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Multiplayer Civ3

Julius Bonapart

Apr 6, 2001
My Capital
People come ON! Your all sitting around on your asses thinking when the multiplayer is coming out. I think there are enough talented programmers that can mkae their own multiplayer pacth. Im not saying anything fancy, just a hotseat pacth or something. Couse I for one rember that there WAS a pacht made for hotseat in Civ2. THAT was a good pacth. I am preety sure u can make one. I cant. I am not a programmer but if anyone reading this thinks their up for it, well a lot of peoiple would apreciate it. A simple hotseat pacth i dont think it is so umpossible. Oh and i owuld like to comment my disgust to the fact that the multiplayer version might be a whole other game. THAT is ripping pepople off.
What a nasty little post...who the hell do you think you are???

Civ3 never said it was multiplayer in adverts or on the box and if you don't like it then you can lump it and not have bought it!
Thats not what I meant. I knew it didnt have multplayer when I bought it. But its like when they came out with Civ2 Gold, the original game wasnt worth anythnig anymore. they make u buy two games. I for one am very impatient so instead of waiting to just buy the multiplayer one i bought the first and later i will ALSo buy the multiplayer one but still I feel like they should have come out with just one package. Although I enjoy Civ3 very much I hope that when they come out with the multiplayer version, they will also add MORE things so that the buying is worrth it. And I dont think i am anyone.

Hey, I didnt open dis thread to complain, although I think thats what it seems. i would really like someone to take this as an actual idea and TRY it out! If not even the idea is clear its dis, all u programmers smart egg-heads out there that create shareware or freeware or wutver make somehting very much like the hotseat utility we had in Civ2. I dont have any idea if this is hard or whatever but ibet its much easier than making a multiplayer utility to play on the internet, and to me at least, more useful.
Good idea, but I don't think that Firaxis will give you an permission so easily. It's their game and if you make "illegal" patch for it and start to diffuse (?) that then :aargh:
Wut u talking bout Zotpod? how do i make it work or wutver. Wut u talkin' bout? Couse u say its allready installed or whatevrr and if THAT's true then i think a lot of people would like to know how that works or at least what is it your talking about.
Zotpod is talking about some of the txt in the files with the game that looks to be for options for multiplayer civ3.

Implementing multiplayer and just having some txt written for one option screen for multiplayer are two completely different things.

It is the equivalent of having written the title to a novel on a piece of paper...it does not mean that the novel is complete.

Most people I would have thought realised that civ3 was shipped before the project was fully complete...essentially "they" set a date by when the game was to be released and made sure they met it. That meant the game was alot rougher around the edges than most of us expected when first released and still is to a certain degree.

Had they had a few more months maybe multiplayer and a huge number of other things people expected would have been a reality, they are not and multiplayer support is one of them.

Considering they released a game with things like precision bombing not implemented it is a bit rich to think that they put in multiplayer support but just don't let us use it!
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