OPEN Babylonian SG


Dec 27, 2001
# Players: 5 (4 others)

1) ButSam
2) LKendter
3) aneeshm
4) Rowain deWolf
5) hotrod0823

Map Size: Standard
Map Type: Continents, 70% Water, Random
Rival Civs: 7 (8 total civs)
Rivals: Random
Version: 1.17f
(NOTE: There is talk of another patch coming out soon. If the next patch comes out while we are playing, we WILL upgrade to the next patch before continuing on with the game...provided upgrading to the next patch still allows us to save/load games from 1.17f)

Time: 24 hrs (unless board is down) to notify you are playing (NOTE: Players will be in a specified order, but you will be skipped, WITH NO PENALTY, if you do not respond within 24 hours saying you got the game and will play.)
Time to play Turns: 48 hrs. This means your new save should be uploaded in 48 hrs.
Number of Turns each: 20.

Note: There is NO penalty to being skipped, and if you post and say I can't play this time, that is just fine! (There may be a couple times I have to do that too, with finals coming up in less than a month...I TOTALLY understand!) Go ahead and sign up if you want to play and feel like you could make it quite a bit of the time, but don't feel like you HAVE to play IMMEDIATELY! That's why there's the time limits--so we can keep the game going, and if something comes up it's no big deal--you will be able to play again soon!

Difficulty Level will be determined by consensus of those who sign up, so when you sign up, let me know what difficulty level you prefer. We will PROBABLY go with Regent or Monarch, but if I get overwhelming votes for higher, I will do so.

There is NO CHEATING allowed in the game. No editing SGs, no peeking at the map, etc.

One last thing--this is my first SG, but I didn't see any others that were appealing open. Let me know of anything I can do better to run the SG, but I think I have a good idea of what it takes :)

Best wishes!

Please tell me if you are good at (or like) the opening game. I know some people hate the opening game, and others like it--I'll try to put those who like it or are at least good at it as the first players to play so we get off on the right foot...especially if we are on a higher difficulty level :)

Good at the opening game.
Hmmm.... Well can't tell you how many times I set up to get the best early wonder of the Pyramids...

If the game is a least regent I will sign up.
The last couple of times I played warload, even with a sg, it was TO easy.
It looks like the consensus for what will work best for everyone is Regent difficulty level :) If I am mistaken, let me know. We just need one more person to post and say he/she wants to join! Everyone above this post is in the game already, and the first person to post AND say he/she wants to join (or something to that effect) will be our 5th person. I hope to get started on it tonight if that person joins our ranks!


PS: I forgot to post Barbarian activity level, so I will do the map with this on Random. Hope to have one more join soon!
Regent sounds good and I would like to join my first SG.

Let me know if I am in. If not I would still like to follow your progress.

Here are the people who will be responsible to guide the Babylonians to victory (and the order we will be playing):

1) ButSam (that's me; I already played the first 20 turns, and will post in the next post)
2) lkendter (who also enjoys the opening game)
3) aneeshm
4) Rowain deWolf
5) hotrod0823

The difficulty is Regent, Random barbarians (though I haven't encountered any in the first 20 turns, so it looks like it's not Raging at least!)

Remember to post all major events. Keeping track of the major events in a notebook as you play is the easiest way to do this!

Also, keep in mind you play 20 TURNS, but the YEARS vary with game time. Be sure you count the number of TURNS you play and stop at 20 for this reason. If you accidentally do 21 (or 19) it's not a huge deal...but try to hit 20 on the nose. (If you do 21 and notice it, there should be an autosave that you can restore.)

Also, be sure you use the unmodded 1.17f version for the game. If you have questions on this, let me know.

OK, without further ado, let the games begin, and the rule of the Great Hammurabi and his Babylonian Empire!!!
The Babylonian Empire has been established! Though the first 20 turns are probably the fastest, they also mean a lot for the rest of the game. In order to keep all our options open, I built a Temple quickly so we can head toward a Culture victory (which the Babylonians are probably best at) IF the game goes that route, but of course it's far too early to know which victory condition we want. That said, here are the first events of the Babylonian Empire!

4000 BC: Start of the game. I noticed we started right next to a minor tribe--I was praying with all my Babylonian might they weren't Barbarians. What else did I see? Gems...but in a corner such that they would NOT be in our city radius. For this reason, I did NOT establish the city right away, even though I can say with confidence this is the first time I have not done that in Civ 3...but I'm sure you'll agree it was for a good reason ;)
3950 BC: Babylon, our glorious capitol, is founded! In addition, our city radius still included the Mauryon tribe, and they graciously gave us a map of the region! We are glad to have them a part of our empire, and their support early in the game is wonderful! We don't have Gems in the empire's radius YET, but once our radius expands slightly, they will be in the empire's radius AND the city's radius!

Babylon is on a peninsula, which should help us out in the beginning, as enemies will have a tougher time getting to us. However, after we expand quite a bit, we will probably want to move our capitol to reduce corruption...that's probably at least 100 turns down the road though.

