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    Sep 27, 2010
    I looked at the save file and here are my thoughts/questions:

    • Casablanca is going to be hard to take. It can only be hit from the south and unfortunately Cape Town is there. And if Ashur DoW us it might be nigh impossible (at least for me).
    • What is this talk about getting beakers from Missionaries, I always delete them? Does Ahmad have IFD, Edit 4. I'm home now and see he does have it. But this question I still have: does it give science for simply expending the missionary, or do you need to actually convert some citizens? Sounds like its based on number of citizens converted. Is that worth it?
    • Not sure if I'll have the NC option on my round but if so where to build it and do we use the GE?
    • Where to put the Citadel you all are talking about and when? I've attached a screenshot, excused the crudity of the citadel icon haha.
      • Buy the purple circle and citadel the purple star when he DoW us?
      • Buy the pink circle and Citadel the pink star on the Spice which is already his land? I guess we couldn't do that until he DoW us either since it already has a plantation right?
      • Something else?
    • Edit. What to steal? Acoustics costs 9 turns. But do we really need it? Should we steal Chivalry at 5 turns then go for Physics and Gunpower/PP toward our UU's? Or compass in 4 turns for another TR, we are hurting for money.
    • Edit 2. Why are we converting so many of our cities to Catholicism? We're losing our Tithe benefit. And if its for the Mosques, we already have 4 Mosques to build and that's going to already take quite a long time to do. I'm inclined to not convert Espoo yet. Although our religion is getting out pressured by Islam and Catholocism. In fact, we have massive Catholic pressure everywhere now, even more in Stockholm than our own religion.
    I don't think I'm going to play tonight. Too many questions and unknowns. Its the end of a round anyway so time for discussion.

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    Sep 15, 2014
    From the looks of it we should pull all our forces back to defend against Ashur and forget about Casablanca for now. I'd build units instead of universities and sign a Defensive Pact with India as suggested by beetle. As for Ahmad I think he's not a threat so we can stay at war and get occasional XP or missionaries out of it.
    IFD gives science every time you spread religion to a city with a different majority religion, and it's equal to 10 times the number of followers of the majority religion in the city. So you actually want to convert as few citizens as possible to keep that number high.
    We might not even have a choice in this matter because Ashur's blocking tiles and might attack before our GG gets to the right spot. But I'd place it on one of the circles and park a longsword there.
    No strong feelings about this, but here's an idea: steal Acoustics, tech Chivalry - Banking which is 13 turns at our current research rate, then steal Architecture in 14 turns and engineer either Taj or PT. It's risky because the spy might die or we get beaten to both wonders. There's also little point in doing this, it's just that the stealing and researching numbers align.
    Well it's a good religion. Pagodas and Mosques help with border growth and happiness, MoTG gives a little bit of science.
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  3. raider980

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    Sep 27, 2010
    Fun round. Was worried for a bit. This'll be a long one.

    • Stockholm finishes Uni, starts Aquaduct; figure we need to grow our capital.
    • Lund works Horses, Stockholm flatland Copper. Change some Unis to Long Swords in other cities.
    • Steal Acoustics, start Chivalry on way to Banking.
    • Moving troops to defend Birka.
    • GAd meets Vilnius, Merc, Irrational, PoP.

    • Ashur wants to renew horse gift; we ask for 2gpt, he agrees.
    • Atilla threatened Vilnius, great, I hate you Atilla.
    • Indian spy discovers Ashur is marching for a sneak attack on Stockholm & by his troop movements that is possible.

    • Spot an Indian settler wandering around between Stockholm and Sigtuna.
    • WLtKD ends in Sigtuna, now desires Sugar.
    • Helsinki finishes XB, starts Pike in 7 turns instead of 10 for rest.
    • Workers heading to build road to Ragusa.

    • WLtKD ends in Palenque, now desires Furs. Espoo grows and finishes Library, starts Granary.
    • Moroccan GPr heading to Turku. Ahmad appears to be backing off Espoo.
    • Ashur looked like he was heading toward Stockholm but now his troops move to the NE of Birka.

    Interim. Sigtuna converted to Hinduism by Indian missionary. Prague is in awe of our scientific advancement, we are allies now. Our acquisition of Gems causes Stockholm to enter WLtKD.

    • Turku finishes WS, starts XB.
    • Captured that Moroccon GPr. Guess will send him to Stockholm to make a Holy Site.
    • Revoke PoP from Prague.
    • Copper - Wine trade from Atilla was up so made Copper - 7gpt trade.
    • Now Ashur turns back toward Stockholm with lots of troops.

