The Sword of Islam German translation


Jul 27, 2023
Hello there!

This is my second thread in this forum!

I play Civilisation for a very long time, and a few years ago, I discovered RFC and its modmods and I started to enjoy it very soon. Thanks to Rhye, embryodead and of course Sid for bringing this great games in our lives!

But I did'nt like the missing translations of SoI, because I speek German, and so I started to translate it myself with some help from the google translator, under my controll.
I am not that good in English, so there may be some mistakes in my translation and my thrreads, but I don't think I have done a bad job. If there ist something missing, please tell me through this thread.
Now I want to publish my work, in order to give other German speekers the opertunity to have the same fun with this game as I have.

I play the 1.0.0 version and the Expanded version of AtlantaMarty, also thanks to him, but I think in the normal version it should also work.
Just copy the files in your Mods\The Sword of Islam\Assets\XML\Text or Mods\The Sword of Islam Expanded\Assets\XML\Text folder.

Please have fun!


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