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Mod to Puppet Cities and Repeat Key for City Projects

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by King Phaedron, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. King Phaedron

    King Phaedron Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2017
    I really, REALLY, need a Mod that lets you puppet captured cities, AND/OR a Mod that adds a Repeat Key for City Projects, telling the city to repeat production on what it made last time.

    Seriously, this is ridiculous. CIV6 encourages a lot of cities compared to Civ5, yet Civ5 had the gold focus and puppet cities. All I want is a simple keyboard key like "R" and just press that for every city, because literally every city finishes it's city projects in 2-4 turns flat. I am Corporate Libertarianism, NEVER do Technocracy.

    I'm playing a game that's gone into overtime, but unless I can get this mod, it's the last time I'll ever be playing anything this long going into late game huge crowded laggy map with over 100 cities. It's more trouble then it is amusing and fun. My right hand is DYING from Carple Syndrome (And no I haven't done the "Other Thing" with my right hand for weeks.)

    Also, the Mod needs to be available HERE, not on Steam Subscription. Thank you.
    (It doesn't work right on Steam. I need to just download it and add to my folder myself.)

    Making a simple mod that tells a city to repeat it's previous project ought to be easy. (Maybe I will try diving into it myself. I once worked programming an RPG game for 3 years of my life, so I'm not a total stranger to coding, but it was just simple scripting work.)

    I went through my whole list of key bindings to see if there was a repeat key for City Production, but there is not.

    PRO TIP for the DEVS: Before releasing a game to the public, how about actually playing it from beginning to end and beyond. Really helps to catch all these bugs and much needed improvements. I understand you are busy professionals, but here is a quote from the game itself:

    "He who does make time for entertainment, will surely make time for madness." Or something to that effect.

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