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Network issues in multiplayer (started yesterday)


Apr 2, 2009
We are a few friends who have been playing friendly multiplayer civ5 games for quite a while now. Yesterday, we started experiencing problems. We would get 0-2 turns into the game, and then one of us would disconnected.

As I mentioned before, we have been playing semi-regularly including just last weekend with no issues at all for several hours at a time, both with 2 and 3 human players at the same time (along with 5-8 AI players), without it causing any form of issues.

Yesterday we couldn't get past turn 2 in a small world, with 2 humans and 4 AIs. We got a third mutual friend to host and play with us, which worked fine last night. Today we can't even get through the first turn or the lobby before things break down.

Are we the only ones experiencing this issue, or is something funky going on behind the scenes?
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