Nobles' Club CLXXI : Hammurabi of Babylon


Apr 9, 2011
Until 1600 AD

Spoiler :

Blah, just not going terrible, but just not good enough. Lost on lib, taj and most other things. Looking at Hannibal and his insane capitol I should have taken him out sooner. To make matters worse he beelined rifling getting before 1200 AD. So I took out Zara 1st. Thought about keeping his cities but 12 turns for his capitol to go out of revolt, no thank you....
Had to go the cannon route for Hannibal which made me loose a ton of time. And you still loose units vs rifles. And of course just the turn I declare Hannibal creates a vassal, Izzy, on an island to the south. So now Hannibal will not capitulate, ever more or less....Just had to slug out it out and take every city he had... not a single wonder either :(. Well, so here I am planning an invasion of Izzy while I have fallen behind on tech quite a bit. Sure I have 23 cities and a vassal, and noone else has done anything on the other continent. So I could go space or just send a ton of tanks to the other side and go on a rampage. Just so annoying with the late game finishes as the turns take forever....
So, taking out Hannibal would had been nice this game....
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