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Leader Selection

Which Financial leader would you prefer to play as?

  • Ragnar (Aggressive)

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  • Victoria (Imperialistic)

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  • Wang Kon (Protective)

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Drive-By NESer
Nov 29, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Snake Pick is starting. As Financial has been rather the most popular trait, the Financial leaders are all on here, as well as an "other" option for you fringe lunatics. Try to restrict yourself to two or three choices. If you choose "Other", please specify.

A run-off poll will be held (once three teams have already selected and one is left before us) with the most popular choices.
Ah, like I wrote.. I am tired. Should have thought of doing it as easy as this. :lol: Thanks, talonschild! :goodjob:

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Thanks talonschild! If it turns out all our top financial leaders get chosen before our turn, I would also consider some non-financial options such as surry in a future run-off.
As it seems, the wrap will be Toroidal most likely and the map is big and the difficulty will be higher than Noble, so to me ORG seems more and more attractive. To anyone never played with Toroidal ON, I can advice he tries it and then thinks again about the beauty of being ORG in such situation.
I once again want to express my understanding about the principles we must follow when choosing on leader and get some discussion going on on it.

My thinking is because this is 9 teams game, and those teams will be ruled by the combined efforts of so many and some of the finest civvers in the world, I think we must not depend on something which may or may not work such as early rush, certain wonder/tech gambits as everything can happen (we get fended off in the early rush, we are beaten for a wonder/tech, etc, etc), but rather rely on strong overall leader, who can make it on our own the hard way - i.e. expanding, building, then having money to pay for the expansion and still teching strong. Of course being able to defend our achievements.

With this in mind, I think we must get a leader good in both expanding and economics. We need one expansion trait and one economic.

To me, expansion traits are as follow:

- Expansionist (obviously) - cheaper workers + granaries gives the strongest and fastest possible start
- Imperialistic - twice as cheaper settlers can REX like no one other

Economic traits:
- Financial - well, everyone knows what it means and how powerful it is trough the whole game
- Philosophical - bulbing many techs and lots of Great Persons + Universities is powerful
- Organized - lower maintenance trough the whole game out of the bat and cheaper courthouses to cut even more expenses

Creative, Spiritual and Industrial are special cases in my opinion - they can act both like expansion AND economic traits, so it can be added to each of the main development/economic traits to strengthen them.

AGG, PRO and CHA are just way second to the other traits when it comes for long and drawn-out game.
Joao is EXP IMP for super rexing. I think that paired with Inca(+2:culture: granaries) Joao is worth considering. I also think that any leader paired with Egypt (Monument allows +2 priest :gp:specialist) we could catch some rivals by suprise by grabbing a bunch of land and bulbing a few religions/shrines early. Not to mention the nasty UU.
Joao suffers from the same weakness like Elizabeth. They two have 2 uber- traits, but bad paired. Two great traits dont make for a good leader. His traits must compliment each-other, not compete.

Expansion with Joao is so strong, but without an economic trait to back it up, we will crash quickly or fall behind in techs. Same, but on the other polar is Elizabeth - 2 very strong economic traits, but without expansionist trait, her start is slow, thus weak.
Elizabeth can be very strong if we have place and time to set foot, but if it happens we to be in close quarter and race for land early, we are in trouble.

Fast workers I just wrote in the other thread that are the best possible thing we could get, but I would love to have even further synergy with EXP.

PHI ORG is fine by me.

Toroidal expenses are just crazy. I am still wondering how Toroidal will pass. I actually secretly hope it to pass and when we are aware we will take ORG leader.
LOL! I just wrote in the other thread I am willing we organize bets what will go first :D
ORG with Ikhandas I have seen to be chosen in high level competitive game with toroidal wrap. Unfortunately it did not finished, so I never knew how good it actually was.
How important is REX in this level of multiplayer? I'm under impression that heavy REXing leads to an empire that's harder to defend. If that's the case I'm willing to bet that in this game any weakness will be ruthlessly exploited. However, as I've said my multiplayer experience is limited so I might be wrong.
To my mind, changeable as it may be, I presently like the idea of an Org leader of the Incas. Particularly an Exp/Org leader - and there are two. What if we take Incas first and either Julius Caesar or Mehmet on the second round?
the idea of an Org leader of the Incas. Particularly an Exp/Org leader
This idea I like a lot.

Though EXP/ORG is only one. There are no leaders with repeating traits in BTS.

Inca is great BTW. Even without EXP. Terrace is half a trait (well, 2/5) and Quecha is great UU.
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