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[MoM] Official Master of Magic Remake

Scourge of the Seas DLC is out now...

Slitherine have done another cheesy trailer (though not as cringe as some of their previous ones lol) too...

Big free update is out too..

Greetings, wizards!

We are pleased to announce a new update. Please see the patch notes below for the details:

  • Diplomacy/AI - improvements to both diplomacy and general AI behaviours
  • Visual improvements to water combat - rafts for units without swim
  • Breakdown of a town's production incomes
  • Ability to queue items that require prerequisites (in construction manager)
  • UI button to show resource icons on map

The AI Improvements include:

- Changes to AI ability to traverse water including fixes to transport settlers targeting oversea locations
- Treaty evaluation improved and relying on relationship as gain from the treaty is beneficial regardless of the situation
- Visual Feedback within treaty requests helping the player decide when they are ready to ask for the Treaty
- Visual Feedback within conversation after diplomatic actions resulted in relationship change.
- Visual Feedback within diplomatic trade to the relationship as a result of a trade and changes to the trade evaluation. Including Fear and Relationship influencing trade acceptance, and potential of an acceptance of a tribute or unfavourable trade.
- Changes to city defences, towns should have sensible armies defence appropriate to AIs current production ability.
- Fixed AI danger rank estimation for towns which used incorrect scale and was either in peace mode or panic mode without ability to manage intermediate stages
- Fixed AI relationship change on one side only, which could result on later override from the other side and loss of data (negative or positive change that was initially applied)
- Changes to an AI war trigger level opening more space for diplomatic efforts (Note, Master AI will still be extremely aggressive from the start, but you will be able to bribe them for a while).
- Changes to an AI treaty offer levels opening more space for player initiative (Ai is willing to accept treaty earlier, but have smaller chance to offer treaty on their own)
- Visual improvements to show the current status of a relationship with the AI. Those include a relationship metre in trade window and visual aids on the diplomacy screen (glowing eyes, text coloured to match the eyes)
- Making the Spell of Mastery more attractive for the AI to cast and research
- Improved AI city defences
- Improved AI’s ability to manage their units

General fixes and improvements:
FIX Defeated wizards no longer own nodes they melded (nodes turn neutral)
FIX Black Channelling cannot be cast on Chaos Channelled units
FIX Difficulty settings not being correctly loaded between games (this should also fix the problem with town distance being 4 even if the player changed it to 5 in a new game)
FIX Wasteful frame end call from doomstack which fails to happen in some cases (minimal performance tweak in late games)
FIX Ruins spawned after cities destroyed by neutral groups showed a location marker but shouldn't
FIX Trait enchantments on captured towns, after taking town enchantments from seamaster or power for people is delated.
FIX AI trying to dispel worthless targets - AI do not try to dispel non battle enchantments any more
FIX Tweak battle HUD death animation
FIX Death units in battle won't update MPs anymore
FIX Death units under mind control effect won't change side anymore
FIX Miners Guild no longer mines fish and the such...
FIX Landing armies unable to do that directly on target
FIX A crash when switching pages on race selection screen, if there was more than 1 page of races present
FIX Sorting units to be build in cities using their estimated power instead of the cost (ie to avoid building armies of settlers or engineers which happened in some cases)
FIX Road path building to avoid water bodies
FIX Crash when AI was trying to estimate the best craftable defender but the city had no defenders available to build

MOD AI characters more in line with their database definitions (less randomization)

Thank you
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I'm giving it another try after being quite disappointed initially. I must say it looks better now. Started with a rather familiar strategy at first to get a feel for the difficulty: Warlord, Node Mastery plus Life for Heroism, combining it with the new retorts Stonemason (+10prod in capital) and I need a Hero (start with summon hero/champion). By the time I'm building the first berserkers and summoning the first champion, two heroes and some barbarian cavalry have already taken over every node in sight and the first wizard. So difficulty will go up next game.
Regarding the DLC I must say I really like the sea stuff. Makes exploration more fun, provides challenging fights and gives new kinds of rewards, e.g. casting skill progress. Some of the new retorts look super interesting. Will definitely try out Pirate which limits own cities and gives rewards (fame&gold) for razing.
The tech/robot stuff seems completely out of place in MoM and I'll probably just turn it off from now on.
Some changes they made are mind-boggling, boulder attacks are so overpowered now they can take out ultra-elite units with one shot. Fortress bolts are still questionable, limiting your strategies, but seem to have been toned down somewhat, so at least you can take a capital without Magic Immunity now. Items are still almost nowhere to find.
Any other MoM veterans tried out the game so far?
As many of us suspected after they completed the last of the planned DLC, MuHa & Slitherine have officially announced the end of development for the official Master of Magic remake.

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