    Interim. Sejong asks for DoF, we accept. Gems connected for Quebec City.

    • GE born, Tyre likes that and we're now allies.
    • Upgrade CB to XB.
    • Stockholm finishes Acqueduct, starts XB.
    • Defensive Pact with Gandhi.
    • Caravan ready, move to Sigtuna for safe TR.
    • Ashur definitely heading for Stockholm, our citizens are starting to worry.

    Interim. Ahmad offers white peace, we decline. Nebby completes LToP.

    T145. Sigtuna finishes Pike, starts Knight. Sigtuna to Delhi Caravan.

    T146. GPr is born, heads north to two CS that want our religion. Rally the citizens of Stockholm for the impending attack.

    Interim. Peace treaty with Pacal has ended. Influence with Tyre and Prague decaying, can't do anything about it right now. Gandhi completes Globe Theater.

    T147 Birka completes Uni, starts XB. Palenque completes LS, starts XB. GAd discovers Zurich; Merc, Neutral, PoP.

    Here it is. Ashur DoW us on his turn but didn't even attack. We got Sugar back leading to WLtKD in Espoo, Uppsala, Sigtuna. Also causing Ragusa to become an ally, Sidon and Singapore to become friends.

    • We get an SP pick, didn't expect that, we must have gained some culture along the way from when I looked at the beginning of the round; choose Wagon Trains, we have a lot of roads and are short on money.
    • Ivory for Cocoa trade is up with Sejong so we trade Ivory to him for 240g. Upgrade SW to LS, CB to XB.
    • Stockholm finishes XB, starts XB. Helsinki finishes Pike, starts Workshop. Espoo finishes Granary, starts Pike.
    • Our troops fire at will on invading Assyrian and Moroccan troops.

    Interim. Ashur takes a lone shot at a Pike and moves the rest of his troops around. Our Generals brilliant tactics must have his troops dazed and confused.

    T149. No Swedish losses.
    • Assyrian troops killed:
      • Pikes: 2
      • CB: 3
      • Trebs: 2
      • LS: 1
      • Plus a number of casualties still hanging on. As well as a couple Moroccan troops dead.
    • Since Ashur's forces did not prove to be as formidable as expected, switch some production around:
      • Palenque from XB to Monument.
      • Uppsala from LS to Caravan to replace one we lost.
      • Espoo from Pike to WS.
      • Stockholm: was going to switch it to NC but will let vadalaz decide which city to build that in since Sigtuna was mentioned earlier and the Knight there is done next turn.

    Interim. Samarkand wants Cotton. Almost lost our influence with Kyzyl.

    Spoiler T148 Ashur & Ahmad attack :
    T148 Warzone.jpg

    Spoiler T150 Warzones :
    T150 Warzones.jpg

    Spoiler T150 Map West :
    T150 West.jpg

    Spoiler The Most Literate People :
    T150 Most Literate People.jpg

    • Gandhi snuck two new cities in south and west of Sigtuna.
    • Road to Ragusa should be complete or almost complete (may need to force last road segment).
    • Forgot to turn off Save faith for GPr.
    • Our GPr is up next to Almaty ready to spread the word of Tengrilism.
    • Our GAd is still exploring, hoping to find a NW for a couple of CS who desire it.
    • Islamic GPr captured from Ahmad is near Lund. Figured we'd plant it but now that I think about it gift it to a CS is thing to do but will leave who to up to vadalaz.
    • I suppose I should have started the NC in Stockholm after we got the last Library but in the excitement of the build up to war I forgot.
    • Most of our cities want Crabs but I haven't seen any.
    • Banking in 2 turns, our spy steals from Korea in 4 turns.
    • The XB in Espoo has Logistics, maybe one other does too.
    • Some of the new Pikes and LS don't have Altitude Training, again I forgot in the fog of war.
    • The fun with Ashur started a little late and he was not nearly as fearsome as he looked. Between us and Gandhi, we can probably run him over without too much trouble.
    @vadalaz up!

