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Jul 27, 2023

Hello there!

The Sword of Islam Reborn, SoIReborn or just SoIR, is a modmodmod for Rhye's and Fall of Civilisation and The Sword of Islam. It is based on AtlantaMarty's The Sword Of Islam Expanded.

The main changes to SoI are
  • SoIR includes the expanded map from SoIX, with some improvements like the new terrain feature palm forest
  • The Buyids, Zengids, Bahmanids and Portuguese are now fully playable and all have their own UU, UB, UP and UHV and Pedia entries
  • North map expansion 5 tiles (at the moment playable, but not useful)
  • Relics are shown in the wonders-screen and have city-graphics
  • Translation into German
  • Added a Serbian Barbarian-Spawn (like Bulgarians)
  • Some balancing changes
  • Some smaller and bigger bug-fixes

Known Bugs: (they are actually minor)
  • in German translation ü, ö, ä, don't work so Bogenschütze is Bogenschutze (Archer)
  • silk road has in different menus different icons

Actual version: v0.3.3
Download here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/the-sword-of-islam-reborn/
SoIR is a totally standalone mod, you do not need to have SoI or SoIX.

The main function is having fun!

I ask for reply in gameplay experience and bugs, so that I can balance the civs and fix the bugs for the next version.

Spoiler Expanded Map :





Spoiler Meet the civs: :


Spoiler Relic-Wonder-Screen :


Spoiler Version History :

- Fixed loading-civs-issue
- Relics are now listed like wonders but seperatelyMeettheCivs_Buyid.JPG
- Relic-Buildings have art now

- Fixed Barbs-MarathaSpawn-Bug (iMaratha_Warrior, iMaratha_Cavalry)
- Changed Palmforest yield to +1 commerce
- Fixed Aq Qoyunlu naming issue
- Fixed overflowing startgold
- Fixed issue of huge starting units for Abbasids, Makuria and Ajmer (reason for huge makuria)
- Reorganized artfiles
- Recreated original map image
- Expanded the map 5 tiles to the north

- Fixed Palmforest graphics


- Changed Bahmanid UHV 3 to burn at least 8 cities
- Bahmanid UP (2 free Dakhani Warrior for conquered city) now starts with cityraider I & II promotion
- Slightly increased Bahmanid Research
- Added Palmforest to the coastal provinces
- Added Serbian Barbarian Spawn, also with own unit
- Solved the Relic-Bug
- Slightly decreased Portugal Production and slightly increased Portugal CityDistanceMaintenance
- Changed Portugal UHV3 needed Gold to 15 000
- Fixed Zengid UP-Message-Bug


- Changed Buyid starting Gold from 1500 to 500
- Fixed workers and settlers through desert bug
- Fixed Portugal UHV1
- Added Peasant Barbars to new Greece map
- Changed Bahmanid UHV3 to any cities, not only Hindus, because code don't work
- Increased Bahmanid starting units by 4+Handicap Dakhanis
- Added Mercenaries to the new provinces
- Noria now does not need rivers any more
- Fixed Portugal UB-Bug


- Translated all GameText files into German except , , because of Python Bug wiht Merc-Screen (can't hire units with , , )
- Added missing Pedia entries to civics and Techs
- Changed Civilisation Data in Consts, much less groth and production for Byzantium, to balance in cause of expended landmass, much more for Crusaders and Antioch, to give them higher chance to live, little less for Mamluks, to prevent Over-Mamluks in lategame
- Increased starting Units for Crusader, Antioch and Ottomans
- Fixed flintlock quote and musketman requirements (you already have military drill with flintlock)
- REALLY fixed the Greek Fire event; changed number of Flamethrowers from 1 to 3 and needed gold from 50 to 150; increased probability
- Flamethrower causes 4 units (max100%) collateral damage, according to Greek Fire promotiion
- Increased Galley (only with Greek Fire promotion) collateral damage to 2 units
- Changed Basils leaderhead graphics to Basils graphics from RFCEurope, in order to have same graphics in both games
- Increased number of cities in Timurid UHV1 from 7 to 9
- Added Oman and Hormuz to Buyid UHV3
- Removed Morea from Fatimid border provinces
- Daylami Tribesman upgrades now like Javelinman
- Added UHVs, UUs, UBs, UPs to Bahmanids, Zengids, Buyids, Portugal

Spoiler Credits :

embryodead: The Sword of Islam modmod; Iqta'dar graphics from Middle Eastern Horsemen
AtlantaMarty: The Sword of Islam Expanded modmodmod
topsecret: Button for Iqta'dar from Dale Unit Pack, Bridimaker graphics and button from middle-earth mod (MEM), Marine Academy button from MEM, Dakhani button from MEM, Vlastela graphics from MEM
The_J: Buyid Bagh graphics from Different Buildings
FK2006: Noria Button from buttons part22
asioasioasio: Noria graphics from Industry-Watermill
Walter Hawkwood: Marine Academy graphics from EU3 building pack 1: Western Europe
Bakuel: Dakhani graphics from Dakuel's India: Islamic invasions
AbsintheRed: Button Vlastela from RFCEurope
Wikipedia: most civilopedia entries

Spoiler Old Post :

Hello there!

