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Mod Component Requests Thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Mod Components' started by Thunderfall, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Allianxor

    Allianxor Chieftain

    Jul 10, 2007
    I would like to see a mod that has Nuclear missle in silo's and maybe even other mass destruction weapons but nothing unbalancing please :), that you can build in your cities (more then 1 buildable) and a realistic response from your allies or enemies if they discover them, threaten to go to war if you don't remove them and such things, i don't quite have any ideas about that atm but tell me if anyone likes this idea and even give some suggestions to improve it.

    (i'm not a modder myself unfortunately but please could anyone create this if it's not out already, if it is please give me the link)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BearMan

    BearMan One More Turn...

    Nov 8, 2003
    The Northpole in Civ4.
    WonderMovies for multiplayer. plz ? =)
  3. george585

    george585 Warlord

    Nov 25, 2005
    Here are my few suggestions for all games - from Vanialla to BTS:


    1. Have airbases like in CTP2, where you can rebase your planes to airbase tile improvements.
    2. It always strikes me why modern battleship cannot attack several galleys for example. Essentially I mean blitz promotion (or equivalent) for all modern naval units, some planes.


    1. When you have a lot of hammers produced per turn in a city, and say you are building a unit that costs at least twice as little, produce to units per turn, not one! For example your city produces 100 hammers per turn, you build a unit that costs 40, so produce Math.Floor(100/40)=2 units, then 100 mod 40 = 20 -> would be contributed to the next turn's production. Otherwise in the later game especially there is no point to have super hammer producing cicties, if you have built all buildings and wonders already.

    2. I came across the fact that your treasury may be getting crazy money - anywhere from +10 to +2000 per turn, yet your science research is at 100%. Especially in the later games - you have all units upgraded, science at 100%, and you have like 30000 in treasury, with +500 for example every turn. Why, in the world Vanilla, Warlords, and BTS would not allow you to increase spending on culture, and espionage, while your science remains at 100%? Or even better increase science to go beyound 100% ? I mean you have the mopney still and have a lot more! Extra +500 per turn, so use it, instead of hoarding it in treasury!

    3. A slightly different thing to #2 - suppose you have big treasury, but say per turn you are not making a lot of gold - only +10 for example, however you really need to research certain tech ASAP, so you should be able to use TREASURY for that, so inflate tech spending to 200% or 300% or whatever untill your treasury reaches 0, and you have no money left to spend on rteasearch that way. This way you 1) take advantage of treasury in a practical way, and 2) research techs faster.

    4. Well #3 brings another point. Add another property to all techs that would determine a MINIMUM TIME (in turns for example, depending on map size and game speed, plus mutiplier or something) required to be spent on researching a technology. This way even if you have huge amounts of money - you will not be able to reseach any tech in just one turn! For exmaple consider this case:

    treasury = 5000
    treasury increase = +100/turn
    science spending @ 100% = 1000/turn
    actual science spending = 300% (the feature I proposed in #3)
    tech to be reserached cost = 5000
    percent of this teched reserarched already = 0%
    minimum research turns required = 2

    after turn 1:
    treasury = 5000+100-(1000*(3-1))=3100 -> starting treasury + treasury increase per turn - (science research @ 100% * (actual science reserach [300% that is ] - 100%))
    treasury increase = +100
    science spending = 100% = 1000/turn
    percent of this teched reserarched already = 62%

    5. Though it should be possible to research some techs even within a turn, or even 0 turns! Just as what I proposed in #1 with respect to units and hammers, should be done to techs and beakers in some cases. Suppose your science output is 8000/turn, you are reserachning tech that costs 4500, and then plan to research another tech that costs 2500. Well 4500+2500=7000 < 8000/turn (what you have) -> thus research TWO techs in one turn (provided of course 1) these techs are allowed to be researched in just one turn, and 2) you meet all requirements for those techs).