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    Sep 15, 2014
    @raider980, it seems you forgot to upload the save file
  5. raider980

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    Sep 27, 2010
    Dagnabit, sorry. its above.
  6. vadalaz

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    Sep 15, 2014
    - Sending Knight to clear a camp for Sydney
    - Convert Almaty
    - Finish road to Ragusa
    - Sugar Gold 9 gpt <> Cotton w/Gandhi
    - Great Prophet (Islam) gifted to Zurich
    - Gifted 5 gpt to Nebby to try and befriend the guy

    - We become allies with Almaty, Samarkand and Sydney

    - Banking done, started Physics

    - Ahmad becomes allies with Jerusalem so we're at war again and the conversion quest is gone
    - Gandhi seems to be spamming settlers

    - Stole Architecture from Sejong
    - GE'd Taj Mahal
    - Assyria gets a religion, Kanesh is their Holy City..?

    - Ashur makes peace with Gandhi
    - We finish Taj Mahal, enter Golden Age
    - Physics done, Printing Press next
    - Sejong's upset we stole a tech from him, I swear we won't do it again and move the spy to Babylon

    - Unmet player lost their capital
    - Turns out it's Oda. He's at war with Shaka and has just one city left

    - Fighting

    - Captured Nimrud, it kept some really nice buildings
    - Made peace with Assyria, 2 luxuries and 40 gpt

    @beetle is up. Notes:

    - We never planted the citadel so we have a spare GG to gift
    - We have a Knight healing up by a barb camp in the south
    - Great Prophet was heading to Lhasa
    - IFD missionary near Lund
    - We actually have some money now, so maybe we can start signing RAs?
    - Tech steal in 15. Nebby has Economics and Architecture, but no Indu or Sci Theory yet. Think he'll have at least one of those in 15 turns?
    - All the good XBs are in Nimrud atm
    - Units fortified west of Stockholm were blocking expo spots as I didn't want any Indian cities popping up there
    - We've finished Printing Press and met everyone so we should get to make a WC proposal next turn

    Spoiler Screen :

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  7. beetle

    beetle Deity GOTM Staff

    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    • T160
      • win faith quest from Mogadishu
      • I am surprised to find Knights with Medic; that is a promotion I hardly ever give mobile units (since I would rather be using them to kill things); and it seems especially odd this game when when we have a UU coming online soon that is a good candidate for the Medic promotion
      • pause NC in cap for Armory so we can have some double vision Scouts before stealing Scientific Method in 15 turns
      • gift GG to Sidon (they have Janissary)
      • start Musians Guild in Sigtuna
      • researching Compass
      • spending gold on upgrades rather than RAs
      • trade embassies w/ Oda, to find that his only city (Tokyo) is half dead
      • trade Attila Wine for a spare Spice
      • remove POP from several CS where we are allies or fast friends
    • T161
      • Ragusa impressed with our tech advances and becomes allied
      • Lund finishes Artist Guild, when it already has the Writers Guild, but neither University nor Workshop; so that strikes me as another peculiar choice
      • start Lund on Workshop
      • propose Arts Funding (since I am not confident about winning WF)
      • Almaty spawns conversion quest, so GPr reverses direction
      • trade OB w/ Sejong
    • T162
      • Nebuchadnezzar enters Industrial era (but no Coal for sale)
      • GW born in Lund and I burn GW guild
      • put GW guild in Helsinki queue, since it high pop, has Workshop, and is almost done with University
      • gift GW to Malacca since 60 turns ally status w/ Mercantile CS seems good
      • trade OB w/ Attila
    • T163
      • Tokyo falls (and Shaka Razing it), so that is it for Japan (unless maybe we recall them)
      • Compass researched, start on Gunpowder
      • buy Inquisitor
      • put Mosques on auto purchase
      • trade OB w/ Babylon
    • T164
      • open Rationalism since Porcelain Tower is still available
      • remove Heresy in Planeque then burn GPr charge (since it didn’t convert)
      • exchange OB w/ Shaka
    • T165
      • Shaka asks to DOW Sejong, and I would have loved to would to agree, but we have a DOF which does not expire for another 30 turns, so decline
      • Ahmad offering up Likoping for peace
      • start PT in Uppsala since it is our strongest production expo and Stockholm still working on NC and units
      • Almaty gifts us our first Mandekula Cavalry; I was remembering it was better than it is
    • T166
      • Shaka asks to DOW Attila with us, decline
      • Sidon gives money quest, so I gift 250 gold for ally status
      • IFD missionary finishes Gunpowder, start on Economics
    • T167
      • Caravan to Vatican City for quest
      • I think XB will be 1-shot-killed by Casablanca, so I take the Range promotion instead of Logistics when I get the choice (our 3rd level 5 XB)
    • T168
      • Porcelain Tower built in a far-away land (Sejong)
      • Shaka builds Red Fort
      • buy Cocoa from Nebuchadnezzar (WLtKD)
      • meet Yerevan, give POP
    • T169
      • do not forgive Shaka for bulling Yerevan
      • lose uninjured veteran (double cover) Pike near Casablanca (first loss)
      • GG spawns which I gift to Samarkand since we just lost ally status
      • capture Islam GPr near Turku, was plantable, but I gift to Bogota
      • Knight finishes off camp, for ally status w/ Sydney
    • T170 interstitial
      • Shaka DOWs Attila
      • Pacal denounces us
      • peace treaty w/ Ashurbanipal expires
    @fiddlesticks — the GPr near Uppsala, I was sending to Almaty; I suggest gifting instead of using last conversation charge. The Trebuchet I was moving to Turku. Knights near Turku were looking to pinch a couple more GPr near Linkoping. Three novice XB in middle of map blocking likely Gandhi expo locations. Lund needs a couple more farms, but I only just noticed that.

