Missing Manual from Disk 3 in Civ IV Gold

Groo the Sword

Sep 8, 2007
Just purchased Civ IV Gold which comes with an abridged print manual and references a complete manual on disk 3. The only think on disk 3 is a "cab" file (data4.cab). I'd seen reference to a 235 page .pdf file on another site, but after checking the contents of all three CD and the folder in which the game is actually installed, I am unable to locate it. Tech support says the file is supported to be located on disk 3, however when I exchanged the software for another copy, the second copy didn't have it on disk 3, either.

Anybody run into the problem? Anybody care to send me the .pdf file?
Requested similar info last week with no response, not even a mod.
I guess just use the Civolopedia.
Okay, it has been five days since my call to technical support, and five days since they escalated the issue to "level 2." I called again today and level 2 hasn't done anything about it yet. Seems they have to understand why the file wasn't on two sets of disks, but they are going to do that without communicating with me and without solving my problem in the mean time.

Would somebody please send me the .pdf file of the manual since tech support isn't in the business of providing support at this time?
Perfect, thanks for the link. I really appreciate the information. I'm still going to call tech support every two days until they actually do something, but at least now I have something to read at work when I feel like taking a break.
I wrote the same almost 2 months ago. Yep, no electronic manual on disc. Tech support said they don't replace or give out manuals. I tried to explain this was a failure to include the data on the disc not a packaging issue to no avail. I gave up and played anyway. Bought Gold so I'd have Warlords before BTS came out, I played vanilla since launch so after a few games I knew what was what.
Well, I had the same problem. I used the Civilopedia for unit power and crap. For Technical stuff, I tried Google. It's been working.
I still haven't figured out how to prompt votes with the Apostolic Palace or the UN... maybe I'm dumb but I can't find anything... :sad:
Mabye you should just try the game out.
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