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Aug 22, 2003
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I've been accused of making too many "chick flick" threads, so here's one that y'all will enjoy. ;) Who here likes OutKast? I love em! Big Boi and Andre "Ice Cold" 3000 put out solo efforts packaged in one set set called "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below." I've been thinking about buying it, but I don't know. Does anyone here have it and like it?
OutKast is one of the few rap groups that I can stand.
From what I have heard of their current album, I do not like it. It is far too unorthodox for my tastes.

Much of their work from several years ago, however, remains classic.
never really herd 'em before to be honest
Hey Ya! is one of the few rap songs that I like. There's something about that it just extremely catchy. Its one of the best rap/pop songs I've heard in a while.

They're pretty unorthodox and not like every other pseudo-gangster rapper, so I can usually stand them, up to a point. I wouldn't buy their CD or anything, but I can stand them.

Hey, if everyone is making music threads, why don't I join in? :p
I don't like it. But when listening to it, I don't feel an urge to shoot the radio, and that's already much comparing to most of rap-music
at least they're not following the same act that was/is hyped up and substanceless.
Not my favorite on the cd-player, but tis ok.

Try De La Soul's "3 feet high and rising" :D
at first i had no idea what this thread was. at mention of "Hey Ya" i realised. I hate that track. worst ever. everyone who likes it has now got a black mark against their name in my little book of hate.
*Comes forward to collect his black mark*.

3 feet high & rising was great, but OutKast is a different style altogether. Truly recommended.
They've always managed to keep a fresh sound. I can't say I love them or buy their stuff, but I'll listen to them and enjoy their stuff.

I bought AT Aliens when they first came out - that album was awesome.
Like all Hip Hop I love some songs and hate some. Hey Ya is superb music!
Nope, can't say that I like Outkast, then again I'm not much into rap. I'm more of a rocker.
No, I do not like Michael Jackson or any of those 'rap' or 'hop-hip' singers. Where's Hans Hotter when you need him?
Originally posted by Simon Darkshade
No, I do not like Michael Jackson or any of those 'rap' or 'hop-hip' singers.

I sincerely hope you’re either 60+ years old, or that was a joke.
No, 22 and not a joke. They all sound the same, and bad to boot.
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