lower paradrop range below 5?

I'm stumped. Searched Scenario League with no luck. Will this kill the idea about a paraboat portaging around the falls? Five squares is a long distance on the Congo.
Yes it is a long way, but I think I will use the idea anyway. I'll just have to limit off the scenario map in some way, so a player can't accidently "jump off" the map. Its excellent in a way, because one will have to walk ground units across land, so the boat can explore a bit, but essentially it has be positioned for the ground units.

I just ran a quick playtest yesterday. It took me well over 100 weeks (over 2 years) just to reach Equatoria, without even the tough problems of the Ituri region put in. So I guess I'll adjust movements rates a bit upwards. But speed should be of the essence, so its excellent, when you get that feeling of "another delay", when natives or terrains starts to present a challenge.
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