I really like playing SoI, thanks to embryodead for making this great mod!

But I think there is still some work to do. I would like to work on The Sword of Islam Expanded, which is working, though many people say it isn't. The most ideas with the new civilisation, the Bulgarians, the Venetians and the Serbians, aren't in the mod, but the expanded map works and the buyids, zengids, bahmanids, portugal are made playabel, though without any further modification. I want to work on this mod, and I want to make all the ideas of the The Sword of Islam Expanded thread work.

Let's call this new mod The Sword of Islam Reborn, SoIR!

I have already done some basic work on this:
- I translated the GameText-files into German, because I speek it
- I changed Basils leaderhead to the same from RFCEurope, to have the same look in both mods
- I REALLY fixed the GreekFire event, made adjustments to the Flamethrower and Galley untis
- I made some changes in balancing, mostly for the byzantines, in order to their increased city number from SoIX
- some other smal changes

I am not an experienced modder, so I would start with something easy, like making the 4 civs, the buyids, the zengids, the bahmanids and portugal playable, wherefor I need ideas for UU, UB, UHV and UP. Maybe we can use the suggestions which I found in the The Sword of Islam Expanded thread?

If there is still anyone interested in SoI, I would be really thankful for any advise and help I can get!

I hope I can make this mod work!
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Hello there!

I could need some help for this mod, to get it really working!
- The Buyids and Zengids UHVs, which I could rescue from the SoIXBroke, are working now.
But I need help for the Portugal UHV and a little bug in the german translation. I have posted the full Error here: Need help for python modding!

I am still looking for suggestions for UB, UU, UP and the Bahmanid UHV!
Hello there!

I have done some work on this:

- UHV for Buyids and Zengids are working correctly (I could rescue them from the SoIXBroke file)
- added UB to Buyids (Charbagh, replaces Monument)
- added UB and UU to Zengids (Noria, Aqueduct, from RFCEurope; Iqta'dar, Horse Archer, Zengids also start with them instead of Horse Archer)
- added UB to Bahmanids (Bidrimaker, Forge)

I have some problems with Portugal: the 1. UHV isn't working (see post above, but I think the other two work), and the UB (Marine Academy, Barracks) aren't shown (see here). If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me!

I still need suggestions for some things:

- the UPs for all four civs (what's about Portugal UP: double movement through ocean? I don't want there something stronger, because the UB is maybe overpowerd too.)
- for the Bahmanid UU i have found this. It tells something about the Dakhanis and a picture of a Dakhani horseman, but there aren't horses near the Bahmanid start on the map? Maybe I create a Infantery called Dakhani Warrior?
- the UHV for Bahmanids (I think about this: 1. Controll all of southern Hindustan untill year x(includes Goa?), 2. Don't lose any citys to Portugal, 3.Raze or Massakre y Hindu citys)

When I get this things done, I think I will publish the first version of SoIR! Then I would need some people to playtest it.

For everyone who is interested in this mod, please tell me and make some suggestions! I don't know if I can make this alone, because I am not very experienced with python (and the UPs have to be in python). Maybe some of you could help me?

I don't want to make this just for myself, so if there is someone interested, please tell me!
Nice to know that there are some people interested in SoIR, ChineseWarlord!

I have read that @AtlantaMarty won't come back soon. But what about you: @Edmund Ironside, @Nizou? You two started to remod SoIExpanded some years ago. Are you still interested in SoI? I don't want to be pushy, but maybe you can give some advice to me?

New changes: no one yet, still fighting with portugal UB and UHV bug (see above).
Hi. I would also be interested in your mod. I also can't get enough of SOI. I do not have any coding/modding experience, but I could play-test and/or offer feedback. It is nice to see that this mod is still being appreciated/worked on.
Thanks for overing your help in play-test and feedback, ZezDispenser!
Maybe you could tell me your thoughts about the Bahmanid UU (I have something writen about it above) and the UPs!

