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WOTM 13: Isabella

This game MUST be played in Warlords patch version 2.13. We will NOT accept any games played under any other patch versions, and you can't play it in vanilla (plain) Civilization4!

Further, it MUST be played using the latest version of HOF mod for Warlords. This is currently version 2.13.001

Game settings:
Civilization: Spain (Leader: Isabella. Traits: Spiritual & Expansive)
Rivals: 6
Difficulty: Monarch
Map: Big and Small (yes.. a BtS mapscript..)
Mapsize: Standard, Snaky Continents, Islands, Island region seperate
Climate: Rocky
Water level: Medium
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Epic
Victory Conditions: All enabled
Other settings: none.

Isabella is Spiritual and Expansive; starting with Fishing and Mysticism. Spiritual receives no anarchy period when switching state religion or civics, and receive a +100% production bonus when building temples. Expansive receive +2 health per city, +50% hammers when building workers, and +100% hammers when building Granary and Harbor.

Unique unit: Conquistador (Guilds & Horseback Riding)
The Conquistador replaces the normal Knight. The Conquistador have the same stats as the normal Knight, but in addition it receive a +50% combat bonus vs melee units, and unlike most mounted units, it receive defense bonuses.

Unique building: Citadel (Engineering)
The Citadel replaces the normal Castle. In addition to the normal Castle stats, it receive an extra 25% bombard defense (50% instead of 25%), and adds +5exp to siege units.

The starting screenshot is here (Click for larger version)

Adventurer Class bonuses:
  1. Start with a free worker (on the same tile as the warrior)
  2. Start with a free workboat (on the tile east of the warrior)

Challenger Class Equalizers:
  1. Start without knowledge of fishing.
  2. Start without the warrior.

>> Go to the download page!
First to post here ... that used to get some folks excited! :lol:

Download page says not aggressive AI, the two thread descriptions say aggressive AI. We will all know once we open the save, but just thought I'd alert folks to check. I have not opened yet, obviously.

Oops. I see now that the threads said aggressive ai and no goodie huts...
Those options are not turned on... (just a bad case of copy/paste/edit :( )
Found myself awake @ 3:00am, couldn't get back to sleep...

Got dressed, went to computer and hoped maybe the save page had been posted in the forums.

It wasn't ... but then I had a thought, "maybe the admins are just creating page etc.. and they've already setup the download page etc.."

So I went to the GOTM site, and "lo and behold" the save file was available for download !!! :D

So basically, I downloaded game @ 3:00am and started playing.

Just wanted to check that this was okay (e.g. valid save/submission) ?? Even though the "saves available page" wasn't posted until much later ...

thanks in advance
The gotm pages are set to automatically open up the game page when it reach midnight at US east coat I think..
The saves available thread depends on when when I am awake to post it :)
My first gotm and my first time on Monarch. I usually play prince.

ooh cant wait for the spoiler thread ;D
The gotm pages are set to automatically open up the game page when it reach midnight at US east coat I think..
The saves available thread depends on when when I am awake to post it :)

You can often find the saves by looking at the GOTM Home Page menus after the due date/time, even if the Saves Available thread has not been posted. The menu and page for a new game switch on at midnight if the page and saves have been pre-uploaded to the GOTM web server. The server is in the Central Standard Time zone.

This is automated because GOTM designers are now scattered around the globe, and some are not around when midnight strikes in middle America. Unfortunately, I haven't found a simple way to do the same thing with the Saves Available thread in the forums, so this is manually posted when the map designer can do it.
Right, cool, I'll have a try at this since it isn't aggressive AI after all. Monarch is the highest level I have beaten and after my severe beatings in the Churchill aggressive AI game (can't remember what level that was on but it was a small map with 18 civs) and my quick boredom with the Stalin game (always war at warlord level) I've been a bit put off by the aggressive/always war options for the moment, I guess I'm more of a peaceful builder (although my only WOTM win was a conquest victory, my only one in Civ to date, in the Ramesses game).

I'll really have to force myself to go down the religious path though I think, I hardly ever go for that route so I might try it and see how I do with theocracy civic and a bit of holy war.
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