    I was too chicken to have XB taking shots on Casablanca, but I won’t mind at all if you burn them up, since we were not fast enough with them. We have the option to take back Linkoping for peace, which is also fine with me.

    I left you gold enough to upgrade Longswords or an RA. Gandhi will also lumpsum trade for our Horses, so that should be gold enough for both upgrades and an RA. Other trades are available as well. We are still looking for Crab.

    Did we decide on a VC? I am okay with any. Someone please confirm or deny that DOW bribe and GS bulb are both available.

    Spoiler screenshot of eastern front :

    Turn Era may DOW bribe may GS bulb Cities Workers may CS worker steal
    170 ​
    Renaissance ​
    yes ​
    yes ​
    10 ​
    12 ​
    no ​

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  8. beetle

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    Faith buildings purchased Renaissance and earlier pay for themselves, so it’s a no brainer. Palenque has GMoD, so it will only take two (relatively cheap) GPr to convert all our cities back. Tithe pays for followers, not whole cities, so the gpt loss is not so bad. It would be good to get EIC and GT (both in the cap) sooner than later. I do have some concern that Palenque will not stick with our religion, and if does not, that costs us two GPr charges (net).
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  9. fiddlesticks

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    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    Hi guys - here's the next save file. I'll post a pic and the write-up in the morning. Casablanca is about to fall.

    170: Trading
    · Dyes to Neb. for 7gpt
    · 5 horses to Shaka for 7gpt
    · 3 horses to Attila for 4 gpt
    · 3 iron to Gandhi for 135 gold
    · Capture 1st Moroccan Great Prophet (4 charges)

    · Zulu coup in Sidon. Sidon has a $ quest so gift 500 to ally again.
    · Gandhi wants to co-DoW Assur. No thanks at the moment.
    · Cahokia wants Tengriism
    · Upgrades, healing longswords and positioning

    · Convert Almaty
    · Auto-bought a Mosque
    · Shaka coups Sidon AGAIN
    · Gift Great Artist to Sidon. Fully on tilt with Shaka at this point.

    · Annex Nimrud – work science slots
    · Capture 2nd Moroccan Great Prophet (4 charges)
    · Gift 1 charge Tengriism Great Prophet to Buenos Aires

    174: Faith Decisions
    · Renew 7gpt <> Copper with Attila
    · Plant 1 great Prophet for a holy site near Uluru
    · Sending the other Great Prophet to convert Lund, Birka and Sigtuna. Islam has Jesuit Education and that will mean easy University in Lund and Public Schools in all 3.

    · Do not renew Defensive Pact with India

    175: Spying
    · Steal Scientific Theory (not caught by Neb.)
    · Enter Industrial. Send new Spy to Mogadishu
    · Convert Lund to Islam

    · Attila enters Industrial era
    · Ally Buenos Aires
    · Stay host of World Congress (beat Neb. By 1 vote)
    · Sign Open Borders with Assur. He wouldn’t give this earlier, but now he’s really chummy and gives OB for 1 gpt and an iron. Maybe didn’t even need the iron – I forgot to check.
    · Kill a few Moroccan Musketmen, a Lancer and a Knight

    177: “Here's Looking At You, Kid”
    · We get our first Janissary near Palenque – off to Mt. Kilimanjaro
    · Gift Singapore our Great Admiral
    · Begin the assault on Casablanca

    · Lose one crossbow
    · Start Rifling

    179: Super flumina Babylonis
    · Sign a DoF with Neb.
    · Faith purchased a University in Lund
    · Canavan to Mumbai (15gpt)
    · Gift Tyre Great Musician
    · Convert Birka to Islam

