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[MOD] GreenMod (replant forest and other changes)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Master Lexx, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    GreenMod 2.10

    • New gamespeeds with longer research and more turns
    • Forests replantable on tundra, plains and grass
    • 9 new ressources (salt, sulphur, potatoes, coffee, pearls, lemons, cotton,...)
    • Inquisitor unit, can remove non-state religions
    • Demolitiontroop, can raze nat. wonders and cities
    • 5 new units (2 with new 3D Models) and 4 new wonders
    • 18 new units with new skins (one for each civ)
    • Many tweaks to improve the gameplay, look below

    In my Mod you can simply plant a new forest just with a worker.
    I like to have a green empire and maybe some other do so too.
    Don´t forget to look also at the other version changes!

    It´s compatible with Civ4 1.52, (since version 1.70)

    Download http://myrror.net/civ/GreenMod21.rar
    If the download doesn´t work, try again in a few hours, maybe I am just updating.

    See changes.txt for detailed info, about all my changes and in which files I made them (for modders only).
    In readme.txt you can find some little mod installation instructions and credits.
    If you can´t extract the rar files, it´s because you use an to old version of Winace/Winzip. Get WinRAR. then.

    If you get the missing fonts bug, or have any other problem with the city screen or buttons not showing,
    delete this file: (you lose turntimer, not all resources are shown and get specialist limit again)
    Another solve is, to reinstall civ4 and update directly to civ4 1.52.

    General mod installation instructions: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=138043

    You can talk to me in on irc.irc-chat.net 6667 in #civfanatics or in #civmod
    (irc channel for modding civ4) or click here for java irc to this channel

    Please leave a comment or so, if you like my mod (after you played it!).
    I got so many downloads and just so less posts here. Download statistics:
    GreenMod 1.0 - 183
    GreenMod 1.1 - 24
    GreenMod 1.3 - 143
    GreenMod 1.4 - 115
    GreenMod 1.5 - 342
    GreenMod 1.6 - 137
    GreenMod 1.7 - 518
    GreenMod 1.9 - 569
    GreenMod 2.0 - 2164
    GreenMod 2.1 - 5661 (13.03.06)

    I am glad that so many thousands of people seem to like my work,
    but I will now retreat from modding Civ4. It was fun, this mod begun
    as minimod just to plant new forest and later on this mod changed
    to a general Civ4 improvment mod. I also thought of making or helping
    in a Master of Magic Mod, but its to much work for me alone.
    Anyways, time to say goddbye, I will come back sometimes and read new
    posts of this thread and answer them, but GreenMod is ... finished.

    known bugs:
    - a few minor bugs with the 2nduuplus mod

    Version 2.1 changes:

    • included 2nd Unique Unit Plus Mod by Master Lexx
    • max xp limit from barbs and animals increased from 10 to 50
    • max xp after upgrade increased from 10 to 50
    • replant forest is working
    • camel archer get +25% against mounted
    • sdi cost increased from 750 to 2000
    • shelter, bunker, sdi effect reduced to 70%
    • inquisition now gives -2 happy for 10 turns
    • 1/20 chance for combat or drill promotions when built
    • now more ressources visible in city screen
    • fixed terraform (water to land bug)
    • added safety checks, so the special buildings dont stay
    • removed crossbowman bonus against knights
    • changed demolitiontroop raze city script

    Now every civ has one additional unit, questions regarding this part should not be posted here, there is already a thread
    for the 2nd Unique Unit Mod Plus. Units can now carry over max 50 XP instead of losing all over 10. Also you now get
    a different tank depending on if the civ is an eastern or western one. (M4 Sherman vs Tank-34).

    Version 2.0 changes:

    • base city production increased 1 to 2
    • increased airbomb defense for cottages type improvements
    • shrines make max 2 (was 3) priests and temple also 2 (was 1)
    • stealthbomber and battleship cost increased
    • (crossbowman now has also +50% against knights)
    • new wonder: cold fusion plant, need tech nuclear fusion
    • inquisitor limit increased to two, doesn´t anymore give -1 on continent
    • fixed civ4 bug, teams now again get every members starting techs
    • new skin for warrior, leopard look
    • added civilopedia description for my ressources (eng & ger)
    • removed wasteland terrain, wasn´t working properly
    • fixed windmill bug and other 1.9 bugs
    • new units: mobile artillery and mobile sam (with new 3d modells)

    Cities now not only generate 1 prod, they all generate 2, before only a city on hills with plains generated 2 prod.
    In a standard city you wasn´t able to asign more than 1 priest just because of buildings, so I changed this.
    The crossbow was very effective against early armored knight, so I added this trait.
    I already translated all names into ger, eng, fr, spa, ita, but I did not have any Civpedia descriptions for my things.
    Since 1.52 teams only got 2 starting techs, regardless of how many members it had, I fixed this.

