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Mar 6, 2007
Been a long time Civ player but I have never seriously dabbled in modding. Starting to contemplate it for Civ 5 but I have some very basic, ok, dumb questions. I'm hoping that there are others out there like me, and that a dedicated "dumb question" thread will help prevent cluttering the more advanced threads while occasionally getting the attention of more experienced, and patient, modders.

I'm not an engineer by trade but I have had classes/noodled around just enough to be dangerous.

So, my first dumb question, I understand XML files and how to edit them, etc. What I don't quite understand is if I introduce a new unit into the XML how does the AI know about it and know how to use it? For example, if I create "Special Forces" which is available when Rifling (or whatever) tech is discovered, can I expect Elizabeth to ever actually deploy it? Or will it be something that only a player would ever use.

Thanks in advance for the answers and patience.
This thread should go on the main page,(maybe it should be sticked)


As for the question the AI will look for the best unit that can be currently built at the current time frame of the tech tree. The AI weights you put on the unit are handled slightly differently compared to Civ IV, but input rather similarly. The 'flavors' of the unit, near the middle of the xml file, tell the AI what the unit is used for and roughly how dire it may be to build during the current time in the tech tree.
Thanks for the fast answer. It's great to have such a supportive community. I will undoubtedly have more questions like this in the future as I start to dabble. And I hope other "noobs" will post as well.

Thanks again
this is exactly why civ is the greatest strategy game ever. You can add new units or buildings (and other things) to the game and so long as you do the AI weights, and flavors fairly enough they will basically know how to use them. There should be more than that though, there was in civ4, stuff like iAsset, its iPower compared to iCost, combat bonuses and other things the AI can evaluate and be somewhat clever with it.
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