NaNoWriMo: November 2022

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I decided to do a thread this year because it's 1. An A&E tradition; and 2. It's going to be an extreme challenge.

The challenge this year isn't only the word count, but just making words happen at all. I'm not well, and have found both handwriting and typing very difficult in recent months. It's going to be really hard to do this - 1667 words/day for 30 days, creating still more of my now very long story that I started 4 years ago, but I am determined to try. Giving up is not an option unless I literally cannot write or type.

I wish Zkribbler was still with us, because he tried to help me when I got stuck on some things. If only I'd finally figured out Count "Chocula's" (a really dumb placeholder name for a character whose name I just couldn't decide on) actual name while I could still tell him. Alas, it's not one of Zkribbler's suggestions, but I appreciated every single one he offered.

Anyone else doing NaNo or who wants more information, feel free to post.

Day 1 word count: 1710
I only realized it was NaNoWriMo about midway through the day. I flirted, momentarily, with the idea of doing it, but... I'm not sure it's in the cards, honestly.

Best of luck on your own attempt.
I only realized it was NaNoWriMo about midway through the day. I flirted, momentarily, with the idea of doing it, but... I'm not sure it's in the cards, honestly.

Best of luck on your own attempt.
Thank you. :)

It's not too late to register and announce a story... I didn't until late this afternoon (had a grocery delivery situation earlier).

Besides, even if you get nowhere 50,000, it's still good to try. I tried for 9 years before succeeding.

(and would love to have someone to talk to here; it's not too interesting to just talk to myself here)
I'm returning to a fan fiction idea that I've had in one form or another for decades, but only started a couple of years ago once I figured out a plot. Normally for November I would start a new idea, but this time I thought to go back to this fan fiction and start it again from the beginning.

It felt important to return to this fan fiction because of what I did to the character that I decided to make the main character. As I progressed the plot this character disappeared. Then earlier this year the thought came that I should gender flip the character and make the transition a part of the character's back story.

Another thing happened while writing the first time. I had an important character die early on. I wanted there to be a focus on how that death impacted this world. Then as I continued writing, I suddenly realised that this character was murdered and I had already introduced the murderer.
A computer game I got hooked on in August 2018. I fell in love with everything about it - story, characters, art, music, and it just demanded to be turned into prose.

And then MaryKB commented on one of the secondary characters, which sparked an idea, which resulted in this character acquiring a family and backstory, and then the whole thing mushroomed well beyond the limits of the game. I've been working on it for 4 years now, and it's nowhere near done. I've just been browsing Pinterest for ideas for what the characters wear (early 11th-century alt-history British Isles, minus the real historical figures. I don't want to get tied down to researching specific people, just the customs and artifacts of that general time).

The game is King's Heir: Rise to the Throne.
Well, it's been eight days and I've yet to do anything or think about this at all, so unless I suddenly get possessed by a writing demon, it's unlikely I'll do anything NaNo-related this year.

How is it going for you two so far?
Not easy. I should have done more prep in October, so every word is difficult (not only storywise but physically; typing is damn hard and writing almost impossible). I've been doing more research than writing and what's in my mind is not where the story is at (different stages).
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