    Version 1.9 changes:

    • included Enhanced Interface Mod by SupremeOverlord
    • changed tech150 and 200 gamespeeds to tech133 and 166
    • decreased nuclear meltdown chance to 1/2000 (original again)
    • fixed bug: no wonder movies displayed
    • wonder movies are now also shown in multiplayer
    • fixed MP bug: inquisitor and demolitiontroop caused sync loss
    • decreased forest plant time on tundra
    • workshop can be built on tundra too
    • windmills after tech electricity change -1food, +2 gold
    • global warming is now radioactive rain
    • new improvement: soylent green facility, +2food, tech future, desert
    • new improvement: waste refinemant factoy, +2 prod 1gold, tech future, desert
    • new improvement: desert windmill, +4gold, tech electricity, desert
    • recycling center health changed from unl. to +5
    • castle now gives +2xp to melee and mounted units
    • machinegunner cannot anymore be upgraded to saminfantry
    • machinegunner now also have +25% against mounted units
    • bombshelter now needs tech fission
    • no max era to build national heroic and national epic
    • new unit: privateer, ship, S5 M3, cost less than galleon, can carry 3 persons, need tech optic and gold/silver/gems
    • new unit: biplane, S5 M1, range 4, weaker than fighter, cost less, tech physics
    • new unit: aegis cruiser, S35 M7, can see submarines, intercept 70%, cost same as battleship, need alu and oil, tech computers
    • new wonder: Copernicus' Observatory, tech astronomy, +100% research, can make 2 scientists
    • new wonder: Leonardo's Workshop, tech machinery, +1 research per specialist in all cities
    • new wonder: Mausoleum of Mausollos, +1happy on continent, needs masonry and alphabet
    • removed the max 6 specialits shown in city screen
    • inquisitor now needs tech theology
    • demolition troop now can raze cathedral class buildings for 100 gold
    • demoloition troop and workboat can build terraform improvement, tech railroad
    • improvement terraform, needs to be worked for 30 turns, changes water to land
      or land to water, can only be built right next to a city, to get sea access or more land
    • new textures: galleon less colored, worker: more stylish, mech infantry: urban camo,
      scout: more clothes, navy seal: darker look, german panzer: realistic look
    • new sounds for tank and german panzer
    • tweaked placement of my new ressources, especially sulphur
    • epic and quick gamespeeds unit production now 1.09 again (slower for epic, faster for quick)
    • included missing german text translations

    Tech200 gamespeed is redundand since 1.52 because research costs have been increased.
    Tech133 and 166 fit better with each 33% and 66% higher research costs and overall tuns.
    Wondermovies can now be seen in MP too, it´s nothing bad, or do you build that many wonders in MP?
    Workshops on tundra, why not? They can still decrease the food by one and the tundra cities aren´t anymore that uselss.
    Windmills do not give anymore food after they change to windturbines for electricity generation.
    Instead I made a new desert windmill, especialy for electricity, so they give much gold and can only be built on desert.

    The Soylent Green Facility and Waste Refinement Factory are special improvments for a post nuclear war game.
    So you don´t lose all your production and population because of desert then.
    Recyling centers made forests completely redundand, but not anymore.
    The castle was a less usefull building because it came so late, but with the extra xp for melee and mounted units this is changed.
    Machinegunner not anymore upgradeable, so you can still produce them. Saminfantry has a different use
    and I see no reason why you shouldn´t be able to produce them later on.
    And now it should be less comon that you machine gunners are defeated by some cavalry.
    Now there isn´t a max start era for any national wonders, so you can safely raze them with the demolitiontroop.
    The new units of course have their own icon and new skins, the new wonders also have a wondermovie each.
    If you now settle more than 6 great persons in a city they will be displayed into the city screen, but at least you know they are there.
    Demolitiontroop can now also raze the cathedral class buildings.
    The terraform improvements has it´s reason, you can now connect a city to the sea if it was placed just one title away.
    Also cities that were placed to near to the sea can now gain a few titles land with this.
    Some new textures that just look better, especially the german panzer (had a 88 on it), but also the others.

