Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire sim released!


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Oct 22, 2008

Another game which could be of high interested for the Civ community has been released: Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim.
As the title hints, this game is a civ-like game, set in the bronze age (so more similar to Old World). So this is a turn-based 4X game in a historical setting. You can build cities, build wonders (although more in an achievement-type manner), and use your armies to conquer your enemies.
The game has a lot simpler graphics than any of its contenders like Humankind or Old World, but all hardware requirements are minimal, allowing it to be played also on older computers.
Right now there is a 20% discount, and the game only costs 11.99€ instead of 14.99€.
A free demo is available too, in case you want to test before you buy.

I watched the Yogscast play this some time ago. It seemed complicated for a game that compact. I'd like to try it if I had the time.
I bought this game yesterday! It's cute! Fun, not too complicated and not too simple, I like it! The developers are very active on their Discord, which is also nice. :)
Ozymandias is now in the Humble Choice bundle, which is $12 US + tax and includes seven other games.

So I tried out the demo and found it was both fun and challenging; my Assyrian armies underperformed relative to the real ones and I lost handily. Thus picking up the Bundle; if one of the other seven games proves fun, and a few look promising, it'll be a better deal than even an on-sale Ozymandias alone.

Note that by default Humble Choice is a recurring subscription, but they reveal each month's bundle at the start of the month and you have until the last Thursday (or Tuesday?) of the month to cancel for that month, so you have plenty of time to make it not-recurring.
Having now tried all the maps in the base game (without expansion maps), the AI is indeed competent! It's a rare game that I win when I'm not playing the easiest civilization on the map. But I like that. Too many strategy games are too easy. I'm getting a little bit better as I figure out efficient ways to spend my early-game resources, but Sparta would never have made it into the history books if they performed like they did in my recent attempt with them on the Greece map.

I've also had a couple really close wins. I won in a tie with Gojoseon in Asia; both me and the Oxus AI achieved victory, with the same number of victory points, on the same turn. And in the Fertile Crescent, I only won as Babylon thanks to the ability to lose victory points. Elam was cruising to victory, but I snatched it away from them by taking just barely enough territory from them to take them below the territory-victory-point threshold as they surpassed the wealth-victory-point threshold that would have combined to hand them the win. I had to do the same thing several turns later when they'd advanced against Assyria and were once more over the territory threshold, and attempting to get back over the wealth threshold. Finally I was able to get enough victory points myself to secure a win.

Which is another point in the AI's favor - the Elamite AI was clearly attempting to win by the most direct condition when it got close. It's not going to wait around all day for you to win if it can win instead!
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