Naval Closed Border Violation


Jan 11, 2006
On V1.52, Prince, Large map, archiplego, view enemy and view friendly moves turned on.

I am the American George Washington with closed borders to the violating civ Greek Alexander.

I have a stretch of water between two of my islands that is in my culteral control with no free squares for travel.

During the other AI civ moves, I repeatedly saw a Greek galleon enter into my cultural zone up to 3 squares and then end up pushed out (sometimes to the otherside) at the beginning of my turn. At no instance was war declared. I assume this flaw allows the AI to spy on areas otherwise not permitted. I do not think this was just a galleon tyring to go home since the offending unit would skip back and forth across my cultural waters repeatedly, with its move target next to one of my island cities.

If I can find a save, I will post it.


Oct 30, 2005
The Dreaming Spires
There seems to be bug where AI units attempt to enter your closed borders, and are expelled during the interturn. However since they are effectively inside your borders when they are teleported out they can occasionally be closed to a neutral square on the opposite side of your cultural barrier, and so effectively are teleported through your territory. This almost exclusively applies to sea units, since as they have more moves they can get deeper into your territory in one turn, and so more often get teleported across. Land units very rarely have more than two moves, so this is extremely unusual for them.

The main problem seems to be that rather than cultural borders presenting an actual barrier, it seems to only check at the start of the turn if a unit is where it shouldn't be. This really needs fixing so that a unit can NEVER enter closed borders even for a fraction of the interturn, rather than this silly repeated bouncing back out which is causing these problems.


Ancient Geek
Feb 28, 2002
I believe we fixed this issue in the upcoming patch, but if you post a save here, I can verify that we did.
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