    6. There should be a much better thing than Blitz promotion. It's too simplified for the concept of attacking multiple times. Instead, it should not be a promotion at all, but rather some special characteristic of a unit. I DO NOT PROPOSE adding another property like "attacks per turn=3" to a unit. Instead I propose something more realistic and sophisticated, but not terribly difficult to implemet: AttacksPerTurnPoints. So, if Battleship for example has 100 AttacksPerTurnPoint, while galley has only 5, Battleship can attack galley 100/5=20 times (as long as it has health obviously, and move points left), while galley can attack math.ceiling(5/100) = 1 time. I am not sure if this is the best implementation, but the ide is that NEITHER Blitz (with its limited availability, and attacks = to number of move points), nor simply "AttacksPerTurn" property are adequate, because thse approaches do not take into account which unit attacks which unit, which si important as there's a tremendous difference between say tank and maceman, not just in their power, but in their manuverability. Which actually brings me to another idea - these AttacksPerTurnPoints should be offset by a multiplier, depdning on terrain - you cannot expect a tank (at least eraly tanks) to operate well if at all on mountains or hills... so, obviously it should not be able to attack more than once then.
    Another example: howitzer vs catapult, clearly howitzer can have more mnuverability and hence AttacksPerTurn than catapult. However even catapult vs some units, may outperform in this area.

    7. Great farmer, famremer specialists

    8. Factory/somethings imilar tile improvement.

    9. Spend treasury to produce hammers, food (may be?), and great people points - the SAME WAY as now you can spend it to produce scince, culture, and espionage in BTS. All what I said in #2 and #3 in this section applies too.


    1. Composite respurces. Example: Copper + Tin = Bronze, where copper and tin, would be the ones available on the map, once certain tile imps and techs have been constructed and researched, while Bronze would still be a STRATEFGIC RESOURCE, however proiduced by... and here's where creativity comes in - either by naional wonder, or may be even by a building such as bronze smith... or whatever. The number of composite resource (bronze in this case) produced should depend on the avilability of component resources - copper and tin. If fo example 1 bronze requires 1 tin and 1 copper, then if you have 2 tin, 2 copper, and 2 p[roduction facuilities, you will produce 2 bronzed, but if you have 2 tin, 1 copper, or 2 tin, 2 copper, but 1 prod. facility you will have 1 bronze, and remanining 1 tin and 1 copper available to you (for trade to other civs, or other needs) UNTILL you build second prod facility (you may decide not to, - you may want to help a frindly civ which has tin, but n copper, while you have 2 tins, 2 copper, and 1 bronze prod facility -> so send 1 copper to that friendly civ, so it too can produce bronze).
    You can go even further with this by for example saying that 1 bronze = 1.5 tin + 1 coper. In which cvase you will need to have at least 2 tins, and 1 copper to produce 1 bronze, and if you have 3 tins and 2 copper, you will produce 2 bronze (provided you have 2 bronze prod. facilities). However I think it's too complex, and in most cases 1+1, or 1+1+1 should suffice, as otherwise it may be very difficult to produce composte resources on small maps, with few natiral resources available.
    It should be said that composte resources can be constructued using both natural and other composite resources, and they can be all strategic - happy, or bonus. However when you do consume a resource to produce compiste resource - the intial resource that you consume (copper and tin, in case of bronze) are NO LONGER AVAILABLE for your use (for units that require say tin) or for trade with other civs, but you obviously still get hammers, from tile that has the resource. This is untill you stop production of that composite resource - how you stop it - depends - may be add another Industrial advisor - that would overview resource allocation, and allow you to stop or produce composure resources, provided you have needed techs, antural resources, and production facility to produce comp. resource.
    And of course just as all current resources - composite resources are available to all cities that are connected by road/ocean/river (you know all that :) to a city that has production facility for that comp. resource.