    Version 1.7 changes:

    • made compatibe with civ4 1.52 (python and xml)
    • increased chance for nuclear meltdown from 1/2000 to 1/1000
    • decreased chance for global warming 20 to 5
    • increased nuke damage to units and pop from 30% to 50%
    • Demolitiontroop now razes one nat wonder, you can decide which
    • forest health stays on +0.4 and floodplains on -0.25

    Hey, nuked were too weak, but not anymore. And the global warming is now less extreme.
    You can now raze nat wonders with names A-Z and Z-A, just think, what´s the english name of this wonder.
    With A-Z it cycles alphabeticaly beginning from A until Z through your nat wonders, the first one will be razed.

    Version 1.6 changes:

    • removed: slaves, savage warrior
    • galley now also upgradeable to frigate
    • carrier cargo increased from 3 to 4
    • settlers auto burn down jungle around a new built city
    • some less important fixes of the original civ4
    • added demolition troop, needs tech engineering, can do actions on city:
      (raze all nat. wonders of city, costs 50 gold per culture level, not palace)
      (raze city, costs 50 gold per population of the city, not capitol, not with riots)
    • Inquisitor makes -4 happieness in the city and -1 on continent for 8 turns
    • spiritual trait gives +50% prod boost of monastry class buildings
    • improved placement of my ressources, new gold summary icon
    • turn timer, displayes actual turn of all, and percentage of turns played
    • marginal reduced the appearance off all not strategic and not water ressources

    Okay, this is not Rome total War, so no slaves here. Carrier is now more usefull for war.
    Because of the long time needed for chopping down jungle, it was a big disadvantage to start in an jungle area,
    but now the 8 titles around a new built city are automatically removed of jungle (gives no prod).
    The new demolition troop can exist only once like the inquisitor, but you can use it unlimited times.
    It can raze all national wonders of that city (of course not the palace), this costs 50 gold per culture level (legendary = 7).
    It can also raze the whole city (not if it´s the capital, not with riots) this costs 50 gold per population.
    The Inquisitor now makes 4 unhappy in the city as well as 1 unhappy on the whole continent for 8 turns when used.
    Spiritual now givs 50% prod bonus for each of the monastry class buildings, so this trait is more usefull.
    There were really too much Happy and Health giving ressources, now they are less,
    althought there are still a few more ressources placed as in the original.

    Version 1.5 changes:

    • new ressources: lemons, cotton, slaves, ancient temple
    • fixed bug: too less sulphur (now twice as much)
    • removed the need of sulphur for rifleman
    • forest and jungle cut time takes twice as long as original
    • jungle cut production gain now gives 10 prod (was 0)
    • slightly increased the placed amount of gems, incense, silver, whale
    • slightly decreased the max north/south placement latitude of ressources
    • new improvement: slaves tradepost, slaves obolete with democracy
    • new unit savage warrior, needs slaves, +2str, 1mov, +0.5 against animal & archers
    • improved the look of the inquisitor unit (now more cool)
    • fixed general civ4 bug with missing text in option screen (displayed only the language as name)

    I needed some time to really undestand what the most of the tags in civ4bonus.xml mean.
    That was the reason for the too less sulphur bug, but now it should be as much sulphuer on a map as copper is.
    Rifleman was coming too late, just before the soldier, so for balancing reasons, I removed the sulphur need for rifleman.
    Why shouldn´t jungle give production? Junglewood is more valuable than normal wood. And it is cut and not burned!
    Less imaxlatitude for ressources, who likes to have them that much in winter terrain? On a med size map the limit for
    placing ressources is now 3 titles less north and south, you will still find them in winter terrain, just not that much.
    Whales, gems, inc., silver: there were just 1 of them per 3 players, now it´s 1 per 2 players, like the most ressources.
    The ancient Temple (as ressource) just looks cool and gives money, think of it as treasure and later as tourist profits.
    The Inquisitor is now a christion missionary with 2 spearman and an axman, this looks much more fanatic and dangerours.

