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Jan 4, 2004
A shipyard near you
I just had an excellent idea, instead of making an individual request and/or preview thread for each unit, we'll just have everything I'm involved with (but not completed) in one thread!

So for this moment this thread is essentially just acting as a place to request something directly from me, until I start making something. For the time, I'd prefer to do sailing/oar powered ship requests, that includes things like paddle boats and ironclads, just nothing modern yet (not that very many modern ships are still needed).
Well, I really liked your airship thingies, and I think your talents would awesome with this:

But, since you want to do some older ships, I like Sword of Geddon's idea.
Some sub-Saharan civilisations *did* have ships, of course. Mansa Abubakari II of Mali abdicated his throne to lead an expedition of 2,000 ships across the Atlantic. He was never heard from again, though some argue that there is good evidence that he reached Brazil a century and a half before Columbus.

I've not been able to establish what kind of ships he would have used. Presumably they would have been not unlike typical West African boats like those in these pictures - in which case it's hardly surprising he vanished without a trace!

Yeah, somehow I doubt they tried to sail an ocean in anything close to those little boats.

Hmm, I'm thinking of perhaps doing an advanced African sailing ship, like aaglo's doing with south american civs. I'm thinking it'll have several sails, but of the same design as on those boats, just a heck of a lot bigger, I'll see what I can do about that zebra pattern. ;) Perhaps some huts built into the decks, cannons maybe (hey,we're being fictional in the first place anyways) and also I feel like making it a multi-hull vessel. Not like a catamaran but rather a trimaran (a large central hull with two smaller hulls on the side just for balance, maybe even extra sail-space)

How's that sound?
Well I'm going to start this unit, hopefully my rapid unit making skills haven't worn off while doing the Ragnarok. Just one question, what should I call this thing? :confused:
How about a 19th century Schooner ?

Fast, agile and able to carry a substantial amount of cargo, these ships were ideal for trade as well as for hit-and-run raids on poorly fortified ports and ships. Could be used by any North Atlantic civ, but the guys who used them most were the Americans.
@ TopGun69
I noticed you wanted a naval Dutch UU, check out the Fluyt in my unit library (link in my sig).

@ LizardmenRule!
Ahh, so that's were aaglo got his warhammer unit designs from! Anyways, which one of those are you most in need of?

@ Everyone

Alright, I had a request for an ancient Greek vessel, a Catapult Tetrareme via PM, it being so direct and specific (and me being able to build it right away) the order I'll do things in is this:

Catapult Tetrareme
Unnamed Fictional African Vessel
A Skaven ship

Now none of these are excessively complicated, nor is there anything here that I haven't done something similar to before, so I expect (homework allowing) that these will all go by pretty fast. Catapult Tetrareme begins NOW.
No this one is from the era after Alexander the Great, where they made bigger and bigger versions of the trireme, later they did put catapults on them. Check here.

Basic hull shape is practically done, here it be:


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I don't feel I've lost anything, what do you mean?

PS: I'm changing the hull a little, that one was too Roman.

Yep, definately still got the fire going. Hey, I think I'm getting close to one year since I started fiddling with POV Ray! That was a good decision there...

Anyways, here's what I got so far. The ram at the front is still under heavy developement, so expect that to change, maybe even completely.


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