Oct 28, 2006
In orbit

Decided to start a thread on this brilliant little mod for Final Frontier by NCCSavage, simply because it seemed to lack one!

So here it is: the MOO2Civ thread!

We have a MOO2Civ forum in the Civ4/Project & Development section!

Check it out here:



Some of the files listed below are compressed (and may be unzipped) using 7-zip, which is freely downloadable here:


:goodjob:Latest addition:

MOO2Civ 5.3

Last updated version. Can be downloaded here:
or here:

MOO2Civ 5.1

Details on the DL page here:

MOO2Civ 5.0 has been uploaded here:


Version: 5.0


- (re)added innate Stealth to all Darlok ships by Minor Annoyance
- (re)added innate Stealth Civpedia text by Minor Annoyance
- added redone traits by Minor Annoyance
- merged fulano's MOO2Civ minimod v. 1.5.4b (see Documents folder for details)
- added scenarios
- added custom music (partly optional)
- corrected races' colourscheme (no more 2 races with orange colour!)
- fixed Kael's Assimilation mod errors (not sure if it works; feedback welcome!)
- more text corrections

MOO2Civ 5.0Beta

Following several bugs/error reports I've cut down the mod size (temporarily)

Full details on the download page here:

MOO2Civ patch4l Wormholes renamed

minor update of TC01's Wormhole mapscripts:

MOO2Civ patch 4l Full Install

Full details on the download page here:

MOO2Civ patch4k Full Install

- adds Darlok innate stealth
- adds wormhole mapscripts

Full info plus screenshots here:[/QUOTE]

MOO2Civ patch4j

Updates MOO2Civ to official patch 3.19

Download here:


- includes a major overhaul of the promotions system

Full info + new screenshots here:

Alternate download:

Rating: A+

MOO2Civ Patch4h

Change in Patch4h:

- adds capture unit promotion (experimental)

MOO2Civ Patch4g

Change in Patch4g:

- adds a Spiral Galaxy mapscript to the MOO2Civ maps


:trophy2nd: MOO2Civ (Patch4f) FULL INSTALL

Changes in Patch4f:

- added Spies
- upgraded Carrier Ships to Titans
- reduced cost and strength of Battleships slightly
- added possibility of Great General emerging
- reduced initial colony size from 2 -> 1
- removed free Mag-Lev Networks
- added fix for can't-build-buildings-on-homeworld-capturebug
- removed redundant FF traits from Assets/Python/CvFinalFrontierEvents
- removed Barbarian World option (didn't work)
- replaced FF unit designations (Delta, Omega) by I-II-III suffixes
- added a Barbarian unit bonus (experimental).

MOO2Civ (Patch4f) FULL INSTALL otherwise contains:

- the original version of MOO2Civ, plus
- all necessary FF files, plus
- FF Flat map, plus
- 3 custom LHs, plus
- complete City List for all available races, plus
- custom Intro text
- all previous patches.

Moo2Civ (Patch4f) FULL INSTALL includes previous patches 1-4e. With the FF files now included there's no more need to manually copy or install any extra files, just


INSTALL in the Firaxis/BtS/Mods folder and you're good to go!

Rating: A-
Currently at: 6,400+ downloads :trophy3rd:


You can still download the original MOO2Civ (BtS patch 3.13 compatible only) here:
(link to Patch4f included in the Comments)

Rating: A+
Currently at: 2,100+ downloads

Some technical background can be found here:

What it might look like in [civ2]:

Suggestions on further improvement - and any practical help - are welcome!

More news as we go along.

Credits: Jon Shafer, NCCSavage, woodelf, deanej, Deon, Kael, Minor Annoyance, cephalo, OrionVeteran, TC01, fulano, Zippadeedoodah - and all MOO fans; thx for your support!

Some in-game screenshots followed by a tech tree survey (tech tree has been updated!):


  • The Human homeworld0000.JPG
    The Human homeworld0000.JPG
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  • Advances Civpedia screen0000.JPG
    Advances Civpedia screen0000.JPG
    143.4 KB · Views: 12,588
  • Races Civpedia screen0000.JPG
    Races Civpedia screen0000.JPG
    68.7 KB · Views: 9,362
  • MOO2Civ Tech Tree.txt
    6.7 KB · Views: 977
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Currently working on:

- thinking about what should follow MOO2Civ 5.0.

