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  1. Asterix Rage

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    Jun 6, 2010
    More GPs


    Current version: 3b rev6
    Integrated in Vox Populi (3-2)
    Many more GPs :

    90 Great Musicians
    90 Great Artists
    54 Great Writers
    115 Great Generals
    89 Great Admirals
    116 Great Merchants
    85 Great Engineers
    81 Great Scientists
    73 Great Diplomates
    By a Great team :
    @Asterix Rage @Hinin @psparky @pineappledan @adan_eslavo @Catan
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  2. Recursive

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    Dec 19, 2017
    I haven't tested the new version besides fixing the save issue yet, but I did notice on the commit that you misspelled Tolkien as Tolkein. :)

    I plan on playing a game today, so I'll let you know what my experience is.
  3. Hinin

    Hinin Emperor

    Aug 1, 2014
    Argh. I saw that mistake in the spreadsheet for the project and corrected it earlier today, but thought that it had been corrected in the released version. Well, thank you for this first contribution, which proves that the problem may come from IGE.

    By the way, I have some hypothesis for the reasons why spamming GWriters with IGE ends up in obtaining always the same ones (almost exclusively from the base game namelist) before ending up with nameless GWriters :
    - maybe there is a strict limit to the number of unique GPs available for one game (like 85 for example concerning the GWriters) to save memory
    - maybe IGE follows a precise list of GP names when manually spawning them
    - maybe this is a mix (name order followed by IGE + hard limitation to the number of unique GP)
  4. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010

    I found one!
    Fela Anikulapo Kuti as Fela Anikylapo Kuti

    EDIT: All typos will be fixed in Ver. 3
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  5. psparky

    psparky Prince

    Feb 24, 2011
    When taking a look at the files, I noticed "The Temprtations".

    Could I ask, were any changes needed to the DLL to support this mod? That seems unlikely, so I'm hoping I could also use it with my favourite old version, as well as my games with the current version.
  6. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    You just need to activate the module with a .modinfo
  7. Kim Dong Un

    Kim Dong Un The One & Unly Supporter

    Dec 17, 2017
    Supreme Leader is outraged that this project was released without any representation for The Kim Dynasty! How is it that the likes of Mulan, Lindsay Lohan, and even Oprah get a damn portrait, but The Great Dong isn't shown the love!?!

    Without the presence of The Glorious One, your "Great Person Module" is simply nothing but a person module... I advise you to correct your mistake before the consequences befall you!
    Spoiler May I suggest :
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  8. psparky

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    Feb 24, 2011
    Sad that this thread and update didn't get more attention - maybe this bump will help :)

    Nothing to report from my games on the current version - I can't survive long enough to see it in action!

    I did convert this to a standalone mod and have used it with my favorite old version. I haven't seen many of the new great works though as, for example, I rarely create great writings after the renaissance, which was disappointing. So much so that I spent a couple of hours this afternoon tweaking the code in the DLL that chooses which great person you get - changed it from someone in the current or an earlier era to the current or a later era.

    So, everything works fine, except when I create (or later view from the Culture Overview) certain new Great Works of Art, the picture is missing. The title and heading are correct and the 'fanfare' music plays, and the frame is the right shape, but it's just a transparent window. The files are there and I can view them OK in GIMP. The entries in the database are all correct (as far as I can tell - they are in the same form as others that work) and I can't see any difference in the lines in the modinfo file that import the ones that work and those that don't.

    I can see A__340 - Red Macaw (which I love BTW, good choice, looking to buy a print) but not A__207 - Still Life, A__230 - Glow of Hope or A__290 - Sjalfsmynd. I haven't checked any others yet. Has anyone seen these 3 works?

    It will probably be something stupid I've done, but I'm just wondering if there might be a possibility that some of the art files are not quite right - I know next to nothing about the graphics side of things but I vaguely recall seeing questions on the modding pages where the problem was some attribute of the file - just clutching at straws here really.

    BTW, I didn't have any problems creating new great people using IGE.
  9. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    Thx for the report

    You're right. moreGP module is mainly to make sure that GWritters and GArtists are always available even if you go for Dominiation Victory on Huge map marathon, and survive.

    All look clean in ExtraGPs.sql
    A__207, A__230, A__290 are well set like A__340 is. Tell me more if you really notice something weird with them.

