[BTS] News: BOTM 241 - Clash of the Titans Part 1 - Deity - Starts August 23rd 2022

Inca are going to struggle on normal speed Deity + barbs... esp. since the AI appear to be far away. And once you find one, you seem to have a long, long way back one peninsula and down the next. Rome will do much better since they're useful long after metal and horse is connected. Even if you can pillage all metals, you still will have impossible Axe-barbs vs Q's
@Noble Zarkon - I knew that picture from the original post looked familiar:

I took this picture when Civ4 was just 1 year old.

Spoiler :

here's where that is if anyone's curious:


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Very cool, SittinDown! :)

Hey NZ and/or other staff, we could really use some spoiler threads for this game that ends in two days! Thanks.
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