ModCast Episode 81: He'll Have to Edit That Out


Jun 29, 2012
New Expansion, New Mods. The eightieth episode, and tenth season premiere, of ModCast entitled "He’ll have to Edit That Out", is now netcasting. Lead co-host Rob "Rob (R8XFT)" Riley is joined by fellow regular co-hosts John "Neirai" den Otter and Lee "LeeS" Shipp with JNR13 and thecrazyscotsman.

00m:52s - A quick discussion about the new Mod Manager with Gathering Storm
05m:29s - Commentary on the Jersey Color System in Gathering Storm

Code Corner
18m:19s - The features and failings of Civilization VI’s Modifier Attachment System

Modding Spotlight
28m:43s - Comments on the Apostles vs. Rock Bands Mod by Neirai
40m:28s - JNR discusses his climate change and renewable energy mods

ModCast is the first spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; fellow sibling TurnCast focuses on Civ multiplay.
About automatic mods activation, those are valid tags in the <Properties> section of the .modinfo file

What I've never understood is why the default fallback value is "1" when the tag is not set.

There was also
which has been changed to
The Mobile Quality "download" button for episode 81 doesn't seem to go anywhere but a 404 error.
i know what the problem is, but i can't fix it until tomorrow. Open the link, go to the address bar, and change the underscore(_) to a hyphen(-), and it will work.
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