    What do you mean "you can't see" ? in Civ or in editor?
    All .dds are all encoded the same way with (exellent dds decoder/encoder btw)
    I don't think a problem could come from there

    Actually, moreGP v. 2 does not work well as expected !
    Hinin and me are still testing in real game. It seems that 'no name' GPs come up even if new GPs are available. Not always. It's not very clear.

    Send your moreGP Mod
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  10. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    Are you speaking about the well-trained horse on the pic?
  11. psparky

    psparky Prince

    Feb 24, 2011
    Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the intended use but thought it would be nice to get a bit more variety, particularly with the new great works.

    I can see all the files in GIMP; when I view some of them in-game I get a transparent window:


    I was thinking that somehow it wasn't finding the files, but the shape and size of the window changes depending on the work, and I think that information is only in the image file, so it must be accessing the correct files.

    As an experiment, I swapped over the references to the dds files in the sql, so that the Still Life work referred to the Red Macaw dds file and vice-versa. When I now view the Still Life work I do see the Red Macaw image, while the Red Macaw work showed a transparent window in the shape of the Still Life work. The common factor in the problem cases is the Still Life dds.

    Basically, everything about my mod version works perfectly except for viewing certain art files.

    It would be great if somebody could confirm that they can successfully view the Still Life (or the other two I mentioned) in-game, then I could be sure it was my fault.

    The mod has an exact copy of the Extra_GPs_Items folder, a copy of the ExtraGPs.sql file in which I fixed one typo, and a modinfo file:

