Map desperately need - British Isles


der Besucher
Dec 7, 2001
Atlanta, GA
I am desperate for a map of the British Isles and part of France. All of my efforts have turned out to be spectacular flops. I'm not sure if it's my lack of patience or complete inability to create anything remotely artistic.

What I specifically need is:

British Isles including Ireland, Orkneys, Isle of Man, Hebrides, etc. Particular attention to Isle of Man, perhaps increasing size if needed to make a playable start location.
French coast including Normandy and Brittany.
Timeframe at 400AD, so heavily forested.
It will be for the British Isles mod so will need Stone and Hardwood resources. These can be left out, if desired, to make a univerally usable map. I'm confident I can at least accomplish placing two resources. ;)
I can place (or change) starting positions as needed for the various scenarios so those aren't critical.
It should be built for 13 civs. A size large map would probably be best?

If someone could take this on I would be eternally grateful. Of course, full credit, accolades and many thanks would be given in the British Isles mod.
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