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Aug 29, 2004
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EDIT: Looks like it's gone, I have uploaded it here because I'm still having trouble getting my 5-year-old desktop (on which all my civ files are located) to access Civfanatics: http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=253

This is a slightly modified Terra map script. In place of the Terra civ placement script, I have inserted the civ placement script from LDiCesare's tectonics.py script. Civs can start anywhere, either old or new world. The Tectonics script will attempt to force at least two civs to start on a continent, lessening the likelihood that one civ will have free run of the new world.

NOTE: Because the Terra map sizes are all larger than the usual map sizes for other scripts, it is recommended that when using this script that players use more than the default number of civs for a given map. For a Standard-sized map (default = 7), I'd suggest using somewhere between 9-11 civs.

Sample pictures of Standard-sized Terra2 map with 11 civs:


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version 1.5

The placement script was throwing an error, and so it had to be reworked. Incredibly huge thanks to Sto -- he pretty much rewrote the whole code on his own initiative, while I was still scratching my head!


See link in original post to download.
Could you please provide a new download link as the current one is broken?

Also, does this still work with BtS 3.19?
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