    180: Intercessional
    · Trade Ivory<>Spice with Assurbanipal instead of something he proposed
    · Sign a Research Agreement with Nebuchadnezzar
    · Lost 1 Musketman near Casablanca
    · Great Scientist born in Stockholm


    · Islam Great Prophet heading to Sigtuna to convert, then perhaps gift away with one charge left.
    · 2 scouts are in the water headed to the other continent
    · One Pikeman valiantly survived a Cape Town Trebuchet hit and can head back to heal and perhaps upgrade to a Hakkapeliitta
    · Casablanca can be hit by at least 7 crossbow shots and a Trebuchet shot next turn. It will probably go down on 181.
    · Building some Observatories in mountain cities. Plan to faith purchase Public Schools in Birka and Sigtuna to pair with Observatories.
    · We have a social policy pick

    DoW available, bulb available, CS worker steal not available

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  10. fiddlesticks

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    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    upload_2021-9-7_8-3-54.png upload_2021-9-7_8-3-54.png

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  11. fiddlesticks

    fiddlesticks Chieftain

    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    I was thinking of the following for the next few steps:
    1. Take Casablanca. Peace deal with Ahmad. Maybe get Linkoping back?
    2. DoW Assyria (maybe with Gandhi). Take Assur.
    3. Ally Cape Town
    4. DoW Morocco and take Marrakesh
    Overall, are we aiming at a Domination or Cultural Victory?
  12. raider980

    raider980 Prince

    Sep 27, 2010
    Nice setup. Even I should be able to take Casablanca!

    I may play tonight if we have enough discussion beforehand. I’m not sure the best course regarding warring Ahmad vs Ahshur.
    • Id be inclined to keep going on Ahmad. I’d definitely want to get Linkoping back.
    • What’s the benefit of fighting Assyria again?
    • I guess it depends on the value of their cities/wonders they each have. (I’m at work and can’t check now).
    • Will making peace then re-DoWing be a bigger diplo hit than just staying at war? I’m never sure if the DoW itself is a diplo hit or not.
    • It may also depend on our long term plans/VC.
    • We bulbing any techs my round? How close are ideologies? That will bring up another choice.
  13. fiddlesticks

    fiddlesticks Chieftain

    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    I agree with checking on the available wonders in Marrakesh vs. Assur. If Ahmad has better ones, I'd be for continuing the march up to Marrakesh. Caroleans will be available a few turns after taking Casablanca, so you could upgrade a few musketmen and our janissary and have a really durable front line on the way up. They'll even heal on the way with the march promotion.

    You could take Secularism with the social policy pick. I tried it on turn 180 and it boosted our bulbs per turn to well up over 450 on its own. Then if you use the Great Scientist I'd save the bulb for turn 188 to get the most value out of it.

    We could finish Rifling then go Electricity (~5 turns) -> Radio. If you used the bulb turn 188 (~3100-3500) we'd finish Radio (which costs 3100) before turn 190.
  14. raider980

    raider980 Prince

    Sep 27, 2010
    Secularism does seem like the way to go. Another thing I noticed is that 3 or 4 Civs have denounced Assyria. Seems to me we should denounce him also even if we don't intend to DoW?
  15. beetle

    beetle Deity GOTM Staff

    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    Looks to me like you took a photo of your screen. Would you like some directions for getting a screenshot via Steam or Windows? Also, if you post an image, there is no utility with also including the same file as a thumbnail.
  16. fiddlesticks

    fiddlesticks Chieftain

    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    @beetle Sure, thanks. I've taken screenshots playing on Steam with one of the F-keys, but then I have trouble finding where they're saved! My old standby of ctrl-print screen just produces a black screen when I try to paste it.
  17. beetle

    beetle Deity GOTM Staff

    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    @fiddlesticks — try this first:
    1. Press and hold down the Windows key
    2. Press and hold down either Shift key
    3. tap the S key (and then release the other two keys)
    That should bring up a utility called “Snip & Sketch”. Follow the on-screen prompts. Please let me know if that works or not, or if you have any difficulty with it. This is a newer Widows feature, so it might not be part of your configuration.

    The previous utility was the Snipping Tool.
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  18. raider980

    raider980 Prince

    Sep 27, 2010
    I'm only going to play 5 turns this round because of slowness. I unbloated the file too. Neither Ashur (Statue of Zeus) nor Ahmad (Hanging Gardens) have anything good.