We also began researching Warrior Code (to keep our rush to Monarchy open if we need to) and started on a Warrior to help explore. Though we should probably get at least through Writing ASAP, I felt Warrior Code was a necessary first step in case we can rush to Monarchy.

Our worker started step 1 of a 2-part road to the Gems so we can have their benefits even before they are a part of our empire!

3700 BC: Our great warrior is completed! To further our culture and help with happiness, we switched to a (reduced-price) Temple! I felt safe to explore, as no barbarians were anywhere to be found, so the Warrior began the trek north toward some barely-visible plains to extend our knowledge of the world!

3500 BC: The Warrior spots a nice, juicy fish, then decides not to head into the desert that continues to the north. Near (but not next to) the desert looks like a prime location for a city, with all the plains AND some grasslands, and perhaps even the fish itself :)

3450 BC - Our Empire first expands due to the culture the Palace was generating! The Gems are now officially in our Empire, but the road is not quite complete--mountains are quite tough to work on.

3400 BC - From atop a mountain, our warrior spots some Game grazing and decides to head that way.

3300 BC - Gems are connected by road, bringing happiness to the people! The worker is now automated...until he does something stupid, he has his freedom (you are of course welcome to un-automate the worker at any time--remember, it's your turn FULLY when you play :)

3100 BC - The Temple in Babylon is complete! The gods accept our thanks for the friendliness of the Mauryon tribe. Work is begun on a Settler to help us expand our borders.

3000 BC - Our warrior has crossed a land bridge and is near another. Time to pass the reign on to the next ruler.

lkendter's up, and sure to continue our glorious reign in these vital early stages of the game!

Originally posted by ButSam
The worker is now automated...until he does something stupid, he has his freedom (you are of course welcome to un-automate the worker at any time--remember, it's your turn FULLY when you play :)

Aren't you playing with standard succesion games rules that prohibit automating workers?

Let me know before I move.
Preturn -
I want a river :cry:

2750 BC - Settler is finished, start a warrior, we are just to weak.
2710 BC - Wines spotted, far away from us.
2630 BC - It looks like that land mass to our right will be reached by ship.
2590 BC - Ur is formed - begins a temple to get the cow in reach.
Babylon orders another warrior.
The Palace expands.
2470 BC - Start yet another warrior in Babylon.
2390 BC - Start yet another warrior in Babylon.
2310 BC - First contact, China, Trade offers suck so nothing happens.
Finnally, the timing is right for a settler.

Summary - I have a feeling city site #3 will get rough.
Lousy luck - not a single goody hut.

I want a clarifaction on worker automation
Is worker automation prohibits except for late game Shift-P?
I'd like to join if its possible.
Just wondering. You called this an Open SG yet you have an order of players. I though Open SG was for anybody who wants to pick up the game and they just post a reply to tell us that they will be playing???
Sorry, God, this game just started--we were looking for players but just got them all--I will change the name and reflect the link to show so.

I was not aware of the rule about automating workers--thank you for bringing it to my knowledge. No automating workers then from now on--that's just fine with me. This is my first SG, but it's the only one there was that wasn't Chieftan and still open. Aneeshm, Go ahead and un-automate him RIGHT AWAY and we won't automate any other workers--sorry about that. Are there any other SG rules that are commonly used that aren't commonly used in the game?

Don't worry--all the worker did was irrigate a square I would've irrigated anyway, so there's no real difference there. Sorry about that.

Thanks for being so prompt with your update and all :)

You have the other standard -
24 hours to post at least I got it,
24 more hours to finish.

Square you would have irragated????
Are we talking the same game?:crazyeye:
There is no nearby rivers in this on.
Some comments

a) the Thread title is OPEN which means a grap'n' play - game instead of one with a set of players thats wat confused God. If it is possible to change the Thread-title i would suggest so.

b) Looking at the game i guess the worker did mine not irrigate

c) Suggestion: Switch Ur from temple to Settler; the cow is already within our borders and we MUST get out of this corner as soon as possible.

Good Luck aneeshm ;)
To the get title changed,
you will have to contact a moderator.

I agree with the suggestion -
The title makes this look like a anyone plays game.
1. Warrior ambushed be barbs . They got vet , and were fortified to gain health .Warrior near shanghai sees another barb adjacent .Switched ur to settler .
2 . Discover warrior code , started the wheel . 2nd warior (shanghai) got veteran . The other one also defeated a barb .
4 . Babylon built a settler , switch to colossus .
7 . The warrior near our cities was , once again , ambushed ba barbs . He saw a barb camp .
8 . The second warrior(shanghai) was also accosted by barbs .
Ur also copmleted its settler , is continuing with settler .
10 . The Chinese killed the first defender of the camp , we killed the second and sacked the camp .
11 . Nineveh built , adjacent to the lake NE of Ur .Start Spearman
17 .Ashur built near Nineveh , on game . Start Spearman.
19 . Saw spices near Ashur .
20 .Sacked a barb camp near Ashur .
Watch the case. The correct link is

Switch Babylon to Pyramids.
Colossus is a lousy early wonder.
With our position, we will need help with city growth.

Pack the cities tight. This starting position is going to make it very difficult to get many cities without a lot of corruption.
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