    2. Resource allocation. Basically if say Phalanx unit requires 1 bronze strategic composite resource, or if a swordsman requires 1 iron strategic natural resource, that means that building phalanx in one city would consume 1 bronze resource while you are building it, same goes for swordsamn - you are building a swordsman in 1 city and iron is consumed while you are building it. Consumed here means that you cannot trade it while you are building it AND it is not avilable to other cities! So, if you have 1 iron available -> no more than 1 city can produce swordsman unit (or other units that require iron) at the same time! Note that I said 1 city at the same time - not 1 unit - you can even produce 2 swordsman in 1 turn even if you have 1 iron, as per my proposal in Medium Things #1, - that is if enough hammers (and/or food - for mods and civic that allow unit production using food) are available. So 2 iron = 2 cities can produce swordsmen at the same time, and so on....

    Another possible twist can be added that would make these resource requirements less harsh. 1 iron for swordsman would mean here that 1 iron is required to FULLY PRODUCE 1 swordsman. SO for example if you have 1 iron but want to build swordsman in 2 cities, well you can still do that but at twise the time.

    But an even better approach is as follows: 1 iron per 1 swordsman per turn. So if city 1 produces 40% of swordsman in 1 turn, and cities 2,3 are at the same time building swordsman too, but only at 30% per turn (takes 4 turns to build a swordsman there), it is ok - and all can build swordsman at the same time because 40% + 30% + 30% = 100% of 1 swordsmand for 1 iron per turn. You get it? So there are different ways one can go about it...

    3. Reqource quantification - this is probably way rocket scince, but it is to account for the fact that there can be different amount of resource present in different tiles, and also to account for the fact that 1 iron oper swordsman as per #2 in this section is a bit harsh - what if the city that builds swordsman happens to use iron from a huge iron deposit. SO quantofy respurces - how.... well it's up for debate.

    4. Same tile can have various tile improvements at the sam time. Why? It's realistic, if you think about to what area 1 tile even on the huge map corresponds to in real life. This same area in real life is very likely to have differnt uses. Of course there should be some limits, and some constraints, so that for example farm with say cottage is not as efficient for food as just farm, but cottage gives you money. However if you take into account forts, air bases -0 those do not take much space - compared to the area of a tile (what it would be in real life), so it makes perfect sense to have a tile with both fort and a farm, or farm and an air base.


    Wow - it's probably my biggest post ever :)
  4. george585

    george585 Warlord

    Nov 25, 2005
    Oh and I forgot to mention the most annoying thing:
    Whether you captue a city militarily, or it rewvolts to your case (bacuse of culture) - doesn't matter how you get another civ's city - you have to build ALL BUILDINGS there from start! I am sorry - but this is nonesense! Yes, it true that during war some building get destroyed, but even then NOT ALL, and also these destriuctions have to be a result of your actions - many attacks, bombardements (by siege or planes...). It loooks even more rediculous when city joins your empire because of yur cultural superiority! Why do I have to rebuild evrything there??????? So, all, or most buildings that AI built there should be intact. Same goes for AI, if it got one of my cities!
  5. cromcrom

    cromcrom Cernu

    Nov 11, 2005
    I need a python script that would put aside a random tech among the remaining ones, when you are done researching one.

    I have 4 techs: tech_1; tech_2; tech_3;tech_4.

    I choose to research Tech_2.
    When I am done, one of tech_1, tech_3 or tech_4 is randomly put aside.
    Let's say its tech_4.

    Then I can research tech_1 or tech_3.....

  6. NikNaks

    NikNaks Deity

    Jul 25, 2006
    I'm looking for a BtS SDK mod component where civs can have three unit art-styles. That's to say that some units would be coded in one style, other units would be coded in another, and the rest in another.
    The plan is to implement this in an EDU mod, meaning that ancient, medieval and modern units would be separated. If you're interested, PM me.
  7. hrochland

    hrochland Prince

    Apr 9, 2006
    Czech Kingdom
    Please - can somebody post me how and where I can add in python new improvement for worked/not worked model or make for me simple sample mini mod which I will can use as example for my work in BtS
    (I made new improvements a very need help with it)
  8. Sinapus

    Sinapus Defenestrated

    Jun 12, 2002
    Houston, TX
    I've noticed a number of mod components from Warlords being ported into BTS by a few people. Could The Lopez's "Great Generals from Barbarians" mod be added to the list? Thanks. :)
  9. ghen

    ghen Chieftain

    Dec 3, 2005
    I'd like to see a mod that gives info screens wide screen support. Specifically 1.6:1 ratio like 1440x900.