    T180. Adopt Secularism. Helsinki finshes Aqueduct, starts Garden. Lund finishes Garden, starts Market. Firing on Casablanca.

    Interim. Almaty gives us a Mand. Cav. Gandhi converts Birka to Hinduism.

    • Spy rigs elections in Mogadishu, move to Kyzyl.
    • Re-trade Gold to Gandhi for Cotton; Ivory to Shaka for Incense.
    • Darnit, fail to take Casablanca. XB are not doing much damage, time to upgrade soon.

    • Lose an XB to some invisible Moroccan XBs; luckily not one of our highly promoted ones.
    • The Maya steal Acoustics.
    • WLtKD in Nimrud and Birka from Incense and Cotton.
    • Trade Marble for Silver with Sejong.
    • HK, Ragusa, Zanzibar like our acquisition of Sugar.
    • We supplant Babylon as ally of Tyre. Huns take alliance of Quebec City from us. Sidon wants Tengrilism.
    • Gandhi completes Uffizi.

    T182. Espoo finishes Musket, starts Observatory. Capture Casablanca, uh oh, 3 more XB were hiding out of sight.

    Interim. Sejong says Atilla is a threat to the stability of the world and asks us to go to war, sorry. Whew, we get lucky and keep Casablanca.

    • Discover Rifling.
    • Kill some Moroccan muskets, that should safeguard Casablanca from being retaken.
    • Scout discovers M'Banza-Kongo.
    • Convert Sigtuna to Islam and purchase PS183.
    • Ahmad wont give us Linkoping for peace.
    • We need more power. Switch to Chemistry to Industrialization. By then we should be able to bulb Electricity.

    Interim. Ashur asks for DoF? Sorry.

    T184. Gift 1 charge Islamic GPr to Kzyzl. Firing at straggler Moroccan troops, most of the rest retreat. Capture another Moroccan GPr near Turku.

    • Nebby says Atilla is a threat to the stability of the world. Sorry.
    • Ahmad offering Linkoping, Tangir and Sale for peace. I checked and its legit. What to do, what to do.

    • Gandhi is getting annoying. Missionary and GPr spam. Having to guard against settlers. OB is up at the end of the turn. We shouldn't renew - it'll be much easier to block settlers so we won't need to guard so many tiles and Missionaries will lose power.
    @vadalaz up.

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  19. fiddlesticks

    fiddlesticks Chieftain

    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    I’ll be interested to see how @vadalaz wants to play this.
    My instinct would be to keep Linkoping, raze Tangier to 1, and sell Sale to Assur.
    For the peace turns I’d move troops into position for an assault on Marrakesh.
    It’ll take a bunch of turns to reposition troops to attack India. I figure we may as well finish Morocco while the army is in the neighborhood. Peace then assault from Tangier seems easier than capturing it on our way there. Gift away/sell Tangier afterwards. Zeus will be handy for future campaigns.
  20. vadalaz

    vadalaz Emperor

    Sep 15, 2014
    It seems we'll get an ideology on turn 192. Any preference? I've been buying all the coal so I believe we should get first ideology unless someone enters Modern. We get our next policy on turn 192 as well so we could immediately take some tier 2 tenet.

    I'm on turn 190 and so far I've bulbed Industrialization, made peace with Ahmad (Linkoping, Tangier, 80 gpt + 280 gold) and DoWed Gandhi. Also started Big Ben and planning to try for Brandenburg as well.
    Let's play on a smaller map next time. As interesting as Huge maps are, the game just doesn't run very well on them.

    Edit: Yeah T192 first ideology + policy, stole Electricity. A couple of screenshots of the current situation. Pretty sure that's enough firepower to take Pataliputra this turn if we want to, 6 XB shots 1 Cannon and 3 Carolean slams. Gandhi seems to have very few units.

    20210910122814_1.jpg 20210910122806_1.jpg

    Navigation next perhaps? Could start building a fleet with our two coastals feeding each other hammers. Dynamite also unlocks next turn and there's the Plastics beeline as well... It all depends on what VC we're going for here which I'm still not clear on. For future games I think we should just pick a VC before we start and stick with it, like we did with Brazil and Arabia.

    Some options I see are

    - Order/Freedom, Diplo or Science or SB+XCOM DomV, beeline Plastics, focus on science and wrap the game up
    - Go Autocracy & Mercantilism and kill everything in sight
    - Order/Freedom, go for culture CV which is likely to involve taking Seoul and Babylon for tourism
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