Olmecs->Celts->What would you recommend?


Nov 8, 2014
I'm uploading a save (started with Ibn Battuta update, all DLCs are in), because I'm at a crossroads with 9 possible ways out of 10, and I would appreciate some perspective :)
The difficulty is Empire, speed&size standard, I may have added one AI, but I do not know how and if individual save files can be shared. I do have some Twitch avatars as AIs, and I think I've uploaded mine into Games2Gether portal, is this enough for my save files to be freely shared? What about event avatar, namely Catrina, who declared on me?

Anyway, if this save file works fine for you, what would you do in this situation? I'm about to pick the next culture for Medieval this turn. 9 of 10 options seem more or less plausible. I only believe Mongols are kinda out, but all others are quite viable, in my opinion. Tradition, Individualism and Liberty are kind of established values, but Homeland vs World are, like, up in the air. Catrina declared on me when I defied her on giving up that newly colonised island (Nemossos) in the East. Now she finally sends somebody to go Medieval on my Classical (for now) a**, but I'd like to impress her with some decent fireworks :) Which culture would provide me with the dryest gunpowder for the awe-inspiring spectacle?

This is my first game under Ibn Battuta update and it seems to rock so far :)


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Sorry, have not embraced the DLCs yet. Let us know what you went with!
I went with the Norse, as I thought I would stage a naval invasion, but Humankind RNG gods laughed in my face, as a few turns later there was a white peace with my overseas enemy and a new war with my land neighbour. Those diplomatic turnarounds remind me of Civ IV - I love it :)
Anyway, La Catrina seems to be some sort of a beast - she is supposed to seek allies everywhere, but in this game she was seldom at peace and grew to impressive size.
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