    As it is right now, when you play the game at such a resolution the info screens only show up in the middle. Since most info screens are cramped anyway, I'd love to see a mod that uses the whole screen on widescreen monitors.
  10. grant2004

    grant2004 Citizen

    Jul 11, 2004
    I was wondering if a mod exists for vanilla allowing players to connect to resources in unclaimed territory, in a manner similar to the colonies of civ 3. I was planing to start a multi player game as a one city challenge, having colonies would make such a game more interesting in my opinion because players would be able to grab necessary resources outside of their territory, but would then have to defend them and their road routes back to their city.

    If anyone can direct me to an existing mod like this, or if anyone with coding experience would be willing to make such a mod I would be greatly appreciative.
  11. gregh87

    gregh87 Chieftain

    Feb 24, 2007
    St. Louis/Knoxville
    How do you change music? I usually blast through to the modern times and then grow tired of the modern music.
  12. Zebra 9

    Zebra 9 Emperor

    May 17, 2006
    Middle of Cyberspace
    While in game you can load a sound track by pressing CTRL-O and going to the sound (or is it audio?) tab.
  13. Mr Jib

    Mr Jib Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2007
    I'd like to do a small mod whereby each future tech grants all your cities an extra food each. I'd probably reduce the health benefit to 0.5 to balance a bit.

    Does anyone know if this is possible by just changing the XML? I know you can use buildings to increase food but is it possible with techs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. redifederal

    redifederal Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2006
    US of A
    Just like in real life I would like to be able to plant food resources (wheat, corn, wine, cows, pigs, sheep, etc) after a civ has acquired that resource.

    However, I dont want to include any water food resources because most water resources are caught from the wild. Resources such as iron, copper, oil etc. can not be included for obvious reasons.

    Then in trades I would like to try to be able to lose the benefits of the resource that you traded (say you trade a wheats for 1 iron to another civ now you lose 5 food but gain 5 hammers to be spread out in your empire (dont know if this is even possible).

    This would put a greater emphasis on trade, greater value on military resources, and allow the creation of larger more productive citys.
  15. Thanatosimii

    Thanatosimii Chieftain

    Jun 29, 2004
    I requested some help doing this elsewhere, and still couldn't make it work:

    Rise of Rome in Warlords has a certain five techs, and there python has been modded such that whenever you research one, you get the corrosponding great person in the capital. I can't seem to isolate the code and put it into other mods. If anyone could make a component and say how integrate it right, it would be nice.
  16. rcspring

    rcspring Chieftain

    Aug 6, 2007
    A mod that would allow all naval units, not just privateers, to receive money when blockaiding an enemy city. Of course, only privateers would be able to blockaid and receive money during peacetime.

    Additionally, is there any way to increase the amount of money that they receive from blockading?
  17. hrochland

    hrochland Prince

    Apr 9, 2006
    Czech Kingdom
    Please - can somebody post me how and where I can add in python new improvement for worked/not worked model or make for me simple sample mini mod which I will can use as example for my work in BtS
    (I made new improvements a very need help with it)
  18. snipperrabbit!!

    snipperrabbit!! Deity

    Nov 23, 2006
    Hrochland, you must ask sepamu or check his work with sea worked tiles that evolves with eras.
  19. Morokael

    Morokael Chieftain

    Jun 13, 2005
    Can someone make a mod that allows workers to plant forests in BTS?

    That's it. Nothing else. The only game change is to (re)plant forests.

  20. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    I really would like someone to mod a collapsible building list. When a city finishes its production, it pops up with a list something along the lines of:

    - Military
    .. Chariot
    .. Swordsman
    .. Archer
    + Science
    + Industry
    + Culture

    Click the plus symbol to expand the list, or the minus symbol to collapse the list. Something like this could also be done for research. By stacking on more and more buildings and units with modding, something like this makes navigating the list much easier.

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