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New Unit Preview - Fenceman


Jan 25, 2002
United States
I am working on creating a Mexico mod. As a special unit I am thinking about the Fenceman( sort of a zorro-like sword fighter)
I think of movies like Princess Bride ( the man in black ) and wonder why Civ doesn't have any fencing units.

So here is my first few preliminary animations: (Don't worry, they wont be so choppy in the final version)
Please give me feedback on this unit.
Is "Fenceman" a good name or should it be something else?
Looks good, but how about Fencer, or Swashbuckler ;) or Senor Ding Dong?? :D (from the simpsons)
I'll pick a name sooner or later. I like "Duelist"
I just created a 3d Model of the unit and wanted to show it off. Here it is:
Here is the victory animation. This occurs when the unit is promoted (i.e. "our Veteran xxxxxxxx becomes Elite")

This animation is the guy bowing.
I don't want to rain on your parade or anything, but such swashbucklers were really just a feature of courts, and not used on the battlefield. Could you imagine fighting a man with a big broadsword while you're holding a car radio aerial? My money's on the guy with the big sword! This looks like it could be an interesting unit, but I'd use it as a sort of hero unit in a scenario (not available on Civ 3 yet I know :() rather than sending gangs of them onto the battlefield. You could use it as an assassin unit though, sort of like a cruise missile, whereby it can take out a target but is lost in the process. You'd have to make it stay on the ground though! :goodjob:
Actually, the rapier, epee and other light blades were superior to the large weapons like broadswords. Edward Teach (better known as Blackbeard) and his crew were beaten down and slain by a smaller party armed with rapiers. The lighter swords could be used for a much longer time before the wielder exhausted himself. Teach's weapons were far more destructive than his opponents' but his men basically got too tired to use them effectively. I should also note that Blackbeard was well aware of this problem and excercised his men ruthlessly to try to prevent exactly what eventually did him in.
Foils and sabers became popular only as plate and chain armour was rendered obsolete by muskets. War horses were no longer needed and so soldiers became lighter and faster. The foil did not blunt like other swords, and the only other blade that remained popular and usefull were the likes of the samurai swords.

This unit would likely have been an officer only, regular soldiers with these swords would have also carried guns - musketeers.

This could be a new Leader unit
I was thinking along the same lines as Corinthian. If we come to the point where we modders can add Eras with impunity, your unit would be so excellent as a 'Renaissance Leader' unit.

Because otherwise the problem is: how to make a believable swordsman in the renaissance era, when pistols are commonplace? Well, hmm, one route is to specialise the unit so that it has other advantages other than straight military ones. Taking 'my' Sniper unit as an example, it has excellent movement, stealth ability and (weak) bombard ability. It is essentially a Saboteur which slips into enemy territory and destroys infrastructure.

Your unit could be a late-medieval counterpart; not with bombardment of course, but it could be cheap to build and move fast, designed to enter enemy territory and Pillage their improvements, capture workers etc.

Would it be possible to move the legs in the death animation? Looks kindof like a toy soldier being knocked over : )
What about this:

The unit has Leader qualities ( can make armies but not rush improvements) and attack/defense.

That would make it a special leader-type unit because it can attack and defend itself
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