Meiji leader head request


Still modding Civ3
Aug 16, 2003
hello ^ ^
I am asking someone to make a leader head for me
using poser or a 3d program so that it fits into the normal Civ game. I drew some consept art for him. For modern just give him a suit. Embryodead, I could use your skill. well thank you. tell me what you think
I never made a historical, era-specific leaderhead, because it's damn hard to obtain proper clothes, hair, model the face and so on. It's not the same as doing a fantasy leaderheads... 12 of them use random armors and the same tunic... and from fictional ones, I have a long list, for MEM and Pentagenesis, some of which were started months ago and not finished yet.
I would love to see a nice, later in history Japanese head. Even in modern age, Tokuwaga looks mideviel at best.
honestlly, i think its about time to give up the thread- most unit head creators are busy at the moment, and if by now it hasnt reached there attention, its time to drop it and wait a while- thats the plan that worked for me, and the ever glorious, ever victorious Byzanatine Cataphract :goodjob:
I dont like the way the designed tokugawa ^ ^;;
(T_T)/ sorry to the people who designed it!!!!!!
I tried making my own but I need a model for the face atleast I think I could do the rest v(^_^)v
thank you for the support bombshoo
people dont usually replly to my threads
so sometimes I think its my english (T_T)
I definatly want him for my Boxer Rebellion, when I start work on it again.
Pretty nifty sketches actually, if you ask me.
By the looks of things, they would make a much better leaderhead than they already have for the Japanese. Looks much better era - specific wise, and is just, well, cool.
Unfortunately, I have no talent when it comes to making leaderheads, so sorry, I can't help.
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