    Spoiler :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Mod id="7087ae56-d09a-4d2f-8c45-bd6117e71216" version="1">
    <Name>(M) MoreGP</Name>
    <Teaser>Adds Great People and Great Works.</Teaser>
    <Authors>Vox Populi Team</Authors>
    <Dependencies />
    <Mod id="8f9d820d-e336-4208-891d-50fdd968cc40" minversion="0" maxversion="999" />
    <Mod id="e9a7fe23-f3fd-4806-a65d-1bc6262bcacf" minversion="0" maxversion="999" />
    <Mod id="8411a7a8-dad3-4622-a18e-fcc18324c799" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="(2) Community Balance Overhaul" />
    <Mod id="eead0050-1e3f-4178-a91f-26cf1881ac39" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="(3) City-State Diplomacy Mod for CBP" />
    <Mod id="c7bf7064-d1b1-4708-9e93-7a1560868582" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="(4) C4DF - CBP" />
    <Mod id="be2d13ee-d18d-410e-8f04-7cd19cd99a98" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="(5) More Luxuries - CBO Edition (5-14b)" />
    <Mod id="24923240-e4fb-4bf6-8f0e-6e5b6cf4d3c2" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="(6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI)" />
    <Blocks />
    <File md5="05689581D3E6DCD4E89EF0116486198B" import="0">ExtraGPs.sql</File>
    <File md5="7752503B3175DE0B413569246F1E3739" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="B255D423E4E32DF799BED7E006123662" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="2E240A5140D2BC33010922A0822A3766" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="B9232C1849C5815063A394B7A1C0DDC0" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="9B13A3556B0592F61082098DE3217F50" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="0587E35158C9557E70953293812DA9D6" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="3734D86C4E3EF9B40A2B67D92EC45F6A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="E52B394B53EEB6BA1DA7B15E938FEFB9" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="0E39D021CE9598546208E5B17FB43096" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="01DA60135510684E46A717DC535C833B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="617C2AE77730F75E3A2F1E0A80AF03B9" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="1DD2DE075A05B14055C3A8575EBCCAB0" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="DC11F5D173D8461F39CE065D351D75AC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="93494374B8609DF07616F62E7105C601" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="DC4AD521AC9D2F9B6CB55262A365F998" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="BE99F658AF85E3C1DD8A68762F68859A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="365827D3F5A07C2E07B466AA68A628ED" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="3BE25EEC94641B653487431FAD7C53DF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="4216D726F1DD13C799ED5823831FDE6A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="FFA24ABD8F133F7F9E820F62B23269C8" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="41A5FB6A9191E458515DCED27ED4B601" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="25765705CBB3510106462C248FDCB416" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="4996A0911F94BF6F58F73BA208AE813A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="68049EC16FE94F0F9090D2B5E1B5FD82" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="2672105AA41F04CAFE5D502AA33C35EF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="832FA315C8AABD6EA4E730E9429BDBBB" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="F6D330D10D3C27416777696DB3114AAD" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="743C02CBE88ED033067D53149D097F59" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="B35DBFB12A2D0D12C509DE9E173280FE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="4A00A13432A7650277323149426ED122" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="430CE100C94816104980DE1FEA4244FD" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="789CE1CA297B8487A80FE69FF7BDB50E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="86712F6D858D76F1731B167B028D6EE1" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="446DB2D309010BECEA00C4B6D103EA6E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="5329F7760A63510F4B4E01BD96D2550E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="D546FE396B4760FE3118E36D1D6E2307" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="5E38912FFC94CC1E2F5D9CB907B320D2" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="2051638D81D40E8B3D05A682396C77FF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="F08A4724B7F98E4D7166F0CF696DAC4C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="6148D0E9E8783A62DE000A049DBCCC7B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="5AB9AB383BE97F85CF5DB62637A92403" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="AEA48E255FC8F4594C26CE7E3BF74F20" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="0455939D4D2DF7BE5A607009421F5C9F" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="17BF5292F15FB2C9A23AE482FF2AEB7A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="21127A7FD516F616BFA6DA47C09AF694" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="799F667D79C3A4C2F2A312BE774CCEF8" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="5AB377C64F55FD559B502EDCFA0C9A8B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="CF3B6B0E6D6A5068EDF40E86EA9E9793" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="E83BBD53B3D11B0F4F5AB81F02F1CB70" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="280B4DDE116ED094A7EE3C5CE3CAB9E3" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="3F580C46A9B67D12562B9C3FD916917E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="1CA739C190D9D8F441470405B1659B9F" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="4B352CADEBD4D68E4AC4D3AB5331B311" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="AD7FEEE1B566DEC52D3F986D3D610F06" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="D3551BDCCE7B34CEFEBE4F161B8924BC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="4BE7A3F43005C0F31D57EF0391E68AEC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="C71E66521A6FC87DDD4BBD8D7F8F8760" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="0D01AEF0011EE43CCF5090DBD360F2E0" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="7272AEBDA4F4A338DE09754F65FC7032" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="8FDF4DB567B1DC9B5F5ED1903A75C54C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="764FF5DAAE011853E11D57E72424F416" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="B27220BDE6F4B55545CF27EDE306EE7E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="958841394CB1FBFD3F38B661F4C262A6" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="72713D0789E461A2608BA41F1FED0CA2" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="3D715A75E4F53ED02CEF0F51CC7F6858" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="FBAF081E5DE2EEBE1CB2223C8940D6CD" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/</File>
    <File md5="73D5944BA0D3AC92A1E326F015A53429" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__010.mp3</File>
    <File md5="C034C99CA3404DB72F876E1CBAD9D750" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__020.mp3</File>
    <File md5="63A2092BE8C20B0C0AC4A0106ADFFB88" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__030.mp3</File>
    <File md5="4816A7314332A4FA3FF24EC5055EA392" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__040.mp3</File>
    <File md5="3BDDD0D37320AD45F4F80A9FE8067216" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__050.mp3</File>
    <File md5="F277BF17AD0F56AC14045F8FDE2C3842" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__060.mp3</File>
    <File md5="ECED28DD4792626B1ED27EA40F2A2334" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__070.mp3</File>
    <File md5="49F65F9B8C8A6C444832110D83D395D4" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__080.mp3</File>
    <File md5="1BB14964633E96CF3A1A6788F1F0F80F" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__090.mp3</File>
    <File md5="E3B6C40553754BF6CAB2930473953D20" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__100.mp3</File>
    <File md5="7354B8FDA4E28E43AF9D58CFAF70AF08" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__110.mp3</File>
    <File md5="E7D2ED60D852F49DC51629B1C4F8978C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__120.mp3</File>