New screenshots added to the Patch4i DL page.


  • First advances0000.JPG
    First advances0000.JPG
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Hm, yeah, that's what I thought. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a modder, so whithout any help I'm sorta stuck. (For instance, I've got a perfectly good MoO2 city/star system list, but at present I don't know how to implement it.):mischief:
I've never modded FF, but I would think it's just somewhere in the XML.
Hm. I've looked everywhere I could, but found no refernce to cities/star system names.:hmm: I'm befuddled.:crazyeye:
I've just come unfuddled: I've located the XML-file, but can't access it without a proper editor. As all XML-utilities seem to be down 'cause of hack attack, I'd be much obliged if anybody has a copy...:please:
Thank you, woodelf! (DLed it - will see; I was just about to post a HELP in the Utilities section...);)
Suggestions on further improvement are welcome!

If you are really going to try and use the CIV4 game engine to re-create Master of Orion II (MOO2), then here is a good suggestion to get you started and guarantee success.

I know this will be hard to do, as many people will have good ideas for what they would like to see added to this mod. This is very important: Finish the conversion of MOO2 "completely", before adding a single change to the original game features, attributes, units, buildings, research tree, diplomacy etc. Once you have a "working" bug free, bullet proof conversion; then, and only then, should you entertain new ideas to improve the mod.

MOO2 was/is an outstanding game and should be the starting point for creating a better version. MOO3 developers lost sight of that fact, as they tried to build a completely new game, without retaining the strengths of the previous version. Consequently, when MOO3 was released, it was a huge disappointment for loyal fans, like myself. MOO2 fans do not want to be disappointed again. So please, learn from the success of MOO2 by focussing on the completion of a working version of the original game first. :goodjob:

Very Respectfully,

Orion Veteran :cool:
MOO2 was/is an outstanding game and should be the starting point for creating a better version. MOO3 developers lost sight of that fact, as they tried to build a completely new game, without retaining the strengths of the previous version. Consequently, when MOO3 was released, it was a huge disappointment for loyal fans, like myself.

I couldn't agree more. Personally, I found MoO3 to be quite static (actually, that about sums MoO3 up in one word: static). And I agree with your suggestions, obviously - that's why I really welcome suggestions for improvement (and because at present my "modding skills" are quite limited).
BTW - not wanting to bug you or anything, but - are you doing anything shipwise for Star Trek?:confused:

No. I'm working on WW1 city sets still and waiting for Star Trek ships to be converted from another game. I'll admit I've started a few, but lost interest for some reason.
Some good news and some bad news

After playing a few games as the Humans I decided to try and introduce MoO2 Star System names. I tested this and it worked out fine, so I decided to replace all standard names by MoO2 Star System names. Curiously, this does not work: the names are there, but the old name still appears whenever another race than the Humans founds a new colony...:confused: Having DLed Winmerge (thank you, mamba!), I'll see if I can figure out why.

@woodelf: That's a pity... maybe later then?
Some good news: after some testing the new Star Systems list turned out to work fine for all races (I forgot to exit and reload the mod before trying if it worked).:mischief:

So I've released a little patch including custom Star System names for all new colonies founded for all races.

I uploaded it here:

Next up is getting rid of these annoying XML-error messages, related to left over FF files that MOO2Civ doesn't use. However, as I won't have any time over the weekend, I thought it'd be nice to have a little patch up.) Additionally, it would be nice to get some suggestions from patch downloaders.
I just wanted to chime in and say: Great mod idea, don't stop till its done! :D

MoO2 is my old favorite 4X, probably the best one ever made. If you need any help with the mod, let me know! :goodjob:
I'll be watching this one.

I play all 3 of the MoO Series.

JosEPh (MoO3 Keeper of the Roll Call)
Well, thank you, OctopusOverload and JosEPH_II (and welcome to you both)!

Help is always welcome - in fact, I'll make a little

Status Report

Current Issues

- multiple XML-error messages on start up (will be addressed next week)
- no UUs or UBs as of yet (Stealth ship might be Darlok UU; might be available to other races on a much later advance - as it's currently available way early to all races) Official request posted
- Traits missiing or not yet implemented for some of the Leaders (could also use some additional LHs as some are just doubles with a different name) Official request posted
- no MOO2-style units (mod uses standard Final Frontier models all around) Official request posted

So there.;)
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