I am not at home this week, and cannot work on this mod, but next week I will work on.
If I find out how to code UPs, the first version of SoIR could come out the next week or the week after :thumbsup:
Does anyone know where I can find the mamluk UP (free FURUSIYYA promotion)? I have already searched everything, but couldn't find anything.
I need it for the Portugal UP. I want to give their naval units free promotion with double movement in ocean (though the ocean costs 2 movent).
I have some news for you:

- All UUs and UBs are added
- The UPs work, but still have some small issues in them (The message for the Zengid UP doesn't work, the UP itself is fine)
- Most of the UHVs work (1. of Portugal has big issue)

This means, most of the work of the first version of SoIReborn is already done. I won't be at home next week, but I am confident it will be released in September!
Buyids already playtested by me. Played Sultan/Normal speed. (UHVs: 1. Shahanshah, 2. Commander of the Faithful, 3. Conquer Iraq, Khuzestan, Hormuz and Oman (last two added by me, because of history))

The biggest problem was not to collapse at the beginning, cause conquer all of Iraq (foreign region) hits stability badly. But somehow I didn't collapse (most time stability was below -10). Then I prepared for war with Seljuks (don't know if Shahanshah is possible before Seljuk spawn), conquered their cities and build two cities in Tabaristan and Westchorasan to complete Shahanshah.

It was an interesting game, little bit tricky at the beginning, but if you make the 2. and the 3. UHV, the Shahanshah is pretty easy.

What do you think about it? Are this UHVs to easy? Should i add a time limit to the Shahanshah?

I attached you my replay. (PS: It is in German)


  • Adud al-Dawla_n. Chr.-1100_53.CivBeyondSwordReplay
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In Iraq i save only Bagdad(with SM+HoW, massacre for free shia later) and Kufa
need .CivBeyondSwordSave for check
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UHVs: 1. Shahanshah, 2. Commander of the Faithful, 3. Conquer Iraq, Khuzestan, Hormuz and Oman - all UHVs are possible before Seljuks spawn in 1037.
Rolling couple times, but Abbasids never build HoW+SM at my start, so i playing with empty Bagdad. Also indie Saria spawn in Tabaristan.
For complete UHVs need capture Qazvin(with 2nd or 3rd free wave in Iraq) and Kerman (with initial stack+mounted unit from Esfahan), 1 tech for dhow, 4 additional settlers(2 per Esfahan and Bagdad), that look not hard.
Also Buids in SoI:R gets free Golden Age after 2/3 UHV and at least 1 from GP, so my suggestion for 3rd UHV: control in Mesopatamia X cities, in Persia Y cities, 1 in Oman and 1 in Balochistan


  • AutoSave_AD-1031.CivBeyondSwordSave
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But what about you: @Edmund Ironside, @Nizou? You two started to remod SoIExpanded some years ago. Are you still interested in SoI? I don't want to be pushy, but maybe you can give some advice to me?
To be honest we didn't get very far. Just discussed a few things and Nizou did a little modding. The only modding I have done is for RFCGW, and that is coded quite differently from SOI. Plus I am not very good at modding, so I wouldn't likely be much help.

I do very much support the idea behind this mod though. AtlantaMarty actually probably did the hardest part (the expansion of the map) and then he just left. An additional shame was that the most recent version of his mod seems to have disapeared as well.
Anyway I hope your revival of this goes well, it is worth doing in my humble opinion. :thumbsup:
Nice to hear you are still supporting SoI!

An additional shame was that the most recent version of his mod seems to have disapeared as well.

This version is still in SourceForge. It is the SoIxBroke.rar File. I think most people are weird because it doesn't work. But at beginning of modding SoIR, I compared it with WinMerge to the working file. There was no relevant difference, so I don't know why it isn't working. I didn't mod the UHVs for Zengids and Buyids myself, I rescued them from this file, only with little changes from me. And the map is also little bit better in central greece, so I added it to SoIR too.
Interesting news from you, SanJose:
I hadn't believed the buyid UHVs would be possible before Seljuks. Maybe I didn't make it, because I held all cities in Iraq and didn't expand that fast to the north.
In my game the HoW and the SW (i think you mean Spiral Minarett) wasn't in bagdad too, I build HoW in Esfahan and SW in Bagdad myself (also something that wasn't good for fast expansion:lol:)

so my suggestion for 3rd UHV: control in Mesopatamia X cities, in Persia Y cities, 1 in Oman and 1 in Balochistan
I will think about it for version 2. Forgot to tell there was time limit (1000 for CoF, 1035 for UHV3), so we should test how many cities are makeable in this short time.

Added save file as requested (don't know if it works for you, because I played it in SoIR)


  • Adud al-Dawla n. Chr.-1102.CivBeyondSwordSave
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I have good news for you:

The first version of SoI Reborn is released!

download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/the-sword-of-islam-reborn/files/

This isn't finished yet, but most is working and I wanted to give you a look on my progress, so here is SoIR_v0.1!
Please replay all of your thoughts to me, in ideas as well as in play-testing.
Have fun!