    <File md5="E078F4C428A1A85D637E73E06DA8A039" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__130.mp3</File>
    <File md5="BCDD2F2668464B3C9A33B092DAE62ABE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__140.mp3</File>
    <File md5="68B401B93CDF52E0F52ECB5A588E1ED4" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__150.mp3</File>
    <File md5="AB4B46EF6847A1E64BA10935C729D8DC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__160.mp3</File>
    <File md5="C9E9743254C9180DD6BB8C411D039ABF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__170.mp3</File>
    <File md5="6C9E061ED3CDB00915EEBF27D68F7C28" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__180.mp3</File>
    <File md5="792F01880F64046FB66887C8684711CA" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__190.mp3</File>
    <File md5="3C03C976CBEA9666D6A625A1C6FADD2A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__200.mp3</File>
    <File md5="B48632D2A2A5A7749F561B2490E50763" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__210.mp3</File>
    <File md5="129F6B56B7F8F7DCE4EC42311276D65F" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__220.mp3</File>
    <File md5="8567D840C1441E19DF4EFBFF91A9E48D" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__230.mp3</File>
    <File md5="5D463F7834C149680B95CEF3F23E6002" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__240.mp3</File>
    <File md5="39995EC2F95E69B16CD6310C6B472F96" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__250.mp3</File>
    <File md5="6F9A669AFEFD0113EBE858FF379B4272" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__260.mp3</File>
    <File md5="833E2C01AACA96AB7993B71CC5BFBA1C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__270.mp3</File>
    <File md5="09A6BF8CAE9FE78DF224EDB5917B519E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__280.mp3</File>
    <File md5="0E29EEBC5A005C624E251A1CC900ACAE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__290.mp3</File>
    <File md5="9718D0881E2FF6C7D0E9E60B0053823A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__300.mp3</File>
    <File md5="580304FBE78375CF82ABB4887A165E47" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__310.mp3</File>
    <File md5="217E49C91ACAAB6195FF776253E2B047" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__320.mp3</File>
    <File md5="260532774A716061199E2576552881F5" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__330.mp3</File>
    <File md5="0A61DE92905ADB8EB10451CCE87849DA" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__340.mp3</File>
    <File md5="ECE660467D21516FA293ECFAB86C8FEE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__350.mp3</File>
    <File md5="93C5FEF9635793D1B73C362B81BA7893" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__360.mp3</File>
    <File md5="23DBDA661067DCC23A4D97FD732C4014" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__370.mp3</File>
    <File md5="B74D945CCCB0D096F3026AF6A9B7E385" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__380.mp3</File>
    <File md5="DFEF6B39662F96F8310F0ED2BBB8660D" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__390.mp3</File>
    <File md5="75373767AF0DA6AAB96C3B2B9AF0DCD0" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__400.mp3</File>
    <File md5="1C266FEA7040CF7A47562ECD65CA317C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__410.mp3</File>
    <File md5="A94D4050F869F64529FFDBA47BFCAE3B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__420.mp3</File>
    <File md5="0F5B30FD76CE7D08FA40A90385CCB4AB" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__430.mp3</File>
    <File md5="58C80385F12A9E17E4E0A449A5DED343" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__440.mp3</File>
    <File md5="DA4A2F0830B0E1EE03AC7E272B57ECCC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__450.mp3</File>
    <File md5="4DEE666364A5E676A1507E8F9565EDBC" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__460.mp3</File>
    <File md5="9342F5E70623216D10F4497BF6E08216" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__470.mp3</File>
    <File md5="D60E4E9461274E12FE7992C4C47B8B8A" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__480.mp3</File>
    <File md5="54B6B2981B7DD6BBAD638743EF6F0BBF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__490.mp3</File>
    <File md5="B4BA029C7B614734BCFCCC410AB77D4C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/M__500.mp3</File>
    <File md5="073FE7548B19E541B7D630D47877C981" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__010.mp3</File>
    <File md5="864D7813A7F9D134CC96D80119F2F086" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__020.mp3</File>
    <File md5="7E5703A7D4E15F2523DBAAE40B7A785B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__030.mp3</File>
    <File md5="8C9F97E77B95E7D9ADF1B081861FE932" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__040.mp3</File>
    <File md5="021E938B41F763E3BA216E7C7014E876" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__050.mp3</File>
    <File md5="435C505ABC46898B58A8EE3B736BF116" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__060.mp3</File>
    <File md5="52A1C5C049C6873D4BFFA0E308F079AE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__070.mp3</File>
    <File md5="6B945EB373E50DFFF9357C39FE343D64" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__090.mp3</File>
    <File md5="33377A9D97BC0E6D1A2444BC063FE611" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__100.mp3</File>
    <File md5="75138CFA616E424F60C8F0A87A05A012" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__110.mp3</File>
    <File md5="DE850DCC7DA5FC973B4D87F46AD8E51B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__120.mp3</File>
    <File md5="A9483D126374CBA88E2024A827FFDA1E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__130.mp3</File>
    <File md5="40C7D4925AA793856A5DD9D42F890371" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__140.mp3</File>
    <File md5="1FDDFFBFE7BBA84FD271448A718759BE" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__150.mp3</File>
    <File md5="E3633DE9DF65AE489325B38D42F7B9C5" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__160.mp3</File>
    <File md5="3F14D9DDB9C618845B0FF6A786877F7C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__170.mp3</File>
    <File md5="BCABC66DDDF67F91E1C39397BA354028" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__190.mp3</File>
    <File md5="26FEF4649D61C778107D46BC002B3C15" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__200.mp3</File>
    <File md5="ACF160CDEEDBBD13B51AFDD484FA39F4" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__210.mp3</File>
    <File md5="6EF94127AFDC7499A06889C5444590CF" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__220.mp3</File>
    <File md5="AAF1EC246C6021B308191E5A0592F482" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__230.mp3</File>
    <File md5="FFD581C0E492E651049B6F115397882E" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__240.mp3</File>
    <File md5="40E849843C67227FF8CA1736DA25A6D5" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__250.mp3</File>
    <File md5="5B026E046BFAC32F1C3647A5E3657C3D" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__260.mp3</File>
    <File md5="5CE1925268A1FF037537B9F8F1630B7F" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__270.mp3</File>
    <File md5="A5F6E607239ED4BF1F3269598E58942B" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__280.mp3</File>
    <File md5="1956CF3D04EB0B72892D63C0FBC8E367" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__290.mp3</File>
    <File md5="B2B5FE046EA3C17DA2533BF45E9E8CC2" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__300.mp3</File>
    <File md5="7142DEBA9669BEF098FED362CEBD7291" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__310.mp3</File>
    <File md5="39FC673360DB8745434DC52F592B2699" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__320.mp3</File>
    <File md5="C9C9A6DC3A47B692C98B1428B704C354" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__330.mp3</File>
    <File md5="A50E9AA0C7FDB397B1E0F5E951905A4C" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__340.mp3</File>
    <File md5="7D53292EF22E36A824F53813491AF666" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__350.mp3</File>
    <File md5="CE7492D904E3DC09F140BAADE447CF05" import="1">Extra_GPs_items/W__360.mp3</File>

