Need help with python modding!


Jul 27, 2023
Hello there!

This is a question to anyone who understands a little bit of python. Please help!

I started working on a new mod, The Sword of Islam Reborn, SoIR, based on the SoIX mod. But I am not experienced with python modding and I need some help in two points:

Spoiler :


The first picture in the spoiler shows a bug in the mercenary screen. I have found out that it's caused by the german translation. It cannot convert the ü,ä,ö, like in Bogenschütze (Archer).
The second picture shows the code the errror revers to. Line 175 shows the original line, then i could improve it myself to line 176, now there isn't the bugscreen any more, but the unit is called Bogenschütze and it's not clickonable (don't know it this is a real word.)
I solved it temporary by calling the unit Bogenschutze (so with u instead of ü), which is a solution, but doesn't look good.

The most interesting is line 177, this is the line from RFCEurope. In any other mods, I don't have problems like this, only in Sword of Islam. (But the line from RFCEurope doesn't work in SoI, too!)


Spoiler :


The next problem is about adding the UHV to Portugal. I have added the file (Victory.txt) to this message. I want the first UHV of Portugal to be Control every coastal city in Africa, Persia and Arabia, but it says pyCity instance has no attribute isCoastal.
The interesting thing here is, in line 1131 nearly the same line in the Oman UHV is working correctly!

I would be thankful for every help I can get!


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2. already solved.
Does someone can give me a clue for the 1. one?
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