    Version 1.4 changes:

    • new ressources: coffee, sulphur, potatoes, pearls
    • no more pigs and sheep on hills
    • min city distance increased from 3 to 4
    • (musketman), grenadier, cavalry, rifleman need sulphur to be built
    • max worldwonders per city decreased from unl. to 6
    • new minipictures for gems and clam
    • decreased production gain by forest cut from 20 to 10
    • forest and jungle cut time are now original again
    • made replanted forest look different on grass/plains and tundra
      (plantation of forest on tundra costs double the time)
    • altered the lowtech gamespeeds to Tech150 and Tech200 gamespeeds
      (each standard gamespeed with 2 new versions with 50%/100% longer research and more turns)

    Okay, the potatoes look a bit worse..... but I will improve them in the next version.
    The increased city distance is very good, I never place a city just 3 titles away from another one,
    so this prevents the AI to build so many small cities, but this also means, that the AI produces
    less in shorter time! But the overall research and production and population should stay the same.

    The new gamespeeds alter the research costs, the number of turns and the length of golden age.
    So Tech200 Epic is the same like epic, just with twice the research cost, twice the turns and
    twice the lenght of golden age. The 200 means, the standard values for turns,research and goldenages of this gamespeed increased by 100%.
    So there are 6 new gamespeeds: each standard with a 50% and a 100% increase number.

    The middle age has always been to short in all my games, so with the need of sulphur it should be more common
    that you use knights and samurai a bit longer. The special units of some civs don´t need sulphur, only the (4) early gunpowder units need it.

    Version 1.3 changes:

    • new ressource: salt
    • new unit: Inquisitor, removes one religion of one of your cities,

      (needs tech_divine_right, can be built in palace, one max per player)

    The new bonus resources all have their icon for cityscreen, for map, for worldeditor, and for civilopedia.
    They also have new textures and look really different, at least one of them.
    Regarding the "tea" resource: don´t forget, this is a game, you can make war, you can raze cities,
    you can drop nuclear bombs and you can genocide whole civilizations!
    So don´t even try to start a discussion about it´s judgement here!
    It is not that easy to add new resources, it took some time!
    And this mod will not mess up your civilopedia (unlike other mods).

    Version 1.2 changes:

    • decreased forest health to 0.4 (original again)
    • new resource: "tea"
    • new lowtech gamespeeds (30% longer research and golden age)
    • fixed culture bug of lowtech gamespeeds of v1.1
    • removed coal plant obsolete of v1.1

    The lowtech gamespeeds have it´s reason, if you play on high difficulty you have to trade techs, so
    the tech advancing is very fast, this helps a little against the high technology advance in the mid to end game.
    All other game speeds remain as they are, low tech is just the speed as named with longer research.
    So you have the 3 standard speeds and 3 lowtech speeds.
    The new resource is more of a joke, but it is not unrealistic.

    Version 1.0 changes:

    • made forest plantable with worker after tech paper
      (in epic speed, one worker needs 30 turns to plant it)
    • reduced production gain of forest cut from 30 to 20
    • increased forest and jungle cut time (+30%)
    • increased forest and jungle regrowth rate (+30%)
    • increased forest health to 0.5 (was 0.4)
    • increased flooplains health to -0.25 (was -0.4)
    • doubled defence multiplier of fortification
    • increased whaling boats production to 2 (was 1)

    Nobody really uses the fortification improvement, so maybe now it´s more
    worth to use it. It should be more likely now that you use forest and
    lumbermills, which is better than workshops. And don´t forget: workers also
    cost 1 money per turn, so it will be difficult to exploit the forest replanting.

    I wish i could change the AI behaivior of cutting every forest. I simply hate
    that in all my conquerd land there is no more forest anywhere. But this mod
    helps a bit for this problem. :)
    If you don´t like the fact that you can cut forest to gain production, simply don´t do it!

    Have fun!
  2. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005

    Gamespeeds Tech133 and Tech166:
    The original gamespeeds do still exist in the game. But eg. Tech133 Epic means,
    that this is based on the settings of the original Epic gamesepeed. But there are
    33% more turns than in original Epic and 33% higher research costs than in original Epic.
    (The percentages in the name represent the changed percentage to the original speed)

    What´s longer, Tech166 Epic or Marathon game speed?
    Overall turns: Marathon 1200, Tech166 Epic 1100
    Research costs: Marathon 300%, Tech166 Epic 250%
    All others: Marathon 300%, Tech166 Epic 150%
    (all others = unit build cost/building build cost/anarchy percent/...)
    (those percentages represent the internal values used in the xml files)

    So the overall turns (if you play with a turn limit) are nearly the same. But research is a bit
    slower on marathon and everything else needs twice the time on marathon.
    Normal gamespeed has all settings at 100%. So Marathon is nice if you like to have many turns
    in which you don´t have to do anything. Tech166 Epic is usefull if you just want slower research
    and more turns but still want to make everything else on an acceptable rate.

