Nobels for Violence

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  1. beetle

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
    War is going well. No casualties.
    • T225
      • Nebuchadnezzar builds Cristo Redentor
      • sell Shaka OB for Iron
      • Sidon at 85% coup chance and vote next turn, so I risk that (success); gift Sidon our novice Pike for 10 more influence
      • WF looking good, but cities do not have anything lined up for overflow, so I set that up
    • T226
      • Spies win their elections; move Veteran Spy from Sidon to Jerusalem; reassign novice as Diplomat to Attila’s Court
    • T227
      • do not forgive Shaka for bullying Yerevan
      • Babylon liberate Manila
      • We easily win WF
      • Kremlin completes
      • unlock Scholasticism, for 300 more beakers per turn
      • unlock Cultural Diplomacy, for 16 more happy per turn
      • move veteran spy to Manilla
      • GS born, which I do not plant since we are entering Atomic Era soon
      • Oops, Vijayanagara getting some heat; sending in the Calvary, which I had pulled back to sit on Archeology sites
    • T228
      • Faith purchase Research lab in Turku
      • Manila falls again; move spy back to Jerusalem
      • Stockholm starts on Oxford
    • T229
      • Capture and puppet Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta
      • Capture and puppet Assur (SoZ)
    • T230
      • Radar researched, enter Atomic Age
      • forgive Pacal for stealing a tech
      • GS bulb for Atomic Theory
      • finally remember to look for and cancel pointless PoP
      • move new spy as diplomat to Ulundi
      • turn off faith automatic purchase
    • T231
      • Gandhi denounces us
      • capture and raze Qatna
    • T232
      • Ahmad denounces us
      • trade Nebuchadnezzar Spices for his Cocoa
      • 25 gpt to have Attila vote against Autocracy as WI
      • move diplomat to Seoul
      • Oxford halts while Qatna burns
    • T232
      • Rocketry researched, start on Refrigeration
      • two CS asking for Uranium, so I buy one from Nebuchadnezzar
    • T233
      • Nebuchadnezzar builds Eiffel Tower
      • capture and puppet Kanesh
    • T235 Interstitial
      • Attila builds Prora
      • Babylon liberates Manila again
      • Qatna finishes being razed, so that re-unlocks some options for NW
      • Refrigeration research, Combustion on deck, but maybe Satellites makes more sense?

    @fiddlesticks is up
    • 1K faith in the bank
    • income is good, but I upgraded a unit every turn, so little savings
    • Oxford is a third done in Stockholm
    • In a few turns you have the opportunity to buy WC votes
    • GW waiting to be bulbed as GA comes to an end
    • DOW bribe available
    • GS Bulb not available

    civ5ss-sweden-sg-t227wf.jpg civ5ss-sweden-sg-t235.jpg

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  2. fiddlesticks

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    Jan 28, 2003
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    • Adopt Hero of the People - +25% great people.
    • Capture Carchemish - Puppet
    • Bulb GW - adopt Party Leadership Tier 2 in Order.
    • Bought Great Prophet in Palenque
    • Successful coup in Jerusalem - move spy to Bogota
    • Start Nuclear Fission
    • No to Korea War with Shaka/Attila
    • Building some Rocket Artillery, moving troops to attack Morocco next
    • Zulu coup in Sidon fails
    • Shaka and Attila declare war on Sejong
    • Capture Sareisa - raze
    • Capture Dur-Sharrukin - puppet
    • Convert Pataliputra
    • Great Scientist born - plant near Stockholm
    • Aluminum to Sejong 210g
    • Capture Imgur-Enlil - puppet
    • Convert Birka (did you know on a 5 charge prophet you can still plant after using the 5th charge?)
    • Capture Halab and Haran - End of Assurbanipal
    • Start Apollo program in Helsinki (our #1 production city)
    • Morocco adopts Freedom
    • Convert Nimrud
    • Adopt Spaceflight Pioneers - plant Great Scientist. Great Engineer fulfills a bunch of quests
    • Finish Nuclear Fission, start Combustion (lol)
    • Stockholm back to Tengriism
    • Moving troops
    • Bought a Great Prophet in Palenque
    • Convert Nineveh
    • Moving/Healing Troops
    • Start a Golden Age with a Great Artist
    • Great Scientist from M'Banza-Kongo
    • Convert Casablanca
    • Tengriism World Religion Passes
    • Autocracy Fails
    • Propose Order as World Ideology
    • Combustion done - start Combined Arms
    • Zulu denounce us
    • Re-friend Sejong
    • Copper for 207g/1gpt
    • Finish Oxford - take Satellites
    • DoW Gandhi
    • DoW Ahmad
    • Convert Lund
    • Attila denounces us
    • Finish Combined Arms
    • Lose an Infantry (Morocco)

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  3. fiddlesticks

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    Jan 28, 2003
    Nova Scotia
    @raider980 is up

    GS bulb available
    DoW bribe available
    -FYI I forgot to get the navy into the action over on the eastern front.
    -I was sending the Great Scientist back to Stockholm but he’s available to bulb if you prefer. I had forgotten we entered a new era.
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  4. beetle

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Frederick, MD
  5. raider980

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I’ve played a couple turns. Taken Mumbai. But we’re going to have happiness issues if we take more cities. I started Neuschwanstein but it won’t be ready for 13 turns. Might have to delay more city caps.

