Now Open: Civ4 Democracy Game III


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Feb 2, 2003
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We are a fractured people. In old times we were members of a united tribe; a group of family and protectors. We, however, disagreed with the traditional methods. We were declared radicals and cast out of our tribe. Our disagreements did not end there. It appears that disunity is the norm within our people. Ironic, that even outcasts have their outcasts. Still we will survive. Not only will we survive, but we will prevail. Those that cast us out, the stubborn fools, will be made to pay. We have heard whispers that they have created a civilization of their own nearby. They will regret not hiding.

Watch out our brothers; for you are looking at the dawn of a new civilization. A civilization that will not meet your horrid standards of peace and unity. For we are outcasts; and know neither peace nor unity.

The world has been warned.


The third Civilization IV democracy game is about to start! This game, based on BTS (you don't need to have the game itself), features an overhauled ruleset that focuses on factions instead of individual players. Factions are groups of players which operate as separate entities that compete for the control of the government. The prime faction's platform defines the form of government, in-game civics, and game play, while the out-of-power factions plot their next attempt at rebellion. The result will be a democracy game like no other, with rich opportunity for role play, intrigue, and constant revision as the game progresses through the ages.

The element we still need is you. Come on over and have some fun with us, and together we'll build a civilization that stands the test of time.


Mar 19, 2008
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This was the message I got when I tried to get involved. What kind of a democracy are you running when I cannot vote?
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