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My totally unbiased and definitely not paid for by 2k review

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Afforess, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Radunz

    Radunz Chieftain

    Jul 8, 2007
    First of all, Great Review Afforess, realy unparcial, unlike most we see around, that just seem to hate or love the game.
    I bougth the game last week, i instaled and started to play.... my first thougth was ''i got to get a cow near my capital so i can build a butchery then a tannery to boost my early tools'' then i realized i wasnt playng New Dawn.... I like the graphics, they are cleaner, but the AI and mainly the lack of stuff just made me get bored in 3 hours and made me re-instal civ 4 with Rise of Mankind a New Dawn.
    What always atracted me to Civilization series was it`s complexity, its sum of so much factors, that you could barely breath... And compared to ur mod Civ 5 just don't do it....
    What i would like to say, is that PLEASE mod something, get a nice team united, like u guys did on civ 4 and do the hell of a job u guys did there...I think civ 5 has future, but need peoples like you to morth the game on its Full Potential.If i could i would stay for ever on a civ 4 with improved graphics, but i hate CTD's, and they happent a lot on civ 4 mods, i just hope Civ 5 is STABLE like my facist dictatorship on the new dawn!
    Btw, just loved 1.75(A) if things dont work out for civ 5, you will always have ur loyal civ 4 fans!!

    PS:I never saw a Sid Meier game with good ai(i know civ 4 ai is better then 5, but that is the same then comparing windows 7 to Vista... its an improvement, but still bad).The very first game i owned was Transport Tycoon, the game was realy fun but the AI was just obnoxious.Here's a little example

    Getting from point A to Point B the easiest way

    Just.... WTF?

  2. lschnarch

    lschnarch Emperor

    Oct 7, 2010
    As I have said at another place, they should have given V a different name, and many of the outrages would have been without proper basis.

    V in my eyes is like Civ:Col. Comes by the same brand name and doesn't have much to do with it.

    Anyway, you analogy as of above is wrong in my eyes.
    There is a reasons why Porsche branded their SUV under a _name_ (Cayenne) instead of the world famous numbers (911).
    Shafer, though, tried to brand his baby as something like Porsche 915, while is has like nothing to do with the desired sports car 911.
  3. Jediron

    Jediron Prince

    Jan 8, 2006
    Are you saying that people who loved CIV III , also love CIV 5 ? Enlight me, because i surely do not like CIV 5, and loved to play CIV III. More then IV

    (for one thing; i cound not care less, if i see 1, 3 or now 12 people in a unit's animation; it only makes the map lookin more chaotic)
  4. r_rolo1

    r_rolo1 King of myself

    May 19, 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
    He meant that the people that defended that managing 400 small citiies packed together with 6-8 pop each and that stayed in civ III because for them civ IV was "mini Civ" ( exact quote ) will surely love the way civ V ( doesn't ) limit the number of cities ... or those that prefered a rather psycotic AI instead of one that , with all the shortcomings it has, atleast it has reasonable and easy to understand reasons for their actions... I'm pretty sure he didn't meant everyone that liked civ III, just the heavy civ III fanboys that dissed and diss of civ IV.


    Oh, the TT AI was quite entertaining indeed :p You should try OpenTT , the AI there is a little more reasonable.

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