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Nov 15, 2005
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Wejer's mod v.1.01


This mod features an XML-code overhaul of a great many aspects of Civ IV:Colonization, including, but not limited to:

*Units & Professions
*Founding Fathers
*Improvements, Terrain, Features & Resources

NOTE: Complete list of changes is NOT provided - if you want to find out what has changed, play the mod!

However, if you are very curious, you can find out a great many of the changes in the in-game Civilopedia!

Installation instructions:

1. After downloading the sofware, save the .zip at the following location: "Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization"
2. Right-click the .zip choose the option "unpack here"-option.
3. If you have done it correctly, a folder named "Mods" shall appear next to your .zip - inside this folder you will find "Wejer's mod v.X.xx along with a readme file.
4. Start Civilization IV: Colonization
5. Choose the following path: Advanced->Load a Mod->Wejer's Mod
6. If you have completed step 5, congratulations! You have succesfully loaded Wejer's mod! Have fun playing it!

Conditions of use

The software within is considered "shareware", i.e. it can be freely distributed on the internet and in other media, under two conditions:

*You ask for my permission first, BEFORE you post it on other websites other than www.CivFanatics.com
*All credit shall go to Wejer (me)
*You do not commercially exploit this software without my permission


This software is provided "as-is" in its current condition. The producer does not guarantee its safety and will not financially compensate against any mishaps the client may experience from using the software.

Contact: Flame_Martin@hotmail.com
Constructive feedback is welcome - abuse is not.

Please name the Subject of your letter "Civ4 Wejer's mod" so that I don't accidently mistake it for junk-mail.


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