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New AI playing to win system

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Better AI' started by jdog5000, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Isikien

    Isikien WHOA

    May 7, 2008
    That could be interesting.

    I'm no code monkey but here's an idea, feel free to critique it:

    Diplo 1 could be recognising other AI civs with similar or close peaceweights (in a sense cheating but tis an easier way of doing things) or good religious relations.

    Whether the AI should go down the diplo route should also be affected by whether the AI has a state religion and how much it has spread, thus making the zealot leaders prone to this condition. Having a state religion should add to the probability of whether the AI goes through with Diplo 1.

    If the AI deems Diplo 1 to be an 'good strategy', then the AI should begin giving more favourable tech trades or resource trading with them in order to get their approval rate high enough, creating a kind of circle trade. He should also spend a lot of time attempting to convert civs that are pagan.

    The AI shouldn't undertake Diplo 1 if it lacks AIs nearby with similar peaceweights.

    To get to Diplo 2, an AI has to have a lot of good relations with the AI. Diplo 2 could involve ruining relations between an AI in the circle and one out of the circle by bribing them to war.

    The AI could also recognise bribing an individual within the trade circle to war with another, but only if they are weaker and have less land.

    At the same time he/she should then beeline and monopolise techs that would give him AP/UN. So Theology and Mass Media would be kept from everyone.

    To abandon Diplo 2, both the UN and AP should be built by another Civ first or relations in the trade circle towards the AI attempting Diplo 2 have soured. Size or amount of worshippers of a certain religion in individual civs should also have an effect on whether the AI continues.

    Diplo 3 will come as a result of building the diplo building. The AI should primarily use the building to declare war on outside parties, to gain improved relations as a result of being at war

    To manipulate the vote further, it should recognise that some AI's have favourite civics (I have no idea how you'd code this one, this may be impossible) and it switches to these civics a couple of turns before the vote again comes up in order to gain more appeal.

    That's it really.
  2. MartinHarper

    MartinHarper Warlord

    Feb 16, 2009
    It seems to me that when there are only two teams left, because the rest have been killed off, the AI will never be in Conquest4. As a player, I would take the opposite approach: if there's only one opponent left, that's the perfect time to backstab them and claim victory.

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