web page comes up go to the imbedded clips, type in robot chicken wars at the search bar torward the top of the screen, and all of the clips should come up. The best ones are the Death Star orientation and Inside the AT-AT.
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