    I can’t say I’ve ever considered taking Party Leadership. If it had +1 happiness too, now that would make it a really good tenet.

    Edit. Also got an SP and took one in Rationalism, figured we would want to close it out.
  6. vadalaz

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    Sep 15, 2014
    For happiness we can either start razing cities we don't need, or just gift them to Attila and have him raze them for us. I believe he's coded to raze every city he captures/gets through deals as long as he has more than 3 cities of his own. Keep in mind that Kanesh is a holy city and cannot be razed.

    Each new city increases tech costs by 2% and we have roughly 3k beakers, so from a science perspective a city is worth keeping if you can micro it to make >60 bpt. This isn't much: 11-pop Vijaya makes >90 bpt if it works all specialists and builds Research. It'd be nice to fill the entire continent with Swedish colors, but we didn't really plan for this, so I think we should just keep the good cities, those with higher pop and some specialist buildings and/or jungle tiles.

    Maybe for our next game we should consider playing with a mod that fixes the city center yield bug, if there is such a mod out there. Linkoping and Tangier are missing out on 8 food, 3 and 4 production, 2 gold, 1 sci and 1 culture from terrain.
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  7. raider980

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    Sep 27, 2010
    What is the city center yield bug? Does it not count the city tile yields even though it shows them on the map?

    • Attack Moroccan troops.
    • Lund starts National Epic. Vijay starts Arch. Link starts CS. Convert Turku.
    • Pillage Indian TR. Take Mumbai.

    Interim. Shaka doesn't like our proposal. Nebby denounces us, completes Apollo, enters Information Era.

    • Bulb GS, discover Penicillin.
    • Espoo finishes PS246a, starts Neuschwanstein. Nimrud finishes Fighter, starts Hydro Plant. Delhi finishes PS246b, starts Research Lab. Purchase Research Lab with faith in Linkopin.
    • Caravan to Almaty for quest.
    • Destroy Indian GMu.

    T247. Discover Ecology. Almaty gives us a Rocket Launcher, thanks. Sigtuna finishes Bomber, starts Zoo. SP: Soverignty.

    Interim. Nebby calls our army weak, really Nebster?

    • GMu is born.
    • Stockholm finishes RL, Research Lab or Rocket Launcher, I forget; starts Hubble. Link finishes CS, starts another.
    • Attack Madurai to help one of our CS allies take it.
    • Buy Sejong's vote for Order for WI.
    • Start razing Harran.

    Interim. Vatican City captures Madurai and sets it ablaze.

    • Nebby is Hostile, he won't trade Luxes except for some ridiculous amount. He might deserve a few nukes even if he is not about to beat us.
    • Helsinki builds Apollo, starts Research Lab. Lund National Epic is interrupted by razing Hurran, starts Solar Plant. Casablanca finishes something, starts Zoo. Vijay finishes Arch, starts Zoo.
    • Lol one hit from a RL on Varninasi takes it almost to zero health.
    • Gift Harran to Atilla. Start razing Halab.
    • Conquer Rabat, keeps some nice buildings.

    Summary. Took two cities and a happiness hit. Two worthless cities are razing.
    • Maybe we can just attack Fes and help Samarkand take it.
    • We're down to 5 happiness.
    • GW available to do something with.
    • GS bulb not available. DoW bribe is available.

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  8. vadalaz

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    Sep 15, 2014
    That's exactly what happens with cities gained by peace deals

    - Burned Writer, took Skyscrapers
    - Started Manhattan Project in Palenque
    - Bribed Attila to DoW everyone except Shaka
    - Sold him 4 useless cities in the deal, got a lux and 100 gpt for it
    - Great General to Wellington

    - Zulu successful coup in Prague, but their coup in Zurich fails
    - Captured Marrakech, very nice city
    - RIP Gandhi. Captured Calcutta and Agra, gifted to Attila
    - We have 54 votes in Congress, others have 36 combined so we don't need diplomats and I send spies to CSs
    - DoW Pacal

    - Attila buys two of our allies, Zurich and Malacca
    - I buy Malacca back this turn
    - I notice that Kyzyl has apparently captured an Assyrian city and kept it, and it has Crabs! Gift 200 to improve the Crabs
    - Converted Linkoping

    - One gazillion WLTKDs thanks to Crabs, a bit too late for that though
    - Great General to Ur

    - Captured Fes, puppet. RIP Ahmad
    - Re-allied Zurich

    - Captured Chichen Itza, gifted to Attila

    - We fail to rig elections in Zurich, someone else got it

    - Robotics done

    - Lhasa captures Uxmal
    - Manhattan done

    - Captured Copan and Tikal, to Attila's incinerator they go
    - Neb builds Pentagon

    Spoiler Screen :

    @beetle up. Notes:

    - Was moving units to Babylon but it looks like we don't really need to do that, and we'll win before we can get a carrier with nukes there anyway
    - Space factories up in Palenque and Uppsala, three more go up next turn and we have an engineer for the final part
    - I believe we agreed that Hubble = 1 extra bulb, yes? In that case, a bulb will be available next turn. Rationalism finisher will give us a free tech as well
    - Bribe not available

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