It includes:
- the SoIExpanded mod (belongs to AtlantaMarty)
- my German translation
- balance changes for Byzantium, because of higher landmass
- playable Buyids, Zengids, Bahmanids and Portugal: (credits for graphics and buttons see the Credits file in SoIR)

- UUs:
-Buyids: Daylami Tribesman already existed
-Zengids: Iqta'dar (replaces Horse Archer, +1:strength:, starts with Flanking II, +10:hammers:)
-Bahmanids: Dakhani Warrior (replaces Heavy Infantry, -1:strength:, +50% city attack, requires Levy Armies(so buildable at bahmanid start), requires NO iron)
-Portugal: Carrack already existed
-Buyids: Charbagh (replaces Monument, +5:hammers:, +1:health:, +1:c5happy:, requires Water Management (so at beginning available))
-Zengids: Noria (replaces Aqueduct, -50%:hammers:, +2:food:, requires river, requires Agricultural Science (so not at beginning available))
-Bahmanids: Bidrimaker (replaces Blacksmith, no :yuck:, +2:culture:)
-Portugal: Marine Academy (replaces Barracks, +3 XP for naval units, free Amphibious promotion for land units)
- UHVs:
-Buyids: 1. Claim the title of Shahanshah, 2. Hold the title of Commander of the Faithful in 1000 AD, 3. Control Iraq, Kuzhestan, Hormuz und Oman by 1035 AD
-Zengids: 1. Conquer or vassalize Egypt by 1250 AD, 2. Ensure that there are no Christian states in Egypt, Cilicia, and the Levant in 1291 AD, 3. Never lose a city to barbarians until 1400 AD
-Bahmanids: 1. Never lose a city to the portuguese, 2. Controll the south of Hindustan in 1550 AD, 3. Raze or massacre the population of at least 6 hindu cities
-Portugal: 1. Control all coastal cities on the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea in 1590 AD, 2. Control 15 luxuries in 1620 AD, 3. Have 10,000 gold in 1650 AD
- UPs:
-Buyids: +1 :c5happy: in cities in Persia
-Zengids: 2 :gold: per Turn for every crusader city (Jerusalem and Antioch)
-Bahmanids: For every hindu city burned or massacred you receive 2 UUs in capital
-Portugal: All naval Units start with promotion Discovery (double movement through ocean)

- Pedia entries for all of them
- Fixed Greek Fire event and made some small changes to it
- Some other small changes (therefore see VersionHistory)

Known Bugs:
- in German translation doesn't work ü, ö, ä, so Bogenschütze is Bogenschutze (Archer)
- the message for the human player of the Zengid UP doesn't work (shows ??? instead of amount of gold), but if you watch your Gold, you can see the UP itself works)
- Bahmanid UHV 3 and UP counts all cities, instead of only hindu cities (currently not visible in code, I removed it to make this work)
- Portugal UHV1 has big bug, so UHV is unplayable
- Portugal UB isn't shown and barracks dissapear (I REALLY don't know what happens there:wallbash:)
- there are more than one each relic on the map
- silk road has in different menus different icons
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Install SoI:R
More freezing than original mod
Get 3 Sword of Ali and see 2 Bones of Magi on map
Different icon of SilkRoad in different menu and city status in game
All previous remarks about expand map to west are still actual
1800 gold for Buiyds at start too unbalance
Completed Buiyds 3/3UHV in 1024 with nonstop Golden Age
Zengids UP message with "???"
Double Labanon in Zengids 2rd UHV in Victory conditions
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Thanks for quick answer!

Get 3 Sword of Ali and see 2 Bones of Magi on map
Different icon of SilkRoad in different menu and city status in game
All previous remarks about expand map to west are still actual
I haven't touch these things for version 1, for the beginning with my limited modding skill, I just wanted to make the missing civs working. I know, these bugs were also in SoIX, on which SoIR is based on.
I will try to get this fixed in version 2 and do some work on the map. Maybe someone can help me, I don't know where the icon for SilkRoad is located. (this which you can see on the city billboards)

1800 gold for Buiyds at start too unbalance
Changed. Now start with 500.

Completed Buiyds 3/3UHV in 1024 with nonstop Golden Age
This is most important information for me. So for version 2, I will have a look at buyid balance and UHVs.

Zengids UP message with "???"
There is some mistake in the python code, and for my small python skills it will be tricky to solve, but I will see what I can do. If you watch your gold, you can see that the UP itself works ( (number of Norman and Frankisch cities) * 2).

Double Labanon in Zengids 2rd UHV in Victory conditions
Changed. The second one means Northern Syria.
I don't know when I can make version 2. Therefor I want to balance the civs (means much playtesting), make the portugese UHV and UB work and improve bahmanid UHV and UP. Then I will have a look at the companies and the bugs with the relics. Last I want to improve the map of greece. Much work to do, so could need some time.

Just seen: 9 downloads yet! :yeah:
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