    Terraform improvments "watertoland" and "landtowater" can be build by th demolitiontroop
    and by the workboat. But although they can build it everywhere, in my mod it is only allowed
    to build them right next to a city. If this is not the case, the improvment will be removed.
    The prerequired tech for this is railroad and the improvment must be worked for 30 base turns
    by a citizen.

    Demolitiontroop can do certain action:
    -build fortification on twice the speed of a normal worker
    -destroy a city, this is possible if the city is yours, don´t has the palace in it
    and doesn´t revolt, it costs 50 gold per pop, so better let them starve before
    -destroy national wonder, the two options here are A-Z or Z-A, just think of the
    english name of the wonder, the wonders are checked in the alphabetical you have
    chosen, the first in this order that was found, will be removed. This costs 25 gold
    per culture level, the first culture level is 1 (poor), the last (legendary) is 7.
    -destroy cathedral class buildings, this removes all the cathedrals from every religion.
    Those are the buildings that need a certain amount of cities to build one of these.
    This costs 100 gold at all and removes all cathedrals of the city.

    Free bonus combat and drill promotions:
    Units have a 1/20 chance to come into the free promotion loop. This should represent that some units
    are more agile or stronger. They can either get strenght or drill promotions. Each time they got one,
    they again have a 1/1 chance to get another one, maximum 4 times. The chance to get a unit
    with all 4 free promotions is 1/160 or 0.625%. So be happy if you got one!

    New bonus ressouces:
    "tea" +1 happy, +1gold, +2gold/plantation
    salt +1 health, +1gold, +4gold/quarry
    potatoes +1 health, +1food, +3food/farm
    coffee +1 happy, +1food, +3gold/plantation
    sulphur +1gold, 2gold/mine, rare
    pearls +1 happy, +1gold, +2gold,1food/fishingboats
    lemon +1 health, +1food, +1food,1gold/plantation
    cotton +1 happy, +1gold, +3gold/plantation
    ancient temple +1gold,-2food, +7gold/examine

    Mylon - "InquisitorMod"
    Frontbrecher - "Lost Wonders" & "Lost Units"
    SupremeOverlord - "Enhanced Interface"
    CivFanatics IRC channel - all the help and talk
    http://freetranslation.com/ - good online translator

    Warrior leopard outfit - Hell's Angel
    German Panzer realistic style - mirtan
    MechInfantry urban camo - Fëanor
    Navy Seal darker clothes - CrazyAce
    Scout with more clothes - Tremo
    Modern Worker more stylish - Spindrift
    Samurai less golden skin - Expositus
    Praetorian with red shield - Master Lexx
    Galleon less coloured - Master Lexx

    Aegis Crusier - Frontbrecher
    Privateer - Frontbrecher

    Threads started by me:
    Moderator Action: GreenMod (replant forest and other changes) http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=144428 (this thread)
    Moderator Action: Second Unique Unit Mod http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=156997
    [TUT] skin and add new Bonus Resources and add Improvements http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=153584
    Moderator Action: GreenMod (Wald anpflanzen und andere Änderungen) http://www.civforum.de/showthread.php?t=28987 (german)

    Other mods that have included GreenMod:
    Realism:Resurrected http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=151947
    Sevo's Civ Fanatics Fusion 2.0 http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=151611
    SmooveMod http://www.civforum.de/showthread.php?t=29695
    Total Experience http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=155784
    If you want to inlcude my mod or parts of it in your mod, you are allowed to do so if
    you give credit somewere. And please send me a message so I know this to post this here.

    But I still like my mod better, GreenMod is more an improvement of Civ4, it has nothing to do
    with scenarios or complete and drastical and maybe unbalanced changes of civ4.