    I can put a zip of the mod on google drive and share it if you pm me an email. Or course it can only be used with earlier versions of VP, before the module was added.

    As for your problem with generic names while some unique names are still available, I wonder if it is related to how great people who don't create their work get recycled. Is it only GWAM that are affected? I know they can be reborn as it happened in my latest game. But maybe the count of available people doesn't get reset, so it thinks it's run out when some are actually still available. If it is only GWAM, I could try to look at the code or debug it.
  12. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    wOW that's strange!
    Your ExtraGPs is correct. is nothing special. It's not even the biggest x.y file.
    What the hell!
    I will investigate it too.

    This GP thing was supposed to be a pretty easy thing to do technically!
  13. pineappledan

    pineappledan Deity

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    I was wondering about that. about half of the Great Art Works are pixelated and garbled
  14. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    :faint: What !?
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2021
  15. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
  16. psparky

    psparky Prince

    Feb 24, 2011
  17. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
  18. azum4roll

    azum4roll Emperor

    Jul 17, 2018
    Not sure if it's related, but the database log gets a few SQL errors when loading mods. Maybe worth a check.
  19. psparky

    psparky Prince

    Feb 24, 2011
    I resized (using GIMP) the Still Life file to be 480x600 rather than 481x600 and I can now see it in-game, so it looks like that old post still applies.

    I used the BC2/DXT3 compression recommended in that post but the resultant file was quite a bit bigger than the original (282KB v 142KB). What settings were used originally?

    I haven't seen this issue - could you post the name of a specific work that is affected and I'll check how it looks to me. Hopefully, it's the same problem but with a different symptom.

    Apart from that, I'll probably wait to see if there is an official update or V2, rather than changing any files myself. Slightly odd that I'm the first to notice this though, so maybe it's somehow working OK for others :confused:
  20. Asterix Rage

    Asterix Rage Warlord

    Jun 6, 2010
    DXT1 ! I know now it's wrong !
    I focused too much on file size. I must find a more conventional compromise.

    .dds format is encoded/decoded at low hardware level. Especially made for game optimization. We can supposed that different hardwares get different effects.

    Play, see and repport again! :lol:
    It's very helpful Thank you. It's impossible to mod and test everything.

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