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Old World update #104


Say No 2 Net Validations
Oct 22, 2008
New update:

  • Removed 8 towns ambition from OCC games
  • Leveraging luxuries event no longer offers ill or dying courtier candidates
  • Cult improvements rebalanced
  • Clergy religion bonus lowered from 40 to 20
  • More likely for all players to get ore and horses with balanced starts option

  • Improved AI retreat
  • AI optimization for spreading religion and establishing theologies

  • Network system changes re-enabled
  • Added progress indicator and additional help for religious council ambitions
  • Added Retry option when cloud games fail to upload
  • Added hidden option to enter cloud game user IDs. To enable, add ‘true’ to GameOptionsSave.xml. This allows cross platform cloud games to be started using the
  • players platform ID number.
  • Scrolling through buttons using arrow keys (or controller) now properly adjusts tooltip display and highlight effects
  • UI adjustments to better accommodate long short-form turn names
  • Yield rates now updated when city discontent levels change
  • Added unit religion to unit tooltip

Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous text and event fixes
  • Fixed connection indicator for network games
  • Fixed assert errors on surrendering
  • Fixed attacking with a teammates unit not giving 2 turn cooldown in Strict Players turn style
  • Fixed AI attack targeting bug
  • Fixed spelling of Zalpuwan family
  • Fixed religious improvement name icons not showing religion color
  • Fixed replay data being cleared on load
  • Carthage 4 scenario fix, crossing Alps goal now triggers correctly
  • Fixed issue with unit move animations continuing to play when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed cloud game rewind
  • Fixed turns for returning scout when agent network is moved
  • Fixed inaccurate help entries relating to Discontent
  • Fixed trees on coastal tile in Middle East map
  • Fixed display of Semesters in Russian
  • Fixed null reference from event killing attacking unit
  • Fixed clergy yield display
  • Fixed bug with improvements that give city effects (such as luxuries) not getting properly handled when the city changes hands
  • Fixed missing event sounds on Linux / Steam Deck
  • Fixed issue with server games on new network system
  • Fixed on-hover context menus incorrectly disabling when moving mouse to submenu
  • Fixed events from popping on AI turns
  • Fixed reserved city site sometimes being claimed by an AI during initial development
  • Fixed AI getting too many cities for development
  • Fixed Sappho portrait
  • Removed redundant text on Traders family tooltip
  • Potential fix for double border bug
  • Fixed “Pick Later” not working in basic setup for standalone scenarios
  • Fix for scrollbars sometimes not initializing correctly
  • Fixed Stepmother incorrectly displaying as Aunt in Inheritance screen
  • Fixed inconsistent action list for tribe/player leaders
  • Fixed player getting notified when an agent network is moved in one of their cities.
  • Fixed missing Heavy Chariot texture on combat preview
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