    Screenshots of some new things:

    Please read the forum rules: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=422889

    Please read the forum rules: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=422889

    Please read the forum rules: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=422889
  3. Hyronymus

    Hyronymus Troop leader

    Nov 25, 2003
    This is a very promising MOD, I'm going to download and install it right away. Nice job Master!
  4. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    I am glad that you all like it. If you have any suggetions what to improve or what is bad, just post it here please. I thought about making next a demolition troop to raze cities and some imrovements.
  5. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Awesome work, I was wondering how to do this.
  6. hIdDeN_eViL

    hIdDeN_eViL {кοтоя дѕѕαѕѕїй}²

    Sep 18, 2004
    sydney,down under
    which files are needed if i just wanted the replant ability for my workers?
  7. JamieCiv4Files

    JamieCiv4Files Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2005
  8. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    Thanks for the mirror. My new problem is, how to get the build of building of great persons intercepted..... Like to make something else if academy is built. No idea..... no answers from others..... I fixed the bug with the lowtech epic on 1.1
  9. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    The next update will come in a few days. I added a new ressource (took some time) and new lowtech speeds. I fixed all culture bugs un the new speeds, and removed the coal plant oboslete of 1.1. So if there are any fans of my mod: in a few days you can get something new!
  10. JamieCiv4Files

    JamieCiv4Files Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2005
  11. Roetghoer

    Roetghoer Warlord

    Nov 16, 2005
    Delft, The Netherlands
    I noticed that you, like so many others, incorporate several ideas into on single mod. I would like to have a seperate 'create forest' mod without the add-ons you prefer to have next to it. Don't get me wrong i really like what your doing, but i think there is something wrong with the manner with which we mod the game right now.

    I would like to get you acquainted with the 'Modswitcher' by TDB ( http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=140188 ) This little prog, currently still in an immature form, will allow a large audience to combine different mods together without the hassle of modding the scripts by hand!

    I think TDB could use either a little help or at least some encouragement for his activities, because this prog feels like the missing link in the current game to me.

    Eventually, I hope we can come to some kind of standardized modding using a program like TDB's which would greatly enhance playability of mods on the game.
    A single script-alteration might be the only thing needed, after that everybody can choose their own modifications to the game and combine them into a modfile and play it.

    Tell me what you think of this
  12. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    Roetghoer: if you want me to add just changes in a TDB version of my mod........ this can be difficult, because i also improved soem official "values" like that floodplains give -0.25 instead of -0.4 health..... what´s with them? So in the TDB version should only be addon files with addon xml tags, and no changes to existing tags? I could make something......... but i also added new ressources with new graphics....... does it also merges the art folder? And what´s with the python files? you can´t simply merge them, so no hope for me to participate.
  13. djenghis

    djenghis Warlord

    Apr 23, 2005
    After downloading i open the file, but nothing happens. I can not install it. And will i be able to implement the changes into current games or not?
  14. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    that´s a strange question! of course you have to start a new game, like with every mod, and install? i wrote the instruction clear enough, you have to copy the folder into your mods folder in gamedir.
  15. djenghis

    djenghis Warlord

    Apr 23, 2005
    Problem is, i can not install the file. I downloaded it, and put it in the mod folder, but when i double click on the file nothing happens. Perhaps because it has a .rar extinction? I have downloaded other mods like inquisitor mod and that worked okay.
  16. jpinard

    jpinard Martian

    Jan 18, 2002
    Enceladus, Saturn
    MasterLexx (is your name based on the excellent Sci-Fi show Lexx? I loved that show!)

    OK, I was wondering if you coudl tell me what file I need to edit, if I just want to change the number of hammers you get from chopping down a forest. I want to tinker with the #, but first I want to try 75% of the original value. And I want to increase jungle/forest cut time by about 10-20%.

    Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

    Thanks ton! :)
  17. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    Yes, my name originally comes from the scifi movie Lexx - The Dark Zone :)

    Look in my changes.txt! CIV4FeatureInfos.xml there you have to edit around 20 values for the different improvements that auto chop forest and one time for the native cut forest. My next version will come soon, I have new ressources (potatoes, sulphur, pearls, coffee) with a new look, and some better gamespeeds which also increase the number of turns.
  18. jpinard

    jpinard Martian

    Jan 18, 2002
    Enceladus, Saturn
    Nice job with the mod! :)
  19. userqwerty

    userqwerty Chieftain

    Nov 7, 2005
    please make workers be able to traverse mountains and plant forests there
  20. Master Lexx

    Master Lexx Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    No, forest on mountains looks worse. And units on mountains do this also. And I would need to change many things, to make mountains workable from city and so. So sorry, but I will not do this. I think the patch is coming out in 2 weeks.

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